Basic Counter-racist Math: Not Black = White

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. insisted that he was black.

Some people’s color classification is not stable. At any given time, however, since the global SYSTEM of white supremacy exists, these people are always either white or they are not. For the same reason, they are never both white and not white at the same time. Both propositions are as impossible as being inside the prison and outside the prison simultaneously. When these temps are white, they likely practice racism/white supremacy. A “Japanese” person who was officially classified as white when traveling on business to “South Africa” before 1990 was likely practicing racism/white supremacy during such travel. When returning to Japan, the person might acknowledge that he/she was not white but would likely insist that he/she was not black! If a person insists that he/she is not black, then as a matter of logic, I must suspect that, at times, he/she is white. And, since a white person who is mentally capable of practicing racism should be suspected as one who does practice it, I suspect that most persons who insist that they are not black are, at times, racists/white supremacists….. Which times? I don’t know. So, I must suspect most such persons all of the time.

Confusion is the most valuable tool of the white supremacists/racists. The more “racial” labels they persuade their victims to use, the more likely we are to be unsure of the most basic truth about their system: The people who are responsible for mistreatment based upon color are white persons.

Many people who are attempting to be counter-racist scientists say/think that all people belong to one of three categories: white supremacists; white people, and; non-white people. I formerly used that code to identify people in my counter-racist efforts. Until by logic , violence, or the threat of violence I am persuaded otherwise, I will discontinue the use of the use of the term “non-white.” When referring generally to people who are not white, I will attempt to, henceforth, consistently use the term” black” instead of “non-white.” [I know this will cause a lot of anger and I will be doing a lot of explaining] Some so-called “Indians” who reside in England label themselves as “black” in recognition of their political status. The great number of computer software geniuses coming out of India is evidence of their general talent at logic. Some of the greatest mathematicians of the last century were also “Indians.”…

Non-white persons, logically, are black persons. This is just simple math. The color of people in the system of racism/white supremacy is not optics physics. I have never met a person whose skin is optically white or black. The color is political. When a person is “white,” he or she is eligible to practice racism and to receive the benefits thereof. When a person is “black”, he or she is the functional opposite of a white person because he/she is subject to the white people who practice racism. Since, racism = white supreme-acy, every person is, at any given time, either white or black. Sure, black is not white. But, to say that yellow, red, tan, brown people are also “non-white” allows room for confusion because most of these people will insist, “I am not black!” And, under the global SYSTEM of white supreme-acy, if a person is not black, he/she is white—at least some of the time. Which times? I don’t know. So, I will suspect most such persons all of the time.

To say that a person is white is saying that he/she is not “a person of color.” That means that a non-white person is not not a person of color. Why say that?? Why not just say that he/she IS “a person of color?” But, then, what color would that be? Yellow? Brown? Red? If yellow, red and brown are political shades of black (subject to the racists/white supremacists), why not just say black?

In elementary school most of us learn how important it is to simplify terms and expressions so that we don’t get confused and make errors in our conclusions/solutions.

  • Why say 5/10 when we can say 1/2?
  • Why say x – x when we can say 0?
  • Why say, “He is not not dead” when we can say “He is dead”?
  • Why say “She is not not black.” when we can say “She is black”? (Notice how your word processor will identify an error when you type in the double-negative “not not”??).
  • I suspect that most persons who insist that they are neither black nor white are, at times, white persons who, I must suspect are, at times, racist/white supremacists. Which times? I don’t know. So, I will suspect such persons (*on a case-by-case basis) all of the time.

    At a local access cable TV station taping, I recently met a man named Jose. Jose has blue eyes, salt & pepper-colored straight hair, very light tan skin, and speaks English with a very heavy Spanish accent. He told me that about three years ago he came to southern California from Venezuela and that he is living out of his car while learning how to make and market documentary films. I asked Jose what he thought about Hugo Chavez (the first person who is clearly not white to ever be elected President of Venezuela). Jose told me that Chavez’ election was his reason for fleeing Venezuela. Well, I began to suspect that Jose might be white. So, I asked Jose if he was a white person. He said that in Venezuela he is considered to be white. He said that in this part of the world (“San Diego, California, United States”), he is assumed to be white until he begins speaking. I asked him how he knew this. He told me that he is not bothered by anyone when he is sleeping in his car in locations where mostly white people shop and play— until his speech is overheard by a white person. He does filming on college campuses and malls and is not questioned or told to stop—- until, for some reason, some white person hears him speaking.

