Counter-Racist Film Review: PRECIOUS-The Bluest Comedy

  • >From Wikipedia: “Blue comedy is comedy that is off-color, risqué, indecent, profane, or obscene. It often contains cursing and/or sexual imagery that shocks and offends many audiences.
  • >>Golden Rain: If you know about R. Kelly’s alleged pleasures, you know what “golden rain” refers to.
  • >>>Blue Rain: If you’ve seen PRECIOUS, and you’re black, you’ve experienced Blue Rain. Not by chance, “Blu Rain” (spelled with no “e”) is the name of the lead character’s teacher in her alternative school. Precious Jones asks, “What alternative is?”
  • ———————————————————————————————–

    Hey, Colored kids, The Man does not need to request anything of you. In the system of racism/white supremacy, are there any people who are not white who are also not kids?

    The Man: “You boys quiet down.”
    Black Male Student: “I ain’t your fu@*in’ boy!”
    Precious: Normally very quiet in the corner, barks and attacks the student for not being a good boy for The Master. (maybe a breed of Saint Bernard? Note the mop over her eyes and other breed characteristics.)

    Chaos in the residential kennel. Some incorrect/nasty inbreeding is about to occur. Unrestrained sexual impulses make it necessary to separate younger members in the kennel. Quite unfortunate and scarring for Precious.

    Precious copes with the brutality of the kennel and the wild by going to a fantasy world where she is adored and celebrated by The Men and The Women. Kind of like Scooby Doo fantasizes about solving mysteries with Sherlock Holmes.

    It is not uncommon for this breed to assume the characteristics of the opposite gender. This specimen has stopped shaving under her arms and has even role-played as a male in-breeder to Precious –which she only passively engaged in when the “Father “ was in the residential kennel.

    What’s a crime? Can you guess before the buzzer?

    Correct! There is great concern about the overpopulation potential of this breed.

    Theresa!! Right, right. That’s a name associated with the selfless generosity of a white person—like Mother Theresa. Precious is sent here with high hopes of getting the help her white counselor referred her to while the only “white music” of the film is playing. More sinister, however, is that this was the address for Malcom X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity. Racist Man and Racist Woman never forget.

    There are dark clouds in the sky. “See” Precious Jones. Get it?

    This is another escape fantasy after being pushed to the ground by some young black male brutes after Precious’ first visit to the alternative school at the Hotel Theresa. Precious inquired of the clerk at the school, “What alternative is?” When being informed by her white counselor that her white teacher had recommended her she said to herself “I knewed he liked me.” These are verbatim quotes. Yes. Precious speaks unintelligibly when it is convenient for the script. Note the theatrical poster to the right in this fantasy scene. In it, Precious is sitting with her legs wide open on what looks like a toilet.

    In bold red letters:

    “SOLD OUT”
    Feels like Bamboozled (Damon Wayons, Savion Glover, Jada Pinkett-Smith) all over again. I’m not buyin’ this ticket. Racist Man and Racist Woman are doing all the selling. To avoid being identified as the r e a l producers of this vicious propaganda, Racist Man/Woman tell the black actors and directors what to say when marketing the film (see the next to last panel for evidence).

    This is part of the same fantasy scene occurring while Precious is still down on the sidewalk after being pushed by one of a pack of young, darker-skinned black males. Yeah, this male is lighter-skinned…b u t… a dog is a dog, right? See below.

    Getting up from the sidewalk and waking up from the fantasy. Is that you, honey?

    More fantasy. Question: Why does Precious transform her appearance to a white, blond non-obese woman in this fantasy only?

    Could it be that doing this in all the fantasy scenes would ruin the on-going blue joke in the T.V. appearances of Ms. Sidibe? The planned “life- imitating- art” cartoon. See the images at the end of this post.


    This is one of the four very short scenes with a white person. This guy does not say anything. He just washes windows of the chicken shack that Precious steals a bucket from. Racist Man and Racist Woman really enjoy making cameo appearances. So, I suspect this fella did more than just play an extra. But, even if this was it, I’m sure it is one of the funnier scenes to Racist Man/ Woman. A white man washing the windows (with blue liquid) of a chicken shack in Harlem…zoo/kennel-keeper credits.


