A Word to the Wise. Tim Wise, that is.

Mr. Timothy Wise

When the renowned “anti-racist” speaker and writer was on the C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy) radio show last Sunday, I got a chance to ask him a few questions. One of them was the following: Are you willing to share your speaking fees with one or more persons who are not white who are attempting counter-racist work so that your family’s standard of living is comparable to that of the average black “family?” I asked him to simply answer “yes” or “no.”

He said “no.” Of course, he ignored my request not to append additional words. Mr. Wise unzipped his file entitled “Buckets o’ Words” and began downloading them on me. The essence of his explanation for declining to share his family’s income with a black survival unit was that it would make his own children into “victims” without having any effect on the system of racism /white supremacy. He said that, until large numbers of white people are willing to share in a reasonable manner or forced by the”government” to do so, he’d just continue doling out a little charity here and there.

By that reasoning, wouldn’t it have been correct for a plantation owner to decline to release his slaves—and their offspring— until a whole lot of other owners were forced to do so by a group of white people pointing guns and cannons? And, anyway, the white people doing the forcing would have to voluntarily engage in such a show of force so that other white people comply. Why isn’t Mr. Wise motivated to —voluntarily—give up his unjust advantage r i g h t— n o w?

Tim Wise is building upon the original work of Neely Fuller, Jr, a black male, who has been speaking and writing on this subject for more than 40 years with much greater clarity and precision than Wise. Mr. Fuller does not reside in a style anywhere close to the Wise family. It is not plausible that Wise does not know this. So, Mr. Wise, please start sending Mr. Fuller his cut.


24 Responses to “A Word to the Wise. Tim Wise, that is.”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for the constructive information, madam/sir.

  2. Tim Wise is a hypocrite Says:

    According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, Tim Wise lives in a house worth $639,300. The neighborhood he lives in, in Census Tract 134, is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK.

    Tim Wise is a hypocrite.

    Look him up for yourself:

    Current Property Mailing Address
    State TN
    Address 4405 WESTLAWN DR
    Zip 37209

    You can find the racial makeup (97& white, zero percent black) of Tim Wise’s neighborhood in Census Tract 134 by using the “Mapping America” webpage from the New York Times, just enter in his address that I have provided above:


    Tim Wise is a hypocrite. He gets rich off of creating racial division and he doesn’t practice what he preaches. “Diversity for thee, but not for me” seems to be Tim Wise’s real motto.

  3. Hi Cree, I just put another comment for you on my blog http://helptransfer.wordpress.com, thoughts on finding leads for you, how to find people to support your effort against incarceration. I applaud you. k

  4. p.s. My own vision of voluntary transfer of income, and my own concept of a systematic method of implementation, is on the site. But I don’t think it’s what you intended in your iteration of the idea, and I apologize for that. kk

  5. Hi Cree, I understand about the needs of one’s offspring.

    Whenever you have a chance to read this, the helptransfer site is not good. I will be taking it down and starting over.

    The site is mainly a testament to my incompetence on this project so far, vague implementation, bad writing, not much interest or traffic, and my own bossy nature of rushing into something without enough information.

    Cree, may I ask,What is your vision for the voluntary transfer of income?

    What systematic method do you have in mind, for facilitating the transfer of income?

    You used those phrases, “voluntary transfer of income” and “systematic method” and I ran with them like a bull in a china shop, not asking more about your concept. Maybe that’s a white arrogance trait, maybe it’s just a personal arrogance trait!

    And I’m confused if you even mean money being transferred? Or just the things that money can buy?

    I didn’t ask you, partly because I wanted to be helpful and didn’t want to ask you to input anything. I thought I should get the work done without bothering you.

    And finally, would you like to write a guest post to submit for the site Stuff White People Do, along with my possible post? — on the topic of voluntary wealth transfer?

    Macon was very encouraging in an email, for me to try to write a guest post. I contacted him, asking him for help, to get traffic coming to the helptransfer site, specifically white people who would want to give money. He is willing to promote the site, but I don’t want him to promote the site as it stands now. This is a lot of work, but this is the next step, getting your clarification of vision before launching a better site.

    Thank you, Karen

  6. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Ms. Kentworthy, I have not yet visited that site. though I intend to. I am, for the next few weeks, deluged with tasks in support of my offspring. Thanks for your work on this project. I will take a look as soon as as can and will respond with any comments I think are constructive.

