Ask Massuh to Upgrade Your Quarters


On July 5, 2009, the Counter-Racist Evolving Engineer and Context of White Supremacy Blogtalkradio shows broadcasted a show together in which we focused on the need for all persons who say they wish replace white supremacy with justice to plainly acknowledge that black people receive, by far, the worst mistreatment of all victims of racism.

A non-white male who is sub-classified as “Asian” said during the show that this fact is widely acknowledged among Asians. He further stated that black people are largely unaware of the instances in which we are being mistreated by white people as well as by other non-black victims of racism (white supremacy). This lack of awareness, in fact, he says is part of the greater mistreatment.

This is similar to the way that the scapegoated, unpopular school-child unknowingly walks around with notes taped to his/her back saying “Cut in front of me in line.”, “I’m an idiot.” ,“Kick me.”, etc. These unpopular children reach the conclusion that chaos on the playground is the normal playground experience. He or she never considers that other children expect and receive orderly-turn-taking. Such mistreated children certainly never consider that this scapegoating is part of the routine play of the other children. When these types of events fill your life, degradation is your “normal.” Courtesies customarily extended to non-black people seem like silly and grandiose expectations to almost all black people.

Things that most black people, apparently, don’t even consider mistreatment:

  • Neighborhood sidewalks in white and Asian areas that surround commercial areas and bus stops are free from the decades of old-chewing gum stains, beverage spills, bird defecation that are as common as the blue sky where lots of darker non-white people live. The same is true for the grounds of public schools. I have seen special machines used to remove gunk from sidewalks on school campuses where most of the students are white. I have also heard discussions in city government meetings about making sure that power lines are placed underground to eliminate or prevent the bird defecation in areas where white people reside, play, and shop.
  • “Employment Training Centers”….This is how racist suspects (white people who are mentally capable of practicing white supremacy) spend money that  is allocated by government agencies to provide jobs for non-white people.  They wanna get you ready for a job. You know, the job that doesn’t exist…..Now, white people learn on the job and are well paid to do it.  And, usually are paid more for this OJT than non-white people who hold college degrees doing work that requires  a level of skill as great as that white person has yet to acquire.  Of course, the high  salaries, low initial skill level, and lack of formal credentials of these white people is something that the non-white people at that company/organization almost NEVER learn. I get nauseated every time I see an “Employment Training Center” in an area where non-white people are heavily concentrated.  As just one  VERY typical example of how white people get “hooked-up”  scroll through the transcript of an interview on C-Span of Walter Kirn. You can use the “find” button on your browser to to find out how he got through Princeton University by writing 13 poems as his thesis—seriously; how he got plucked to go to Oxford University; then got plucked to work at “Vanity Fair” Magazine.  And, I’m sure that’s only a tiny fraction of the story.  His parents likely subsidized the brief period when he was slumming it in the $10/hr  job in New York. This is typical at all levels of the white supremacist mafia.   For non-white people…it’s Employment Training Centers.
  • Short lines at the registers in chain supermarkets and drugstores where there are no or few black people (like the area known as Mission Valley in San Diego, California) but lines that routinely snake around isles in stores in the same chain where there are lots of people with dark skin. In Mission Valley, not only are almost all the registers staffed so that lines contain no more than three customers at the Food-4-Less but the store —to my GREAT surprise—had a series of the automated, clerkless registers—-in a FOOD-4-LESS!!!???
  • The variety and quality of products in that Food-4-Less store is the equivalent of a Trader Joe’s in the “hood.” Of course, there is no Trader Joe’s in my ‘hood in southeast San Diego. But, I could get sprouted grain, Ezekiel bread in the Mission Valley—FOOD-4-LESS!
  • The Mission Valley store was freshly painted with bright colors. The isles seemed wider. It was definitely sparkling in cleanliness. There were no signs or rules requiring customers to check their back-packs before shopping.
  • Where white and light-skinned Asian people shop, there are few if any signs saying “No Public Restrooms.” There are plentiful available restrooms and they do not require that a clerk opens them.
  • The SAME public transit systems run buses that both white and non-white people ride. The buses that carry mostly white people are clean, new, and air-conditioned, are rarely filled to capacity, and run on time. The buses that carry mostly non-white passengers have dirty windows, dirty and cracked seats, dirty floors, often do not run on time—and OFTEN pass up passengers waiting at the stop.
  • There are as many storefront churches and “ministries” as liquor stores in areas heavily concentrated with non-white people. Neither of which provides employment to black people—-Oh yeah , I forgot the taco shops in San Diego that are as common as storefront churches and at which I have NEVER seen a black employee.
  • If you are a black patron in a restaurant and your server makes an error (and one should not assume that such errors are unintentional) on your order, you will likely receive, at most , a terse apology. White people, light-skinned Asians and Latinos will be offered some sort of compensation like a discount, a free appetizer, or the incorrect item will be left on the table at no charge while awaiting the delivery of the food that was actually ordered.
  • In areas where dark-skinned people are heavily concentrated, police often turn on their sirens during early morning hours when the streets have almost no traffic disturbing the sleep of the residents. When police (enforcement officials) speed to calls at these same hours in areas where few non-white people live, sirens are rarely turned on.