    I asked Jose if light skinned, straight-haired people are now fleeing Venezuela for the same kinds of reasons that such persons left Cuba after Fidel Castro took a similar title there. Jose said “yes.” He said that the opportunity for such persons was being drastically reduced and that it was “awful.” Of course, he said, he had nothing against Chavez because of his skin color or his attempt to help the persons there who are not white. In fact, he said, he liked the variety now seen in government in Venezuela…..blah, blah, blah….Later that evening, he asked me to be his “assistant.” He wanted me to use his camcorder to film him controlling one of the big cameras in the TV studio. I agreed to do it because I wanted his help with a counter-racist video project I was planning. Even later that evening, when he learned that the 6’5” black, helix-haired male was my companion, he stopped being friendly and no longer wanted my “assistance.” I suspect Jose is a white person at times who, I must suspect at times, is a racist/white supremacist. Which times? I don’t know. So, I will suspect Jose is a white supremacist/racist all of the time. Jose insists that he is not black.

    Some people’s color classification is not stable. But, that could change if it became customary for everyone who, at any time, is not white to insist that they are black—all of the time.


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    1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

      LBM, “Partner” was a term used by John Wayne and/or James Arness in Western gnere films when they were about to blow gunsmoke, wasn’t it? I’ll take your questions one at a time and make it as plain as I’m capable

      “you’re saying one is either ‘white’ or ‘black’?”—Yes

      Clarifying question from me to you: Were the first mass enslavers of black people white folks who spoke Portugese or Spanish? Or, were they white folks who spoke Arabic?

      “Racism was created by a group of whites who decided to consider themselves a “race” against ALL ‘other’ peoples. Are you saying that makes all other people ‘black?'”—Depends on whether they were “white” before the system was created. A group of pale skinned hominoids? That seems certain to me.

      “Were ‘Japanese’ people at the table when whites decided to be a ‘race’ against all others?”—I don’t know. Were so called “Jews?” I don’t know. Though, I do hold that each functions as white at some times and in some places and as “black” (not white) at some times and in some places.

      “What am I missing here?”—I cannot know what you are missing. But, I suspect that the logical construct of “always white” or “always black” may be what many victims of racism are getting incorrect. I suspect that this misconception may be enclosed in the phrase you used, “honorary white.” Whether one is white or black depends on time and place like the steepness of a hill on a mountain. The average steepness is not a very useful concept when planning to scale it. Calling someone “nonwhite” who can function as white sometimes will lose and has lost, inevitably, a lot of troops and assets towards justice as people who are black, at all times, reason as and treat such persons as allies.

      I AM black at all times and in all places.

      I did a radio program entitled the Quantum Mechanics of Racism You may or may not find it helpful in understanding my views on this.

      Hope your allergies self-correct. Chapter 3 in Why Darkness Matters may be helpful.

    2. Hey partner 🙂 I have been trying to understand your point on this for a while. I tend to work from a “why do I need to know/understand this” position. So from what I understand (or misunderstand) you’re saying one is either “white” or “black”? And I’m assuming this is a practical socio-political position.

      Okay. The first mass enslavers of African people were Portuguese and Spaniards – whites who did not speak English and spoke with an “accent” – but still they were whites.

      Racism was created by a group of whites who decided to consider themselves a “race” against ALL “other ” peoples. Are you saying that makes all other people “black”?. Are Japanese people “black”? If Japanese people mistreat Black people, does that make them “white”?. Were “Japanese” people at the table when whites decided to be a “race” against all others? If they were not, are you saying they have since been given honorary “white” status by the whites who decided they were a “race” against all others?

      Now applicably , or as I like to say, down here on the ground – I’m not seeing why I should consider all of us who are victims of racism to be Black. Nor do I see all those who mistreat Black folk on the basis of phenotype (?) – because they have been given that “permission” by whites–to be whites.

      So what am I missing here?

