Michael Jackson Hit Muhammad Ali


I suspect that Michael Jackson did “tha math” when his fingers thickened, his voice began to deepen, and his facial hair began to grow. Tha Math?

The only man under the global system of white supremacy is a white one.

White Supremacists (Racists) do not promote black males attempting to be men. As Neely Fuller has said, there are only THREE CHOICES offered to a black male: a boy, a wild animal that entertains when not caged, and/or a pretend female.

Michael Jackson was extremely talented. Eight or ten of his songs are on the mini-ipods of two generations in my family—the oldest of which is 51, the youngest 9, and includes several teens that have the device grafted to their ears. Michael Jackson’s talent is not debated. But, that is a different discussion.

Musical prodigies are abundant among black people. It takes Racist Man and Racist Woman, however, to do the promoting that turns ability into stardom. The discussion here is about the style presentation choices made available to Michael Jackson and to black people generally beginning in the late 1960s–a time when more black males in this part of the world were attempting to assert their manhood than any time before or since. So, The Organization (white supremacist collective—the real mafia) executed their plan: The original “boy band” was born. Little Michael was promoted as the premier male crooner of black male-female coupling. Under the system of racism/white supremacy, being a black, grown man outside of “greater confinement” is not permitted (All black people are confined in the global system of racism/white supremacy. I’m talkin ’bout prison bars and a rap sheet. Pun intended). There are no victory tours promoting grown black males. And, the late singer had it figured out early. I suspect that Racist Woman and Racist Man did “tha math” when his color and nose disappeared. Tha math?

Michael Jackson: Estate Lands Historic Record Deal
By Brennan Williams on Mar 17th 2010 5:55PM
“This week, the King of Pop’s estate brokered a record setting recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment that is estimated to be worth up to $250 million — the biggest known to date.”


Neither cosmetic surgery nor chemical hair-straighteners change genetics. Would Michael Jackson’s genes plus those of a a blond “Scandanavian” produce what you see above? Are those young persons above likely, despite all their words at the most recent Grammy award show about their “Grandparents,” likely to be white persons who do and/or will practice racism/white supremacy? The Jackson clan might want to contact Mr. Mark Riding who was a guest on the CO.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) Blogtalk radio show. Mr. Riding is a black male raising a white child and, well, listen for yourself…( the most applicable clip is at 1:17:26 to 1:20:01)

Let’s replace white supremacy with justice.


5 Responses to “Michael Jackson Hit Muhammad Ali”

  1. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    GREAT find LaSmartOne. Gotta dig it when Racists/Racist Suspects expose each other and provide us with data to tighten our equations. Like the one you used, Sir. A White Person Who is Able to Practice WS = A Person Who Probably DOES Practice WS. Thank you, Sir.

  2. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    I am rarely at a loss for words, LaSmartOne. But, at this moment, in response to that comment, I am overcome. You, Sir, are in a unique position to inform those of us who are not white on some actual mechanics of the system of racism (white supremacy). Racism (white supremacy) is, fundamentally, a scientific enterprise. It is practiced with scientific precision and its muscle derives from the astronomically greater scientific knowledge Racist Man/Woman has that they then weaponize for use against the victims of their system. I had never thought about how that would evidence at the graduate school level where research and research training and reputation-building begins. I experienced a very miniature level of that when taking lab courses in my undergraduate engineering courses. But, not nearly enough to be able to generalize the conclusions evident from your experience.

    As for your observation of black male prodigies being showcased as of late in areas besides entertainment (including sports), I will need some time to think about the part this is playing in the current stage of refinement of the system of racism (white supremacy). But, think about it I will. And, I will be offering some thoughts on the matter. I will email you soon to extend an invitation for you to do one or more guest posts on this blog on this subject. If you never receive it, suspect that racists have been involved.

    One more thing, some time ago, a reader suggested that I view the film Dark Matter in response to the first radio show I did on Sex, White Supremacy, and Film. I watched it about a week ago and then looked into what I could find about the actual events upon which the film is based. Very interesting corroboration of your comments….THANK YOU. A new window has opened in my mind.

