Punished For Saying “Ouch”

The racists/white supremacists never forget and they never forgive…. B.F. Skinner called this “operant conditioning.” It works.


To play video, click the image above.

To play video, click the image above.

2 Responses to “Punished For Saying “Ouch””

  1. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    That is interesting, considering that “complaint” is a legal term for a declaration, by an enforcement official, of the commission of a criminal act. I prefer the legal term “plead” when responding to an act of mistreatment by a white person because it is associated with a request presented to an enforcement official for compensation for the harm suffered by one person as a result of the action(s) of another. And, as is the case with infants, black people under the system of racism/ white supremacy are not in a position to demand anything—-we must plead/beg white people for virtually EVERYTHING.
    Too many black people avoid this truth — the odds for a solution is zero when the basic problem statement is missing.

    Anyone who has raised a baby/toddler/young child, knows the power of persistent, intense begging. Babies’ begging can provoke clear and powerful responses. Either clear mistreatment or constructive assistance. Either way is progress.

    I have pled with company officials about suspected mistreatment on the basis of color. In one instance, I got no satisfaction by doing so orally. So, I faxed an inquiry to the company’s headquarters, reporting (not complaining about) the incident and then inquiring whether I was welcome in the store in the future. In another instance—different store—I mentioned that if I was compelled to write to the company HQ, I was “pretty sure that the HQ officials are going to say you [the store manager] made an incorrect decision.” In both cases, I got compensation. In addition, the manager of one of the stores was reprimanded and, a couple of months later, left the store.

  2. I find it interesting that only 3 (yes, THREE) results show up when you type into Google: “how to complain about racism”. One of the three results was from stormfront.org! I didn’t see any websites dealing specifically about how to complain effectively about racism by store clerks.

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