      P.S. I’m willing to use the term “non-white” as is agreed upon in counter-racist dialogue but I don’t consider non-whites, non-blacks to be “allies” – even if they are non-blacks who are victims of racism.

      So again, what am I missing? I’m a bit loopy on allergy toxins so “make it plain” sista.

    3. […] explained where the evolution of my current views on this matter has brought me in two posts, Basic Counter-racist Math: Not Black = White and WHAT IS A BLACK PERSON?. And, I suggest ways that a person of questionable classification can […]

    4. TJR=balance Says:

      I have been thinking the same thoughts lately, as long as whites identify themselves as such, then we should indentify ourselves as black. To minimize confusion and to prevent allying under some other non white persons cause that does not benifit black people. When the term nigger is used in a derogatory manner, by any person white or other than black, they are using the term in the same manner. Not that I support the use of the word at all, but you know what I mean. Even calling ourselves frikan doesn’t have the same weight, as there are many whites invader decendents who call themselves African as well.

      Each person has to make an intelligent thought out decision about this cultural idenity issue. I choose to say black when referring specifically to my people. Again, to keep down confusion

    5. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Thank you very much for the warning info. We all need reminders about the fundamentals in battle. The more effective a black person becomes in his/her speech/action to counter racism/white supremacy, the more he/she will be targeted for greater mistreatment. Many text and audio sites that are focused on countering racism have been experiencing a suspicious amount of interference and “technical difficulties.” I regret that I never became aware of the blog you referenced before it was removed. I hope that as many who did find it constructive will make one or more counter-moves to restore the archived posts and to make it more difficult for similar activity to occur in the future.

    6. Hello CREE,

      I thought it would be interesting to share this Tyra Banks show clip about how white women make automatically positive presumptions about potential white male mates and how those same presumptions do not apply to black men. Tyra was doing a segment with a white female guest who wrote a book about “Decoding Men” and on the show they were guessing the personalities of men by the shoes they wore. The men were behind a door but the women were able to see their shoes. The “shoe-ologist”/dating expert white female was obviously able to ascertain, based on his auburn wing-tipped but understated “cowboy/corporate” shoes, that the man behind the door was a natural leader, tall and dashing. She even flirted with the idea that he was endearingly overly cocky. Perhaps a Hugh Grant or a Russell Crowe.

      You can almost taste the disappointment on her face when the man who walked out from behind the door was a black man. It almost appears as if she were embarrassed.

      Anyway, on another topic… be careful CREE, WordPress seems to be shutting down antiracist blogs. I don’t know if you ever visited Abagond’s blog. He’d been blogging for 3-4 years and had a massive archive of very intelligent posts about black and white psychology, beauty, sociology and racism. And WordPress has just shut down his site claiming that he violated the Terms of Service… :-/ All of us who find common cause should probably form an independent, emergency-use e-mail list in order to keep in touch.

    7. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Greetings to you, Ms. Tired.

      The key here is that the person classifies HIMSELF/HERSELF as not black. Now for any period of time—even if it’s one hour—that he/she is accepted as white, he/she must be suspected as being a white supremacist. Observed mistreatment of one or more black persons by people of such fragile classification only heightens the suspicion. If there is any time in which such persons function as white then, by definition, they are not told what to do all of the time by white people. When they are white, they are calling shots as regards black people.

      From my observation, certain people who are called Amhara and Tigray share physical traits with white people such as very light skin color, sharp noses, and/or wavy to straight hair. All of the people who are called Oromos that I have seen in photos have skin and hair that is commonly found in state and federal prisons (actual, not metaphorical) or who are on probation by order of the enforcement officials in this part of the world. (U.S.). Interestingly but predictably, I have never met an “Oromo” who has been able to emigrate here.

      Adam Clayton Powell may have thought himself superior to other black people. I don’t know. People who are lighter skinned and straighter-haired have generally been thought by people who are not white to be “better” than those with darker skin and more tightly curled hair. However, he classified HIMSELF as black.

      The abolitionists you mentioned classified THESELVES as white…and, oh so many of them worked that mercy of white Jesus angle on the black slaves.

