White Queen Moves–Butt Boosters

I suspect that white men don’t feel a need to ask white women wearing these products, “Is that your real butt?”

The sellers of these products boast that their consumers leave the buttocks bare but supported all around and that they also offer undergarments that fill out the hips as well as the butt…Since white men are probably more expert “bootyologists” than black males (they’ve been able to sample more white booty AND black booty), I doubt these garments are intended to keep white men from creeping to the slave shack. They are worn, I think, to capture enough black pawns on the chess board to square off more directly with her opposition on the other side of the board… Remember, the object of chess is to immobilize the most powerful male of one’s opponent–but, the most powerful piece on the board is the only female.

10 Responses to “White Queen Moves–Butt Boosters”

  1. Kushite Prince Says:

    Butt boosters???lol White women are so sad and pathetic.lol Great post Cree! Don’t know how I missed this post.lol

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Totally. Bluepill Wastaken. I find that exact same thing soooooo very interesting. It has wide-ranging implications about other things, I’m sure. I just haven’t figured out exactly what those things are are.—yet.

  3. Bluepill Wastaken Says:

    Interesting Cree. I notice that’s one thing they cant seem brainwash out of is. The blackman’s love of the booty. So I’m guessing somewhere along they line they decided to go the opposite route and co opt the booty.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    her butt is her protest.

    Omalone1, I’m not sure if I should agree with and/or laugh at that….??? it certainly is an original and unforgettable comment. Butt, I am seeking permission from my logic before I laugh.https://cree7.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?p=1079&approved=1#comments-form

  5. very pleased with this response/comment. I can agree, and yet, i will also add that perhaps they do this because they feel threatened by the deracinated female who they still cannot manage to totally demoralise, as demonstrated by the sustained nature of her “vitality.” her butt is her protest.

  6. Tiredofbeingavictim Says:

    Greetings, Whats next…I see it everywhere I wrk at the grocery store and white people collectively are on point and very confusing and white females are the sly ones playing the sexism game; they are creating divisions amongst the black male and female. One example: I was on a break and walked to the deli: a white female (she is tall and big boned) with a black male just got done getting their food and as they leave the white female comes comes on my side as I am walking towards and expects me to move; she says excuse me, I dont move, she moves away from me and as she walks away calls me a bitch; I stress reacted and replied “No you’re a bitch”, the black male looks back at me and keeps walking behind her…there is a home for single moms across the street from where I reside and they are full of white females who get welfare funds and have non-white children, they shop at the same grocery store too. 95% are white and a handful 5% are black…this is in area where high concentrations of black people/other non-whites live.

  7. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Wow…that’s quite a neuromachine the creator gave you to use…glad it’s on the white team…

  8. For sure it reminds me of Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs. Since the racist/white supremacists have made it hard for nonwhites especially black people to meet the higher needs we settle for SEX. It’s cheap (hell sometimes free) and it doesn’t require a lot. The racists/white supremacists take advantage of that when they are hunting for their darker flavor of the week.

  9. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Whew!! I could not agree more or say it better!!!! It’s so important for less confused females to bring clarity on the 8th area-1st/2nd most motivating force.

  10. I so agree! Black pawns have been retarded to think that “the white queen” likes them because she is using them as dildos and is now taking the frame of the black woman.
    Her only reasoning of getting butt implants, injections is to sustain her position of worship. I suspect once black males and females decide they are going to work it out and “love” and respect one another it will have a domino affect on other nonwhite groups. The racist female and male understands very well that black people loving and respecting one another means the gig is almost up. This was shown before the feminist movement when black people were talking about “black love. But as of now black males and females haven’t acted out love and respect yet.

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