  7. Hi Cree, have you been to the helptransfer blog? Do you have any thoughts? Mr. Fuller was kind of discouraging on the phone this morning, about my ability to really make it into something, advised me to just join another group that is already doing something similar. I take peoples’ adivce into consideration, then use my own mind, of course.

    I am not aware of any group doing something similar to what my helptransfer blog site could potentially do, but I need to find out if there are others. I’ll post their names here if I find others.

    A lot of groups work for government reparations, which is not what my site is about… and a lot of groups do services, philanthropy, give tuition, give valuable things like that, but I haven’t seen a site like I set up, with three part strategy:

    1) an appeal for direct money transfer from white people to black people, an appeal for exchange of personal services, and an appeal for people to help me list all groups and resources that give/do any giving/help, resources which are out there but are often not promoted or known.

    When I was up at Woodland Terrace in D.C., I saw such a need for help, I saw groups giving that help elsewhere, but there was no connection to Woodland Terrace because people didn’t know how to access those resources and organizations. I tried to be a middle man.

    Mr. Fuller is trying to help me, I am thinking about his advice. He is right to be worried about my putting any money into it, but I don’t want to give up on my blog project, yet, though not much traffic is going to my blog yet. I did get an invitation from the guy who runs the site Stuff White People Do, to write a guest post about the project, and he might post it, which would bring traffic.

    Anyway, that’s what’s going on. If you have any feedback after having been to the site, ways it could be more helpful, ways to get traffic, that would be so welcome, but I don’t want you to be in a position of commenting if you don’t want to, on the site. Anyway, many thanks for the inspiration in the first place, thanks, Karen

  8. Hi Cree, I started a new blog that is specifically and only for the grassroots, private wealth-and-services transfer idea. The URL is http://helptransfer.wordpress.com

    The other blog, the thankpress.wordpress.com blog was admittedly unfocused, and too mangled with personal posts and promoting the transfer idea at the same time. I may delete that thankpress blog or just use it for a personal blog.

    In any case, I could really use help and suggestions on the helptransfer blog, starting with the title, if anyone can suggest a better one. If anyone wants to give any suggestions, all are welcome. I’m still winging this fledgling idea as I go along. I hope a lot of white and non-white people will come in and help and smarter minds will lead me on this. I give all credit to you on this, you really got this encouraged. Thank you so much!!
    thanks always, hope to hear any ideas on the helptransfer blog, Karen

  9. It’s http://www.thankpress.wordpress.com
    Now that I have a username on wordpress – (my username is fuothe) it seems like it’s harder to post here.

    I tried posting here once yesterday under Karen Kenworthy but wordpress used fuothe/Karen. Then the post disappeared, which is ok because Ibgot thru the second time.

    Hope this is the correct way to say my blog title, not sure about these technical things — it’s http://www.thankpress.wordpress.com

    Cree, sincerely thanks for helping me spread the word re grassroots transfer, it’s still a work in progress and I’ll update on my blog with the progress and instructions for people interested! Thank you, Cree.

  10. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Ms. Kentworthy,

    What is the url of your blog?

  11. Just posted the private, grassroots wealth transfer, reparations idea, on my blog. Emailed it to Ferrell Winfree at CURE. It’s an idea launched on its way now! I mentioned your inspiring the idea, in the blog post. thank you. Can you spread the word to anyone who wants to sign up to be matched up with a white family who believes in the idea, they could start emailing my blog, might as well start this. Hopefully I’ll get white people starting to sign up.

  12. Hi Cree, I finally got my blog up and running. It’s http://www.thankpress.wordpress.com. (I keep accidentally typing in thinkpress rather than thankpress, which is okay because there’s a good site at thinkpress! 🙂 You may not agree with much of anything I write on my blog, if you read there. That’s okay with me, I’m open to any points of view. I’m still learning!, as Mr. Fuller says. My first post is about going to Tim Wise’s lecture the other night. Mr. Fuller advised me not to ask Tim about the wealth transfer idea there, at the lecture, because it wouldn’t be the best time for his full attention, so I’m going to write a post about the idea and send it to him with an email. Hope he responds. If he doesn’t, I’ll call in the next time he’s on one of your or Gus’s shows. Thank you, Cree. Karen

  13. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Dear Mr. Kentworthy,

    Please DO post a link to your blog here when you have it. And, of course, I will be looking forward to your update on the voluntary wealth transfer project in 1 month. I hope that will include responses form Time Wise and the folks at CURE.