      Point well taken on that Israelite strategy…That set of writings called The bible sure did will a lot of stuff to those grand Israelites….The number of black people claiming to be Israelites, even here in the U.S., is catching up to those of us who say “I got ‘Indian’ in me.” But, still, these people generally do not deny they are black. (Next, I might get a post imploring me to claim my “Moorish” nationality so I can claim my sovereignty. Heck, if I find out it works, I’ll have to stop using the term white supreme-acy.

    8. Greetings Cree, I am still learning about Ethiopia and White Supremacy; We were not only dominated physically but also through Religion the blueprint for how to praise God was given to us from Portugal; most of the saints that we do in fact praise and commemorate are indeed white people both from the areas of Portugal and Alexandria. Also the the terms Hemitic and Semitic come up alot when discussing the origins of Ethiopians but the ones that labeled Ethiopians this were White people then like most non-whites we took on the fact that we are not black but in fact Children of Israel; I think in all White people did an awesome job of persuading us that we are not like the other black people who reside in Africa; Sadly we do act on that and feel ‘superior’ (Not myself) but collectively. I am just confused about the ‘temp white’; To function as a white person when mistreating other black people are you for that 1 hr. not dominated by white people, are white people no longer telling you what to do/allowing you the privilege to get out of prison for 1 hr? Also what does it mean to look “white” when you are referring to Amharas and Tigray people versus those that are Oromo who look like the brother on the corner? How is Adam Powell Clayton different from any of the white abolitionists that are revered by the White Supremacist System?

    9. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Well, Tired, I did have to give that question some time to slosh around in my brain. And, my answer to it may seem absurdly cartoonish to most but here it is…

      It is interesting that you should mention the fact that many so-called Ethiopian and Eritrean persons refuse to call themselves black (I suspect these are folks who look more like white folks such as the so called Amharic, i.e. Haile Selassie, and Tigrinya. — To me, Oromos look like the bro ’round the corner. But, I digress.). Last week, in a BTR chatroom of either Join The Truth Terrorist or Racism Non-Anonymous , someone mentioned that they have a co-worker from the part of the world called Ethiopia and who cannot figure out why, over here, so many of her employment and government documents state that she is white even though she is very brown-skinned…Also, I have noticed out here in San Diego, that this same set of people are the only people that I would normally have concluded was black— without question— but are following the immigrant pattern of people who are not black…such as thriving in niche business markets in and hiring only “their own.” In San Diego it is parking concessions and “horn of Africa” restaurants, and taxis. And, let’s not forget that common boast that Ethiopia is the only “country” in Africa never to be formally colonized by white people.

      So…..I have concluded that though many of these “Ethiopian/Eritrean” people who say they are “not black!” may only spend one or two hours out of every hundred outside of the prison (functioning as white) as compared to, say, lighter skinned “Latinos” who also say they are “not black!” but who may spend as much as 40 of every hundred hours free (functioning as white), I would advise against sexual intercourse/play with either. If they are classifying themselves as white and, apparently, have the power to make it stick a lil’ bit–Houston, we have a problem…I don’t know which hour they’re truly functioning as white. Now, I have met plenty of so-called Ethiopians/Eritreans who regard as ridiculous the notion that they are not black…some light-skinned ones, too! But like I said, every black person has to decide for themselves, from their own observation, whether a person is black or white….I say Adam Clayton Powell was black.

      BRING ON THE INFO, TIRED.. I think your posting the entire interview with this self-labeled Chinese female would be very constructive. As for the professor and “Ice Cube”…might be conflict between shades of black…might be somethin’ else. I don’t have enough info to make a call for myself…..It’s raining grenades up on this planet. Like the LORD said in Deuteronomy 7:7 of the Authorized Version Bible (King James)—the triumphant goal doesn’t require the greatest number of people working towards it. I suspect the LORD who said that was a white man.

    10. Greetings CREE, Sorry for the late reply.
      I suspect she shared that with me for several reasons 1) we’ve talked about racism/white supremacy every time we met up with one another and she is aware of her position as a victim of white supremacy but she also knows pretty well she’s NOT black.
      2) Also I think that the last part of her statement where she says “Why do you have to treat me like a black person?” she accidently revealed…I could be wrong though because I didnt ask her why she did not want to be black.
      3) When she answered one of my questions about the mistreatment that black people receive from Asian people she answered “you who are ‘supposedly’ black and I as a Chinese…” I caught that when I went over the interview a second time and I was wondering if she thought I was not black because both my parents are from a place called “Ethiopia”.

