Has Racism Been Reversed?

There is now a likely Latina U.S. Supreme Court member, a black Director of NASA, a black U.S. Attorney General, and a Black U.S. President. So, has White Supremacy (Racism) been reversed? Let’s avoid the emotional button and click the logic button:

Justice = that condition in which NO ONE is being mistreated AND in which, if any help is given, it is given most to the persons who most need help.

Race = Race-ism = White Supremacy = the dominant socio-material system of the known universe in which each individual/independent but united person who classifies himself/herself and is accepted as “white” unjustly subject to him/her all persons that he/she classifies as non-white. These individual/independent persons are united in this ultimate purpose.

If racism is incorrectness, than reverse racism is correctness.

So, is correctness the current socio-material system? That is contrary to the evidence.

A few winners in a casino does not mean that the casino has the same odds as its patrons. The business of White Supremacy (Racism) is, like the casino, a business of percentages.


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