  14. Karen Kenworthy Says:

    Hey Cree, I think I should post updates on the wealth transfer grassroots idea, and other thoughts on racism, on my own blog rather than updating here as a regular thing–

    — mainly because otherwise I will end up inundating you too much!! if I post here! — and today Mr. Fuller said something about pushing myself where I wasn’t wanted, when I wrote on thecode.net. He said he didn’t know if that was the case, but maybe it was. It was confusing.

    I also don’t want to do what you talked about, where you said that white people sometimes divide and create conflict between black people. In telling Mr. Fuller about talking on your radio show and posting here, I just felt I could be wrong or getting gossipy, and he doesn’t want that, and that isn’t very good.

    I started talking to him and writing to him years ago, and he always made it clear that he didn’t see me the same way he sees non-white people. I feel that philosophy dehumanizes white people in a way, and yet I know he doesn’t see it that way. I need to explore that on my blog.

    I want to post that thought, and all my experiences and thoughts, on my blog about racism and my experiences, in getting to know my own mind and concepts on racism white supremacy and justice.

    Also, I will then turn my blog into a book, hopefully. I need to do something tangible with my life, like a book.

    I really identifed with something you said on Prof. Wilkinson’s show, when you said your parents were in a higher socioeconomic situation than you are now, despite your having a top education.

    In your case it is white supremacy racism that has been a factor. I don’t know what it has been in my case. I went to a top university, too, but have not achieved nearly the socioeconomic level my parents did. You are obviously extremely well educated, in your thoughts/speech it comes across so beautifully. I love listening to your shows.

    So I will get set up with a blog, about race issues. I’m itching to write, and writing here to you got me started, thank you. If you like, I will post the link to my blog here.

    Just one update which I’m going to write on my blog, I’ll go ahead and write it here – I asked one man today what he thought of the grassroots wealth transfer idea.

    He is Jewish, considers himself and his family white, and he said that his brother-in-law gets $20,000 a year from the Austrian government, as reparations for the holocaust (the man was a child in Austria during the holocaust, and he lost most of his family members).

    This man said that it would be RIGHT, to do that in this country for African Americans, but that everyone knows that that kind of money will never happen because of the numbers of recipients, and the bankrupt state of our economy. He said, though, that it should be done.

    Just one perspective, he said that he thought the private grassroots wealth transfer was a great idea, but only a token and a symbol in the form of my initial 1% idea, not enough money to make it worth much, money-wise, but that the symbolism was good.

    I will keep on with the idea, to give it thought and input from others, and update you here in a month, as well as on my blog if you like.

    I might go to hear Tim Wise tomorrow night at Cal Poly, and I’ll try to ask him that question, what he thinks of a grassroots wealth transfer idea, and if he would help me with it. And my next call is to CURE, Caucausians United for Reparations, I’ll check them out with the idea.

    Thanks! thanks for the inspiration. You seem like a really really committed, inspiring, nice person, and keep me posted re if you DO want me to post any updates from my blog to here once I get it started, and any thing else you might need from an old tired fat white woman who really does want justice!

    And one maybe odd thing that meant a lot to me — Thanks for saying to Mr. Wilkinson, which I could tell touched him, what you said about fat people. It meant a lot to me, as someone fat, that if you saw me, from what you said, you would no longer think I don’t have self control, you would think I was carrying my stress and cortisol in my apple shaped belly. That was very very kind. Thank you for the new eyes towards us women who struggle in that regard.

    And thank you for the new eyes you and Mr. Fuller help me to see with, in many ways. Anyway, thank you,
    Karen Kenworthy

    Karen Kenworthy

  15. Karen Kenworthy Says:

    Hi Cree, good morning!

    There’s a definite lack of clarity in what I wrote about Dr. Wilkinson!

    So, it’s not quite acurate to say I concluded anything about what Prof Wilkinson wants to participate in. I hard a hard time for one thing, understanding him very well.

    I may be wrong, but my impressions were that he said that what would help people the most is the implementation of his ideas laid out in his website and book and on your show, more policy initiatives than grassroots groups.

    My impression was that he was saying that many grassroots efforts have already been tried?

    I got the impression he wouldn’t think another grassroots effort would have as much effect as citizens lobbying for large policy initiatives on a national scale.

