John’s Got Duke’s Dick —or, something like that

From the March, 2010 edition of Playboy Magazine:

PLAYBOY: Do black women throw themselves at you?

MAYER: I don’t think I open myself to it. My dick is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock. I’m going to start dating separately from my dick.

The most savage Racist/white supremacists have been sexing black females for centuries. I am far less concerned with John Mayer’s possibly deceitful statements than the deceitful, most vicious actions of those white men.

By the way, Mr. Mayer, I didn’t see an answer to the question. Is that a “yes” or a”no?” DO black females throw themselves at you? — “No,” you say?? Hmmm.—-Now, why, did you say, it is that black females don’t throw themselves at you? Uhuh, I see.

Mr. Mayer, why do you like to strum your instrument wearing all black? Uhuh, I see.

5 Responses to “John’s Got Duke’s Dick —or, something like that”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    See, when you write comments like that, I have to expose you. Folks, if you haven’t recognized the wit and style, that was the keyboard of Mr. Josh Wickett. Google him. Read him. And, then consider yourself initiated into a small, smarter band of victims.

    You said it much better that I did. Well, hell, you said it.

    P.S.—“PUA” is the acronym for pick-up artist.

  2. Indeed, he didn’t answer the question directly; but he did employ a basic racist technique which is to make a statement that generates assumptions in other people. The best thing about other peoples assumptions is you always have the ability to deny them.

    In addition, he made these comments in an interview for playboy magazine; they want controversy, edge, shock…

    Something I might add that Mayer has been in need of and seeking for a number of years. He started his sucess as a “pretty boy pop star”, but as he got older he tried to switch to blues (thats what the dressing in all black is about) but it really doesn’t work because he’s a spoiled white boy who wouldn’t know the blues if he tripped over them. I don’t know who his “handlers” are, but a visible black girlfriend is exactly what he needs to counter his residual “bubble gum” image that he’s trying to get rid of.

    But ultimately, he’s running a peice of racist code that simply works too well for white males to ever give it up.

    It goes like this:

    Practice and support the concept that white males are NOT attracted to black females and it will provide greater sexual access to black females.

    How you say?

    Its simple, it allows white males to play the “Im different” card on the hottest black females; the “Im not like other white guys” card.



    It allows the black female to think SHE is different too.

    Its a very effective technique known as “Framing” in the PUA community. Guys are advised to adopt a framework that no girl is worthy of him. Guys are advised to pick a flaw in a womans appearance and focus on that as you try to pick her up; if she has no flaw, you are advised to make one up.

    The parralells between “game” and racism are quite obvious once you understand the concept of “framing” and the ability to get a person to doubt themselves and accept you as superior all based on you projecting confidence.

    I know its counter intuitive, buts thats the way it works. And it does work!

    The easiest way to get a white girl is to tell her you don’t date white girls.

    Thats all Mayer is doing with his comments. He’s practicing racists game. And he’s doing it because it works. Im sure he scored some hot black tail based on these comments.

    Mark Twain would be proud of him.

  3. Cree,

    LOL. I still looking for a white person that sounds 100 honest about the system of racism. The odds say there have to be some out there but I’ll be damned if they ever go public.

    I guess Robert Dinero chose to keep his “hood” pass, but I notice the white supremacists have arranged for he and his wife (and kid)to almost never be seen on a magazine cover or on TV. Ofcourse they do the same with nonwhite couples.

  4. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Yes, rhodey. That’s my take as well. I think Mr. Mayer did the math typical of racist suspects. I thought it was important to point out that he never answered the question. And, that having so many people respond to his statements that were not an answer to the original question was likely calculated. If you generate controversy by pushing some emotional hot buttons on black people (particularly black females) about their attractiveness and then use the word “nigger”, then you don’t have to respond to the original question and any follow-up that could cause problems if truthfully answered and found out as lies if untruthfully answered.

    Here are the lines of questions Mr. Mayer could have been avoiding:

    Question: Mr. Mayer, you’ve got a “hood pass,” do you ever use it to engage in sexual intercourse/serious sexual play with black females?

    Answer: Yes, I do.

    Follow-up Question: Why, then, have there never been any reports or pics of you dating a black female?

    Answer: White females would turn against me. Then, there goes my career. Everybody would think that the only reason I’m holding it down in bed is because I’m John Wayne and nobody would really believe I could hold a candle sexually to black guys/rappers.


    Question: Mr. Mayer, you’ve got a “hood pass,” do you ever use it to engage in sexual intercourse/serious sexual play with black females?

    Answer: No. I’m too afraid the size of my p_____ and the way I use it would become a basis of jokes amongst the black females and black males in the industry.


    Question: Mr. Mayer, you’ve got a “hood pass,” do you ever use it to engage in sexual intercourse/serious sexual play with black females?

    Answer: No. Black females don’t turn me on.

    Now, there’s a high likelihood that any one of those three scenarios would cut his record sales and/or found to be not true . The most ardent neo-nazis, KKK members, slaveholder had major obsessions with having sex with black females. Lot’s of white people knew it and vicariously enjoyed the degradation which included denials.

    One day, maybe a white person will say what they should say. “Yes, I have opportunities to have sex with black people. But, I don’t because as long as the system of racis/white supremacy exists, that’s child molestation. It’s savage.

  5. My take He ‘s basically saying he’s not into sexing black women. Are the sistas digging him? I suspect some do….. but is he lying about his lack of attraction..don’t know. Perhaps he doesn’t want to turn of his white fanbase. Do most white men want to sex black women? I suspect so.

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