    The television selections in this film are meticulously chosen. Talking dogs and criminals in the same quick scene. Amazing.,,but then they do have a staff of hundreds. Let the credits roll…and roll…and roll.

    Cats, cats, pussy cats…..everywhere in this film. Disgusting, huh?

    Another television scene…It’s a foreign language film. So, the name “Michele” gets a pass by the conscious mind. More gender bending. Translation: “What is Sarah to you, Precious, we can’t tell. Father, brother…what?” An old french language film in this apartment? Now, THAT’S funny. Isn’t it?


    Precious eating the pigs feet she cooked for dinner. Her abusive mother/father/cat/thing would not eat it because it had “so much damned hair” on it. Stop being shocked. Haven’t you gotten it by now? These are animals. Darned, if we really were animals, the white supremacists would punish each other for mistreating us. They enforce their laws against animal cruelty.

    Lenny Kravitz, as Nurse John. His only memorable line is here when delivers a comic line by stopping the gurney and telling the sixteen-year old, Precious, who is wailing in labor, “Stop screaming.” His kiss to the forehead and little Christmas gift to Precious later in the film can’t change the grade he’s already given her existence with that statement.

    “Blu Rain”, Precious’ kind, generous, new teacher (who is both light-skinned and lesbian), writes, “Dear Precious, you are not a dog.”

    Remember, in this blue comedy, Precious’ teacher said that Precious is not a dog. Oh. Yes, we see the walls of the newborn ward of the ( veterinarian?) hospital now. Cats are everywhere in this film.
    Maybe, Precious is now a stray pussycat.


    Spay and neuter for a healthy, happy animal. See how fun(ny) this is for Racist Man and Racist Woman?


    Precious: “So are you Italian? What color are you anyway? Are you some type of black or Spanish?”

    Ms. Weiss (German for white, haha): “What color do you think I am?” (said with a smirk.This critical question was never answered)




    When now President Obama made his debut on the national scene in 2004, at the moment shown in this clip, he referenced his two precious daughters:
    “And I stand here today, grateful for the diversity of my heritage, aware that my parents’ dreams live on in my two precious daughters.”

    At the very beginning of the film, Precious says,“I want to be on the cover of a magazine.”
    Why all the applause?

    SHE BANGS? (This is a reference to former American Idol contestant, William Hung who received acclaim for the joke that he was for Racist Man/Woman without his knowledge of this reason for the attention he was receiving)


    This red motivational poster on the wall behind Precious at the alternative school explains the circular psychology: “Feeling good about yourself will lead to more reasons for feeling good about yourself will lead to more reasons….”

    Actress, Gabourey Sidibe, tells March 2010 Ebony Magazine readers about how she had become a fabulous person before she was “discovered.” “I found something about myself that I liked…then I harped on it so much that I eventually loved it. Then I found more things I liked about myself.”

    I smell the slick marketing plan of Racist Man and Racist Woman. Would a white woman be encouraged to stay 400+ pounds? This is not funny. This is a matter of life and death. Ms. Sidibe needs medical attention and she needs work that is not a spot in a blue carnival.


    The caption of this Ebony Magazine photo begins “SHE’S GOT JOKES.”


    A counter-racist audio review of PRECIOUS can be found at CREE radio w/ Sonny: PRECIOUS, the Bluest Comedy.

    19 Responses to “Counter-Racist Film Review: PRECIOUS-The Bluest Comedy”

    1. Thanks CREE. That’s very good to hear. Good to see you’re still on your counter-racism grind! 🙂

    2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

      Glad you’re doing okay, Kushite.
      I DO appreciate so much your letting me know that peiple have noticed by absence from the blogosphere. That was kind of you and a sign of generous character that few have.
      My absence is not related to me tiring of exposing racism. Countering racism is in my blood. But, writing this book can’t be done while Facebooking, blogging, and/or doing radio broadcasts. I wish I had an assistant to help me pull my footnotes together and/or take care of my family and house.That way, I could return more fully to exchanging views faster. But, hey, I’m a black person. So, as Fuller has said, we have to compensate for the things we need and don’t have…So, I let go of the public discourse. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