      My question to being labeled Black if you are not White…There are many black people who do not want to be labeled as such even though they are treated like a black person and mistreated by the W.S…where would that put those victims. I know many black people who are from the place called Ethiopia as well as Eritrea who refuse to call themselves black even though they are black in the system of white supremacy.

      and I can post the whole interview if you would like to to read it. I also have a live interview of an Asian professor blaming ICE CUBE for playing a part in inticing the riot in 1992 between Korean store owners and Black customers by releasing ‘Black Korea’ in 1991 after an Asian lady shot and killed Natasha Harland and thereafter sentenced to 5 months probation and $500 fine as well as paying for Natasha’s funeral.

      Koreans in California boycotted a liquor brand that he endorsed and the liquor company made him apologize and after this his career plummeted…

      He stated that Ice Cube was a “sell out and happy go lucky actor right now” This professor is also married to white female and he mightve listened to “White Cave Bitch” which Ice Cube also put out I think in the same album.

      Hope you have a restful and productive day.

    11. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Dear LaSmartOne,

      I am sorry to report that i do not know the reason for the reduced number of recent postings on

      The following persons may have suggestions on where you can find a counter-racist review of the David Mamet play:

      Mr. Khalid Patterson and Mr. Fredrick Gooding of the Minority Reporter, Mr. Josh Wickett, and/or Mr. Gus T. Renegade.

      Mr. Renegade can be messaged through his blogtalkradio show page. If you will send me your email address through my BTR page, I will forward your query to Mr. Wickett.

    12. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Greetings Tired!,

      Thank you for this very informative report. Why do you think this person revealed this to you? Do you think she believed that you did not function as black at all times?

      **Note to other readers. Tired, two other females, and I were on a panel together on the blogtalkradio show, (C.O.W.S.-Female Victims of White Supremacy Speak).

    13. CREE, do you know why website’s discussion forum died (no activity) back in October. No one has been posting anything lately. I’m particularly interested in seeing a counter-racist’s review of David Mamet’s new Broadway play “Race”.

    14. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:


      I concur that both prison functions are accurate for people who are not black all of the time (the guard and the prisoner with more privileges). Every “black” person’s level of mistreatment s directly related to the darkness of their skin and/or traits commonly associated with dark skin. So, when a former prisoner who is lighter in physical traits is re-incarcerated, I agree, he/she is assigned to a more comfortable cell block….

    15. Tiredofbeingavictim Says:

      Greeting CREE, I agree that black people or melanin dominate people are on their own: I asked an Asian female about model minority and Asians success being compared to Asians and what that meant she replied: “Asian people are going to help out. So they are nicer to us[white supremacists], they give us more scholarship; they’ll be more lenient during college and job applications.” Acting as a white person she says “We can put them in a managerial position they’re more than ok about bossing other people of color around because he’s a person of color so they won’t call him a racist, so he can do the work for me…We are basically the uncle toms right? We help out the white man and if we reject him and are angry at him we are THE BLACK PERSON! Right we are the ghetto freakin Asian people, you are ghetto because you are angry, and when did anger be associated with?OK I can see that if I’m broke and Im angry but when did I become a black person why do you have to treat me like a black person.”

      She reveals that she does not want to be a BLACK person that it is ok to be the angry ghetto freakin Asian but definitely not ok to be Black.

    16. Yes I am a indeed black person.
      When exchanging/evaluating views on how to eliminate racism/white supremacy, it is important to be suspicious of anyone who has the ability to practice it….white persons —temporary or permanent.

      The above statement is what I found interesting. Specifically the term “temporary” white person. Your prison analogy helped shed light on what that concept (“temporary” white person) means to you under the system of white supremacy.

      I always thought of the status of non whites who don’t identify as being “black” ,as being akin to the level of security at the prison. Blacks being relegated to Maximum security prison, Browns to Medium, reds and yellows to light security prison. Actually I think there is room for both interpretations under the system of white supremacy. I believe they are both accurate. Anyway as I type this out I realize that this potentially a very confusing discussion . Thanks for your clarification and any further clarification.