    But I may be wrong, you probably have a better interpretation and understanding of what he said. I wish now that I had asked a follow on to your question about grassroots efforts, and asked what he thought of direct transfer of money from white families to black families.

    My own concept of a grassroots movement is simple, but I didn’t know that Mr. Fuller felt money was less good to give than the things that money can buy, so I will rethink it!

    But I will write the idea that I had. It’s an idea, it is not yet a commitment.

    I need to state and emphasize that the only commitment I can make with honesty right now, is getting my health in order. That’s my focus, which I’m doing out here in California with its more progressive doctors, on money that is not mine, but my mother’s, so my focus and commitment for the next few months is to her investment in me.

    (Sharing knowledge is so important and I will share with anyone who wants or for their children, all my reserach and medical knowledge, all that I find/learn, specifiically about brain issues)

    But my idea is for a group of white people to start a grassroots movement of white families to share money/resources with black families.

    I think it’s imperative not to wait for the government because I learned that H.R. 40, a bill which Congressman Conyers has been introducing for years, calls only for studying, the possibility or advisability of reparations — and his call for study never gets out of committee.

    I think white families should join a private movement — maybe the movement could be called “WWW” — We Won’t Wait.

    Or “The One Percent Movement”. The idea is to have as many white families who will sign up, and each will be each matched with a black family, regardless of respective incomes of the families — it would be okay if the black family had more income, because it’s not about who has what now —
    — it’s about who was stolen from.

    (Another way to do it would be that the initial emphasis should be on the families who need it most, those families who live in government housing “projects”.)

    Each white family will give one percent of their income to the black family per year, initially to be tried for just one year– so if the white family’s income is $50,000, they would give $500 to the black family they are matched with.

    It’s obviously a very small amount of money, and a short trial of one year, but I think it’s the only doable way to start.

    Maybe that’s what Mr. Fuller means, that the things that money can buy rather than the money itself, might be more doable, and more valuable — like if white people donate things that would be worth a lot more, in money terms — like services, etc.

    Even though the amount of money is not much, the symbolism is what matters just initially, the symbol of getting a movement started that acknowledges the debt of white people to black people. The debt is far too large to ever be paid, so why not start.

    And there are millions of white people working on things every day and repaying that debt, in different ways.

    My idea is to start with the lowest percentage, one percent, of income of a white family to give to a black family with whom they are matched up. Start low to get people on board.

    I unfortunately think going up even to 2% of income to be given, would lose a lot of people who are struggling, from even considering the idea initially.

    I will ask around to other white people I know, and get their input, and report back, within a month. That’s a realistic timetable for me to promise.

    I would not attempt this myself on my own, but I would have to join with others more capable than myself — Cree, I hope I am being totally clear on what I can/can’t promise because I can’t make commitments I wouldn’t keep.

    What I can promise for now is I will, today, start talking to white people about this, as a first step. It may be a stupid idea according to others who will see flaws in my thinking. I don’t know, so I’ll start getting others’ feedback.

    The idea could also involve groups of black and white people meeting to share financial wisdom/knowledge in addition to money.

    My learning from you and Dr. Wilkinson is that equality makes things better for everyone so we will all be better off sharing, our talents and our disabilities, our resources and our needs, in money and in everything else.

  16. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Greetings Ms. Kentworthy,

    Thank you for tuning into and phoning the show yesterday. I am eager to hear about and to see your ideas implemented. As I am not a white person, my resources (including knowledge, materials, time and energy) and access to people with resources is light years away from almost any white person. Hence, I ask that you correspond with other white persons and report your progress here on this blog. Conflict between black people is something that Racist Man/Woman depend upon to run their system of mistreatment. And, agreeing to correspond w/ you privately would likely, in my judgment increase the probability of such conflict at this stage.

    Is it accurate to say that you concluded that Professor Wilkinson did not want to participate in an effort to immediately (within no more than one month) begin a voluntary transfer of income from white people to people who are not white AND to, within two months, build and implement a systematic method for doing so?

    For what it is worth, I agree with Mr. Fuller that, until black people develop more collective ability and heal from the sustained trauma we have experienced, black people will benefit MUCH more from being given the things that money can buy rather than the money itself.