    3. I’m doing pretty good. I can’t complain. I recently moved into a new house. But I always have bloggers ask me about you. You seemed to have left quite an impression on people over the years. I don’t think you’re really aware of your influence. They always ask me where are you. I tell them I think you’re still on Facebook but just not blogging. It can get very tiring exposing racism. I’ve thought about ending my blog a few times. I take a break for awhile……then I come back. I just been so busy with real life stuff. But I hope things are going well with your book. And I hope your family and friends are well. Just checking on you. 🙂

    4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

      THANKS, Kushite Prince! I’ve been relatively well as of late, KP. Hope you have been at least as well.

    5. How did I miss this post? Great breakdown Cree! Precious is one f the worst films I have ever seen. That’s when I knew Lee Daniels was a very sick me. It promotes black degradation and black despair. No wonder so many white critics loved it. Thanks for this post. How you been? I hope you’ve bene well. 😉

    6. Homophobic much?

    7. Loved the review and radio show of Precious. Very thorough.

      One of the aspects that stuck out at me was the misinformation on HIV that was promoted.

      When she tested “positive” I wasn’t shocked. Her body was in a state of disrepair, and she was pregnant. Any woman who is going to have a second baby will always test positive on an HIV test. Always. <–one of many sites

    8. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Give me day or two to watch the series and I’ll get back at. Thank you very much. RWSWJ ASAP!

    9. Oh my goodness! You have to go and watch pt.5 of the lecture, where he gives background info on “Sapphire” and Lee Daniels and reveals their relationships with white people..The confusion and racism(white supremacy) and so called Jewish involvement all go hand in hand for one big degrading white supremacist pot luck of warfare on the black psyche!!

      Ugghhh.. I lilterally screamed while watching it!

    10. Very interesting video that made me think of your counter racist review and come back. My conclusion: Barbara Bush, the daughter of Satanist Alistair Crowley is an evil woman and a racist ( white supremacist) – so are her husband and son.

    11. northernwoman Says:

      I truly appreciate your persistence of perspective of this movie. I noticed the placement of animals throughout the film, but I couldn’t articulate my discomfort until I read your review. Now it make sense; Racist man/woman compassions are for animals, in particularly dogs. Possibly, without the subliminal animal messaging, the movie wouldn’t have been made, seen, or promoted. Just a thought.
      Thank you for speaking your observations out loud, and seeking justice.

    12. Good counter-racist analysis!

    13. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      I agree about the cult ritual thing. I like your equation.

    14. TJR=balance Says:

      Excellent breakdown of some key bullets in this most horific movie. This movie has to be a cult ritual of some sort. And is it not ironic that Sandra won the Oscar for best actress for Sideline, and Monique best supporting actress for promoting further the system of racism/white supremacy’s attack on the black image.

      Truth, Justice and Righteousness = balance

    15. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Yes!!!! I’m so glad you caught that LaSMARTone!!! AND, below is a link to an Associated Press video contribution to the on-going blue comedy; a 2010 Oscar’s fashion review pointing out that for the males, the only distinct deviation from the black tux/suit was a “pop of blue” trend on the carpet.

      The video is entitled “Oscar Red Carpet Awash in Color” The “blue” comments are at about :48 sec and 1:27. Note that the guy making those comments is also flashing us. He said with a grin, “there was a lot of blue on the carpet,” as part of his description of the general rough appearance of the males. It looks/and sounds like, at the moment of reaction from the white female, the film was spliced to cut out her reaction which would have given the joke away.

    16. I’m sure you noticed that all of the actresses in Precious were wearing blue dresses at the Oscars.

    17. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

      Yep. I also came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how likable a white person is. If they are able to practice racism/white supremacy (an evil, cold system), I suspect that they do practice it.

    18. I’m beginning to think all white people, despite their outward demeanor, are purely cold and evil. After all, producers Sarah and Gary Magnus are friendly people who just happened to cultivate all the right connections in Hollywood no? You are right, this film does deserve a Joseph.

    19. Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

      A constructive piece of counter-Racist analysis, Cree7.


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