      PS, I’m a big fan of Gus’ show. I actually sent him a pm suggesting he do a show with the author of “The Racial Contract” and it looks like that may come to fruition!

    17. Hello CREE,

      Yes, I am washu2002. Many thanks for your support. I have no clue as to why you are being prevented from posting to the forum. Also, I can’t answer for him, but to my knowledge from past POC forum discussions with him, Loku is a white man. I believe I understand the function of asking him directly though.

    18. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:


      If you are the person calling himself “Washu,” I viewed your post and the first reply to it by the person calling himsself/herself “Loku_v5a” to the thread you began about mistreatment of black males by white persons in stores.

      You stated, “…I’m in the preliminary research stages of a report I’d like to write about retail racism and specifically the general and systemic differences in retail experience between black and white customers and how black males are specifically mistreated by both security guards but also store clerks, attendants and cashiers. For example, cashiers checking for counterfeit bills by black customers at a much higher rate than for white customers, giving a warmer and friendlier reception to black customers, etc. If you are out with your white friends, do you notice a difference in treatment and overall experience?

      Lou_v5a’s replied, ” To make the point, gently Washu, the incidents you describe ARE wrong and we should all be committed to those attitudes of bigotry. But racism is NOT the only kind of arbitrary social prejudice that people experience in this country.

      I registered with Craigslist but have been unable to successfully post the following reply to Lou_v5a:

      Lou_v5a, I did not see an answer to the question Washu originally posed: “If you are out with your white friends, do you notice a difference in treatment and overall experience?” If I missed your answer, I am requesting that you post again the exact the words that were the answer to his question in your next post.

      Also, Lou_v5a, are you a black person?

    19. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Dear LaSmart One,

      You may find the blog posts of Ms. Scottie Lowe to be of constructive value on the subject of white male power and psychology.

    20. Hello CREE, after dealing with an obnoxious and condescending white man at work today, I tried finding some books or websites that focus on white men and white male power, specifically the social, institutional and psychological supports that support and perpetuate the white male power/authority embargo. I posted this in the people of color forum. I’m curious if you have any suggestions. I’m familiar with many of the books Gus T Renegade has author interviewed, but I’m looking for books that focus on white men and their relationship to power in the way Ellis Cose’s Envy of the World or any of the dozens of books that focus on “black male masculinity”. Finding a book or any resource that focuses specifically on white men and what it means to be a white man is exceedingly difficult. If you have the time to and are interested in reading my post to the forum, I’ve copied it below…


      Straight White Men still hold the majority of positions of power, whether low-level positions of power such as firemen and police officers or as business owners or corporate executives. And white men continue to hold these positions of authority and power disproportionate to their population. They do not have to worry about people doubting their knowledge or their right to authority and if they do these doubts can be racialized or gendered.

      What is it like to grow up a straight white man in this society? What is it like to know that whole groups of non-whites and women will genuflect before you, or at least that you can expect civil treatment, and that you are the target of historical and current envy. That you hold the power to oppress others.

      What is it like to see yourself reflected in “the” media everyday as the ultimate in humanity, that your gender and race made Western Civilization what it was.

      What an ego trip it must be to grow up a straight white man.

      At any rate, the real reason I wanted to write this post was to ask if anyone could find any blog posts or website links that speak openly about the continuation of white male authority (and in Standard American English, avoiding folksly language such as “black folk” and “white folk”). When I go to a store in NYC, I can expect the manager to be a white man.

      Sure, there are a few black people in high places, but en masse, in terms of placement in the workplace hierarchy alone, white men still reign supreme.

      This white male authority embargo is deliberate. White males are the engineers of the glass ceiling. The color of the race problem is white, specifically white men.

      When people talk about racism and American social inequality, they talk about it as if it were a nebulous “system” or “structure”, but these are people doing specific things to prevent non-whites from ascending in rank as they naturally would if they weren’t bombarded by white male propaganda about their inferiority or second-class nature.

