Such a Shame They “Can’t” Help Those Dying Haitians

Hit the Zoom-IN button on your browser's 'view' menu as many times as needed to read the article. (San Diego Union-Tribune, January 30, 2010)

In this blog, “black people” = all shades of brown, red, and yellow people

Racist/White Supremacist pretend to provide help for black people while actually working to hinder it.

In the article above, there are the unmistakable markers of Racist Man/Woman:

1. Harm to black person(s):“People are dying in Haiti because they can’t get out.”
2. Confusion of black person(s)/Deceit of white person(s): “It was not clear who exactly was responsible for the interruption of flights.”, “The governor’s request for federal help MIGHT have caused confusion.”, “The places [that the patients] were being taken, WITHOUT BEING SPECIFIC [as to the names of those facilities and/or of the responsible officials of those facilities], were not willing to continue to receive those patients.

  • Codified Response

1.What is the name of the “spokesman for the military” mentioned in the article? Who, by name, told this man that the “decision to suspend flights” had been made?
2. What is the name of the “spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services” mentioned in the article? Who, by name, told this woman that the “decision to suspend flights” had been made?
3.Who are each of the persons, by name, who are dying in Haiti because they can’t get out? Who should provide that information, to whom should they provide it, and by when?
4. Who are each of the persons, by name, who are “not willing to continue to receive” critically injured earthquake victims from Haiti?
5. Are you… (a name obtained from question 1, 2, and/or 4)? (A) (If “yes”), Are you a white person?

Since this failure occurred under the global system of racism/white supremacy, do not make any statement placing responsibility for this failure on any black person.

Ask for a written response to each question.

Include the following words at the end of your inquiry: “If any part(s) of this inquiry is unclear, please identify, in writing, the exact word(s) that is/are unclear AND the name and title of each person who has found each element unclear.”


1.When asking questions of suspected racists/white supremacists that, if answered or not answered, will reveal truth about specific unjust acts/statements for which they are responsible, the suspects will often (a)pretend that the question(s) are unclear,or; (b) answer in a manner that can later be denied because there will be no proof. Ex:an in-person meeting that has not been completely recorded electronically,

2. Maintaining falsehood is more difficult than revealing truth. The more questions that are asked, the more difficult it will be for Racist Man/Woman to mistreat black people without us knowing that they are responsible. This will either reduce the amount of mistreatment black people collectively experience (weaken the system of racism/white supremacy) OR it will force the racists/white supremacists to commit acts of clear, direct violence expediting a final decision by the racists/white supremacists to either produce justice or to try to kill all black people—who will, at that time, be at a point of total non-cooperation. If the Racists/White Supremacists decide on the latter, we (black people) should have confidence in the Creator’s decision about our continued or discontinued existence on this planet.


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