  3. Medical pioneer is 15 years old

    Inspirational 14 Year Old black Investor On Track To Become A Millionaire

    Since President Obama took office, you’re more likely to see stories of black male child prodigies (marginally, but I think they’re more prominent. I could be wrong.) I’m curious to hear what you make of these stories CREE. The reporter is usually a non-black female. There is obviously a level of incredulity to the story, as if the black male is showing up all of America. I don’t know. Outside of the extraordinary Ben Carson or Barack Obama, do most of these black male prodigies follow through to a fully (or close to fully) realized adult potential? These are still black boys (by age), and therefore are not threats. What is the point of these stories?

    These stories have a personal resonance for me, because I excelled academically throughout grade and high school. I participated in several competitive summer science programs and academic competitions. Was eventually offered admission to many top-tier universities on scholarship. However, I hit the wall hard in graduate school. This isn’t the kids arena anymore. As whites are really only interested in interacting with other white people as fully realized adults, I’ve noticed that none of the black graduate students here are really taken all that seriously or have access to other scientists (and therefore resources controlled by those other scientists) at the same level as white students. And it’s resoundingly clear that the research agenda is ultimately for the betterment of white people, especially the genetic diseases studied or which populations’ problems researchers at the university pursue most urgently. For example, if I don’t eavesdrop on the conversation of other white graduate students in my lab, I would never know anything about new lab kits, techniques, relevant journal articles or even new findings within the lab itself. The postdocs and even the PI will interact at a much higher level with white graduate students than with the couple black students in the lab. And when it comes to sourcing material to investigate (the main focus of the laboratory is to discover new natural antibiotics), those resources come from whites in control of other institutions, such as zoo directors and directors of marine biology institutes. It is implicitly understand that, since I am a black male, I will never really have the same level of access to other whites (who ultimately control these other resources) as the white students in the laboratory and therefore my training in the lab will not foster development into a fully realized scientist who is in control of resources (social, material, intellectual) and is in an equal exchange with other men in control of similar resources.

    This continuing racial disparity is endemic to pretty much all top-tier university science departments. However, it is particularly severe at my university since there are no black postdocs or top-level researchers at all. The only university in New York City that I noticed has prominently featured their “minority” scientists and emphasis on diversity in science is the CUNY system. I don’t know what to make of the fact that the exclusive, private, high level universities such as Columbia, NYU, Cornell, etc. are not pressed for diversity in their science departments, but CUNY brags about it in their advertisements.

    Anyway, I was curious about your thoughts on black male child prodigy news stories within the system of white supremacy.

  4. This is off-topic, but I just wanted to share a news story with you CREE. I grew up in Saint Louis but I’m a graduate student in NYC now. I rarely look at my hometown’s newspaper, but this morning this story was on the front page. Even though I attended Washington University (in Saint Louis), which is situated very close to the subdivision of Ladue, I very rarely ventured into the wealthy residential neighborhood. Apparently, the mayor of Ladue, Irene Holmes, wanted the police chief to visibly pull over and arrest blacks who drove through Ladue as to frighten other black people from going through the neighborhood. I can’t believe people in my hometown, the affable friendly midwestern people I grew up around, would do something like this. Suspect all white people of practicing and maintaining the system of white supremacy.

    “Fired Ladue police chief sues
    Chief says top officials pressured him to pull over blacks, go easy on residents.”

  5. Thanks Cree , I wonder exactly when Micheal Jackson became a threat to the white Supremacist system. Was it when his music become more “political” ie. bringing attention to the plight of throw away nonwhite children in Brazil or was it “Man in the Mirror”? Perhaps it was when he called Tommy Mattola and the record companies out for racism….

    I feel there is definitely a glass ceiling even in the white supremacists approved areas of people activity (for nonwhites) ie. entertainment. I’m guessing that when non white celeb reaches those lofty heights they have to be extremely careful not to make waves.

    My guess is that once victims of WS/Racism get to a certain level they will be swatted down simply based on their potential to influence other areas of people interaction. Of course most if not all would not reach the levels they have without the backing of the white Supremacists system.

    Celebs like Oprah and Jordan seemed to have not ruffled any feathers but at what cost? Jordan was mum on any issue that even hinted controversy. Oprah is content playing the “mammy” role of making white folks feel comfortable. Both ultimately support the system. I’m glad Micheal stood up but we see the unfortunate results…

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