      President Obama isn’t exceptional. Every black man and woman is capable of the same level of genius. But like advertising, propaganda of any kind works. Heck, white men were the ones who invented the entire concept of race in the first place, inseparable from the creation of the literal Linnean racial hierarchy with white men on top and black men on the bottom and all the assorted separate races in between. Hollywood stereotypes and prevention of black male or female unadulteratedly heroic leads is just one aspect of this unending and enduring propaganda. Experiencing racism from whites daily is another form of propaganda.

      Why is it that when I go to Google and type in “white male authority” or “white male power” or “straight white male authority” or “straight white male power”, I have returned all of these articles on how white men are under “attack” or these blog posts that soft-shoe the extent of white male authority and keep the focus on non-whites? Perhaps it is because Google, which is also run by white men, is perhaps practicing censorship. I don’t know, but it is a healthy inference. Black men are looked at closely and criticized for every small thing they do as if they operate under a microscope. Somehow, when the conversation turns to white men, it ends up being about women or black people! So, again, does anyone have any website links of blog posts that speak about US white male authority and ownership of American business and civic life?
      (next, someone replied that I was being “captain obvious”, to which I replied…)

      Yes, but some people, such as Frothferous and people who claim to be colorblind and the like, will argue all day and night that this isn’t the case. I think it is obvious. But I also think that it is wrong and this situation needs to change and pronto.

      When people see a situation, they just assume that it is right for it to continue the way it is, even if it is absurdly unjust.

      It’s amazing how much negative press affirmative action gets but no one ever really talks with any sort of depth about what it means to be a white man and how you are automatically imbued with authority and power almost from birth.

      Both in the media and real life, white men reign supreme. Given how huge and fundamental this topic is, it’s amazing that I can’t find any books on the social, institutional and psychological supports (middle/upper class) white men get on a daily basis throughout their lives. There are dozens of books that focus on defining What It Means To Be A Black Man. Where are the books that put a microscope on white men and their disproportionate relationship to authority and power? When I read articles or books on black men, they really focus on black men. When black men or women write about black men, we ourselves crank up the microscope and really dig deep and set out to define the limits of black masculinity. Almost no one is doing the same to white men. And, as I said, when I read articles that purport to be about white men, I often end up reading words like “system” or “structure” or “privilege” or other passive words, or the discussion somehow ends up being about women or non-whites! Why?

    21. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:


      I am not sure which point you find interesting. Would you please cite the exact words you find interesting?

      Only white persons can practice racism. In my post, I attempted to make clear that not every person’s racial classification is fixed. I will use the common prison analogy for the SYSTEM of racism/white supremacy. Some prisoners are serving a life sentence and some are not. A released prisoner can be re-imprisoned. Though, it is commonly believed that all persons are either free/white for life or imprisoned/black for life, I believe that belief is an error in reasoning and is contrary to my observations.

      As to your question, “Would it be plausible to suspect all “non whites” of racism by proxy or temporary status?“, Since, I find the term “non-white” to be too ambiguous to be meaningful, I cannot answer the question. I suspect that all white persons who are capable of practicing racism do so. I have concluded that any person who is not black all of the time, must be treated as white all of the time. During warfare one does not have the luxury of withholding judgment on persons who might be acting as double agents—for the benefit of either side. That is a risk double agents knowingly assume. Every black person must judge for himself/herself whether a person is white or not. Mistakes will be made. But, it is my judgment that the approach I have explained is better that the one I previously used wherein I treated as fellow victims persons who said they were neither white nor black.

      Some of the evidence that led to my conclusion came from the testimony of Gus T. Renegade’s guests Ariela Gross, Matthew Jacobson, on his very constructive show “The Context of white Supremacy”. Mr. Renegade has done many more shows than have I. And, I am very grateful for and encouraged by his efforts and for his support of mine. I do not know when or if I will be able to do shows approximating the frequency with which Mr. Renegade does his. All victims have differing circumstances and ones that can change over time. I do thank you for the encouragement. I, too, hope to do a show on the topic we have been discussing, rhodey, However, based upon my experience attempting such a show on 7/5/2009, and my real-time experience before and after that show, I do not expect forthright discussion on the
      matter from persons who insist that they are neither black nor white.

      rhodey, are you a black person?

