Haiti’s Wickett-ness

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Mr. Josh Wickett is the voice and writer of the commercial for the Counter-Racism Radio Network heard on Live365, CREE radio/BTR, and the C.O.W.S radio/BTR. If you are unfamiliar with the counter-racism efforts of Mr. Josh Wickett, here’s an introduction; an email about Haiti he sent on January 15, 2009. Sizzlin’ as usual:

“This is an excerpt from a recent Ted Rall article. [Rall is white]

How’d Haiti become so poor?

‘***The story begins in 1910***, when a U.S. State Department-National City Bank of New York (now called Citibank) consortium bought the Banque National d’Haïti–Haiti’s only commercial bank and its national treasury–in effect transferring Haiti’s debts to the Americans. Five years later, President Woodrow Wilson ordered troops to occupy the country in order to keep tabs on ‘our’ investment.

From 1915 to 1934, the U.S. Marines imposed harsh military occupation, murdered Haitians patriots and diverted 40 percent of Haiti’s gross domestic product to U.S. bankers. Haitians were banned from government jobs. Ambitious Haitians were shunted into the puppet military, setting the stage for a half-century of U.S.-backed military dictatorship.

The U.S. kept control of Haiti’s finances until 1947.

Still–why should Haitians complain? Sure, we stole 40 percent of Haiti’s national wealth for 32 years. But we let them keep 60 percent.


Despite having been bled dry by American bankers and generals, civil disorder prevailed until 1957, when the CIA installed President-for-Life François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier. Duvalier’s brutal Tonton Macoutes paramilitary goon squads murdered at least 30,000 Haitians and drove educated people to flee into exile. But think of the cup as half-full: fewer people in the population means fewer people competing for the same jobs!

Upon Papa Doc’s death in 1971, the torch passed to his even more dissolute 19-year-old son, Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier. The U.S., cool to Papa Doc in his later years, quickly warmed back up to his kleptomaniacal playboy heir. As the U.S. poured in arms and trained his army as a supposed anti-communist bulwark against Castro’s Cuba, Baby Doc stole an estimated $300 to $800 million from the national treasury, according to Transparency International. The money was placed in personal accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Under U.S. influence, Baby Doc virtually eliminated import tariffs for U.S. goods. Soon Haiti was awash predatory agricultural imports dumped by American firms. Domestic rice farmers went bankrupt. A nation that had been agriculturally self-sustaining collapsed. Farms were abandoned. Hundreds of thousands of farmers migrated to the teeming slums of Port-au-Prince.

The Duvalier era, 29 years in all, came to an end in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan ordered U.S. forces to whisk Baby Doc to exile in France, saving him from a popular uprising.

Once again, Haitians should thank Americans. Duvalierism was ‘tough love.’ Forcing Haitians to make do without their national treasury was our nice way or encouraging them to work harder, to lift themselves up by their bootstraps. Or, in this case, flipflops.


The U.S. has been all about tough love ever since. We twice deposed the populist and popular democratically-elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The second time, in 2004, we even gave him a free flight to the Central African Republic! (He says the CIA kidnapped him, but whatever.) Hey, he needed a rest. And it was kind of us to support a new government formed by former Tonton Macoutes.

Yet, despite everything we’ve done for Haiti, they’re still a fourth-world failed state on a fault line.

And still, we haven’t given up. American companies like Disney generously pay wages to their sweatshop workers of 28 cents an hour.

What more do these ingrates want?’

It’s accurate except for the first line where he claims ***The story begins in 1910***.

The story begins in 1801 or when ever the last white person on the island was killed during the slave rebellion that produced the 2nd republic in the western himisphere (the United States was the first).

The resulting ‘history’ of Haiti is nothing more than a warning to nonwhite people of the consequences of trying to end white supremacy by killing all the white people (you can get to). The white supremacists have never forgotten this event; their resulting punishment has been brutal and continuous to this day. Before the REBELLION, Haiti was a white supremacists “wet dream”; very rich with plantations and all kinds of commercial activity. But the few white people who survived the rebellion lost everything because what the slaves could not kill, they burned to the ground.

The few white people who survived were the original ‘boat people’ to this country. When the first boat full of wounded,starving white people, dressed in rags arrived in Charleston South Carolina, the white people there were horrified. In a state where more than half the population was black slaves; this was their worst nightmare come true.

The rest is history.

Indeed, Haiti is ‘cursed’; not by God, but by the white supremacists.

To forgive that event would be to undermine the entire basis for their existence.

They ain’t gonna do it.

The The French Revolution in San Domingo is the most comprehensive account of the REBELLION I have ever found. I ordered this book ‘pre-internet’ and the most interesting aspect of the event was the way the white supremacists were able to maintain white supremacy by dividing the nonwhite people into more and more ‘races’; and then separately ‘cutting them in’ for a small share of the spoils of the white supremacist system. It worked for a long time and the author gives several accounts of ‘deals’ made to buy the loyalty of this group or that group of nonwhite people. It all fell apart as soon as the darkest people realized that a deal would NEVER be extended to them since the entire system was built on mistreatment of the darkest people.”


On 2/7/10, @ 12 noon PST, 2 PM CST, 3PM EST, Mr. Wickett will be the guest on CREE radio to discuss the code logic of black male-black female relationships during the withering heat that the racists/white supremacists have in store for black people.

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