OF COURSE, the list is endless. But, we can start with the most obvious.


In an email and/or fax to as many local white government officials as possible , ask that the Constitution of the United States of America be defended by ensuring that “we” are in compliance with the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment in the way that government services/subsidies are applied. List the differing conditions you have observed and state that those differences are probable cause to believe that “we” are not acting in accordance with “our” Constitution. When citing those differences, it is not necessary to mention the word “race”, “racism”, “white supremacy”, “black,” “white,” etc. Locations should be enough. And, remember, this is not about you being against anybody except those persons who are acting against the Constitution. The United States Constitution authorizes a government of, by and for the people. Ask that any response be in writing and state that the request for a written response is, unless you have been misinformed, a requirement of Due Process. Do not list a phone number on your correspondence and do not accept any request to meet with any of these officials in-person or to talk with them on the phone unless they agree to an audio-recording of such a meeting. These offices (and/or those offices that these officials subsequently contact) are staffed with very able white people who should use Due Process (the 5th and 14th Amendments) to determine who, if anyone, is acting against the Constitution in causing and/or allowing these differences to exist. That is not a job that any non-white person is equipped to do under the system of racism (white supremacy). And, anyway, your most important objective should just be to correct the problems. It’s even more difficult to motivate yourself to jog up hills when you have to keep stepping around bird sh*t and such. I have found that white people are a lot more likely to fix something quickly if its clear that identifying one or more white persons as having been the cause is off the discussion table.

Please don’t let these officials waste your time/energy by engaging you in a discussion about “why” the problems exist. And, definitely

don’t accept some non-paying position on a commission , task-force, or council to “study” and recommend solutions. The slave-master does not need the slaves’ advice on how to free them. Remember, Racist Man and Racist Woman have already forecasted/planned the conditions in which we will exist for the next 25+ years. If you reside in San Diego, check out the SANDAG demographics web page where the color profile and income is forcasted for decades in all/most areas of the county. Every area has some document like that….It may be harder to get in some areas but the point is that the racists (white supremacists) have planned for our short-term, medium-term, and long- range misery. So, ask those “good-hearted” white people to get to work countering that plan…And, if any white person asks for your help, ask them to pay you decently and to make sure you get all the constructive information and help from other persons that you need to do the work they ask of you.


5 Responses to “Ask Massuh to Upgrade Your Quarters”

  1. And cooking at home and eating with friends and family is more fun than eating at a restaurant in my opinion.

  2. In addition, shop at “Ralph’s” “Wholefoods” and “Trader Joe’s” 🙂 If your local market don’t carry what you need, get on the bus , drive, and go to a place whee you can get what you need.:)

  3. Black with a capital “B”. Yes.

    And “what” is meant to be “Water Pressure Guns” in my previous post.

    Case study: In my neighbourhood, someone kept on knocking over a mailbox, each day it was knocked over, I’d pick it up everytime I walked by. (the mailbox weighs about 110 pounds)

    Did that for a week, and then one day I walked by the knocked over mailbox, and came back an hour later, someone else had picked it up and set it straight.

    What I witnessed and learned: Be the change you want to be in this world, in your community, in your own home. Wait for no one. Go and do. Live the example, someone is always watching.

  4. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    Ismail, are you a black person?

  5. Simple solution. Move! Or organize an action committee to clean up! What pressure guns can be rented.

    Run for City Hall, RUn for Mayor on a platform of ” To be clean is Divine! Inspiring the inside and the outside.”

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