    22. Cree. Thanks for the response. It’s an Interesting point that you make. But can any non white truly practice racism? I would tentatively say no because when it comes down to it, they are still answerable to a “higher” power (white folks) in the system of white supremacy. But I could be wrong…

      I would love for you to do a show on this topic. It opens up a whole can of questions. For example . How far do we take the suspicion? Would it be plausible to suspect all “non whites” of racism by proxy or temporary status ? On the flip side would those who define themselves as “black” seek to share constructive info with” nonwhites” who do not identify as black?

      I love your show my only issue is that you don’t do more. Please keep up the great work!

    23. Many thanks CREE. A couple people shared their stories but overall there was a lot of bickering, fighting and derailing. I have found this to be par for the course whenever I mention an experience with racism on that forum. I’m curious to read your reaction to the general tone of the discussion, especially Loku_v5a. I never really know what to do in response to his really paternalistic response (he is a white man) which I’ve noticed several times throughout the years. Here’s the link:

      Again, this is probably not the most constructive use of your time, but thanks again for taking a couple minutes to help me out.

    24. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Dear LaSmartOne,

      Thank you for your request/comment. First, let me state that, since I am still a victim of racsim/white supremacy, I certainly am no expert on it. Yet, I do believe that the effect of racism/white supremacy will be greatly diminished when a significant number of black people habitually give as much constructive help as he/she is capable of giving as to another black person requests/accepts. I have also learned how important it is to do what one says one is going to do in order minimize conflict between black people. If you will send me a link to the Craigslist forum you speak of, I will take do my best to post at least one response. Thank you for the encouragement and please allow me to encourage you in your work—including your play. United-Independent counter-racist attempters—-we are getting to be everywhere and yet nowhere…That, I think, is unstoppable.


    25. Hello CREE, I hope you don’t think I’m being too petty to make this request, but I’m an anti-racist black person in training and I would like some of your guidance and assistance.

      I have been a contributor to the Craigslist R&R POC (people of color) forum for about 4-5 years now, and I’ve always kind of held back my true feelings on the state of racism in America. Until now! I’m trying to field some stories and ideas for a white paper on how black men are mistreated in retail stores and what can be done about it so I put a request for info up on the forum. But all I’m getting are a bunch of white people attempting to derail the conversation (poor whites are mistreated too, articulate and intelligent looking black men are treated well, links to white activists who claim to want to stop shopping, etc.) I don’t know how to effectively respond to all of these derailing tactics.

      Would you take a couple minutes to post a response to some of these people. I’d learn a lot. Also, if you have any thoughts yourself on strategies black people can use to counter racist treatment in stores, I’d love to read a blog post about it if you get any free time to write about it.

      Many many thanks. I’m so glad I discovered you and Gus T. Renegade, you two are such an inspiration to me.

      BTW, I’m also attempting to write a play about Black Athena. I never would have taken it seriously until I recognized how deeply ingrained racism is in our culture and that, yes, Egypt was black and were the progenitors of Western Civilization.

    26. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Thank you for your comment rhodey. Of course, if you are a victim of racism/white supremacy, you are qualified to respond to it as you see fit. Your comment has brought to my attention the need to clarify the main point of my post: The purpose of my suggestion to discontinue use of the term “non-white” is not to help people who are not white avoid confusion that they are white people. To the contrary, I believe that there are people who really do have something to lose by being called/calling themselves “black.” And, what they have to lose is their ability to, at times, be/function as white. When exchanging/evaluating views on how to eliminate racism/white supremacy, it is important to be suspicious of anyone who has the ability to practice it….white persons —temporary or permanent.

      Also, I will never call any specific person black that does not wish to be called black—and I will always ask. I suggest that others do the same.

    27. Very Interesting. Still under the system of white Supremacy, the darker you are the more mistreatment you are subject to…Nonwhites who exist on various levels of the color spectrum are deeply conditioned to “label” their own specific gradient.

      I agree that calling these nonwhites”black”eliminates confusion over them being considered white, but it does so at the expense of causing more conflict (or resistance). Why? Because under the system of whites supremacy I believe the fear of being Black is greater than the love or need to be white. Calling them NON white reduces the built in resistance and thus allows for exchange of ideas.

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