Health/Death: The 9th Counter-Racist Area of People Activity, “War”

Are the white people who know the following information, and who are not dedicating all of their effort to correcting the problem white supremacists????? Of particular interest in this study is the greater susceptibility of females to hormone disruption as a result of mistreatment.

Sex Hormones Plunge in Downtrodden Females
New Scientist Magazine, 05 February 2005 by Shaoni Bhattacharya

“Several large studies in humans have already demonstrated that low socio-economic status is bad for people’s health…

For example, a survey of UK civil servants has shown that people doing menial jobs are much more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease, depression and premature death than those higher up the social scale.…. The most depressed monkeys had earlier lost body fat, developed higher heart rates and become less active….Their blood accumulated fatty components linked with heart disease, they had increased bone loss and their stress hormones were disrupted….

Levels of estrogen and progesterone both dipped, indicating impaired ovarian function. “That’s five or six major systems in the body that are dysregulated by depression,” Shively told New Scientist. We tend to think of depression as purely psychological, but there is more to it than that. “Depression really is a whole-body effect,” she says.….

Michael Marmot of University College London, who led the studies of civil servants, says that the changes in the monkeys seen by Shively are similar to those seen in people. The low-ranking monkeys were the last to gain access to resources, got pushed around a lot more, spent more time alone and were groomed less than the elite…

“You could argue that low status is in large part about having less control,” Marmot says. “You are consistently the loser in every interaction with those above you in the hierarchy.”


  1. Of course, all of the nine areas of people activity are interrelated. Of particular interest in this study is the greater susceptibility of females to hormone disruption as a result of mistreatment. Racist Woman does NOT play. It would be hard to escape the conclusion that the white supremacists have engineered the high rates of obesity in black females. This will effect the fertility rates of black females, the health of black babies in the first year of life, and, of course, our sexual attractiveness.
  2. I suspect that the reason that the part of the world known as the United States does not have a system of decent health care for all of its residents  is that the white supremacists have decided that not enough non-white people would die.  As more non-white people have moved to the part of the world known as Europe, there has been more action there to reduce or eliminate “universal,”  “socialized” health care.



1. Reduce unnecessary items you must pay for, clean and maintain. This includes furniture, dishes, clothes, etc. You can have a comfortable and attractive residence and an attractive personal presentation with a few well-chosen items.

2. Reduce or eliminate television-watching. Television (including “news” programs) bombards your conscious and subconscious mental processes with too many messages for your inner-voice/logic to stabilize your emotions and actions. Instead, select nourishing videos, audio and, print articles from the internet.

3. Find a flattering hairstyle that requires minimal time and money to maintain and one that doesn’t drain your self-esteem each time you submit to it. I recommend trying the inexpensive styling products white people use in their hair to see what effect it will have on yours. After sampling about thirty products, I found two that work for me. White supremacists will likely stop manufacturing them If I post what they are—-that has happened already with one such product. Anyway, the investment I made in those thirty jars was still less than a perm and re-touch, a weave, or a set of braid extensions.

With the time-savings, you can prepare healthy meals, exercise, read, and nap—all of which should help us keep a healthier hormone balance. [See: Stress May Drive Obesity Epidemic and Lack of Sleep Doubles Obesity Risk]. Healthier hormones should lead to healthier (sexier) behavior and more attractive bodies. So, we don’t have to go to nightclubs to find partners. The partner selections will present themselves to us— wherever we are. Oh yeah, don’t sabotage the whole effort by engaging in sexual intercourse/sexual play with a racist suspect (white person).


Take a printed copy of the the CNN news story, “Does Your Doctor Judge You Based on Your Color?” with you to the hospital/clinic/medical office. As soon as you can, ask the dentist/doctor, “Can I expect the same excellent care that you give your white patients?” If he/she/they shows discomfort that you have asked the question, show them the title of the article and note that it is one of many studies showing the general problem. You will have to judge from your particular circumstances and the reaction of the doctor(s), whether you are safer being treated by the physician(s) or whether you should find another.


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