  17. Karen Kenworthy Says:

    Hi Cree, I’m just now listening to the replay of the show and I just heard you mention that Mr. Kenworthy was going to call in but perhaps didn’t feel well and I laughed — That was me! — the woman who called in and asked two questions. I want to thank you so much for giving me the encouragement — and what felt like invitation, to call in, when you wrote me here on this blog. I was so nervous. I was thinking how there are so many things that cause the inferior feeling in anyone, the inequality feeling, and one for me is calling radio shows and getting flustered and not talking concisely, but I am so glad you got my brain cells going in a good direction with causing me to read up on his website last night and listen to the show today and call in. Calling in as nervous as it makes people, causes more brain cell involvement in a radio show, in my experience. So thank you for all of these encouragements. I was so glad when you asked Dr. Wilkinson about the grassroots idea. I was trying to think what to ask him about that idea, but I decided after his answer to you, that he wasn’t going to have a lot more to say about it. I would like to pursue that idea with you and any white people and black people who want to pursue it! More ideas on it are bubbling in my head, and would it be better if I email you directly or is posting here better? Thanks, Karen Kenworthy

  18. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Ms. Kentworthy, looking forward to your call. The needs of EVERYONE, including white spouses of retirees with no other income than that of the pensions of their spouses, should and can be met in a system of justice. Justice and racism/white supremacy cannot exist simultaneously in the same universe.

    I have found Mr. Fuller and other non-white people to be very generous in sharing his knowledge with other persons in the effort to replace the system of racism/white supremacy with a system justice. When an effective number of white persons apply the same level of generosity, the objective will be quickly met.

  19. Karen Kenworthy Says:

    Thank you!! I’ll call in. I listened live once on blogtalk radio, it was to one of Gus’s programs. It will be interesting to listen to hear what Mr. Wilkinson thinks of (what I think is your idea if I understand it), the idea that white families give money directly as a percentage of income, to black families with less income due to white supremacy/racism. I want to understand what policy initiatives he believes in. My sister, too, is interested because she gives to native American families, in the past giving a percentage of her income, though she can’t now. Your style is to ask much more in depth questions. One question that’s in my mind now, is how people would figure a percentage of income to give, because people have to factor in not just current income but their saving for the future… for example, in my case, my husband is 70 and when he dies, his Air Force pension dies with him, which is our main source of income. So if I were to make a commitment to giving on a percentage basis, I would have to figure in my future years, and I haven’t worked so I don’t have any retirement income or social security of my own. So I’m scared of the future, but I always want to help others yet without being in a position of others having to help me later. So I am someone who gives here and there but couldn’t make a percentage commitment as things stand now, but hopefully I can work. I have one idea, helping each other learn financial knowledge in grassroots groups. Mr. Fuller told me once to look into a Roth IRA for a secure future — he is one example of someone very generous with sharing knowledge with everyone black or white. I think both black and white people who have been smart financially need to give a percentage of their knowledge, 100%. But usually it’s the reverse, people hiding financial knowledge.

  20. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Dear Ms. Kentworthy,

    Thank you for your offer. If it is acceptable to you, I would like to accept your offer after I have established a PayPal account. Further, I hope other white people will, as you suggested, offer constructive help to black people. If you are able, I request that you listen live and call into the CREE radio show I am doing Sunday. 05/09/10, with Richard Wilkinson, the co-author of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone. I will be asking Mr. Wilkinson, a white man, if a project to quickly and efficiently do as you suggest will be the major project of his Equality Trust. And, if he will not commit to that, there are so many other white people who can get the job done if they have the will. Thank you again for the offer and for the health advice. I hope that your health improves soon.


  21. Karen Kenworthy Says:

    I think that Tim didn’t think through all the angles… “oh no, a third of my income” rather than, “yes, I will do what I can, it may not be a third, but something.”

    He said he does give to others right now, but not in your idea of the percentage of his speaking fees.

    I am in a precarious financial situation right now, due to a lot of stupidity partly, and am having medical tests to get my health in order so I can be more able to work. But I am so grateful to have a family who is helping me with the costs of the medical things that insurance won’t pay for, like hyperbaric oxygen treatments for brain injury, which is something so many young black kids with cerebral palsy or autism would be helped by, even though it’s a controversial treatment. By far middle class white kids are being helped, and it’s $150 a session.

    I would like to send you a check just to start the ball rolling to inspire others like Tim if it would help you just a little with your daughter with seizures. You might also look into the hyperbaric oxygen for her, it heals a lot of brain conditions, or at least helps them.

    Is there a way I can send you a check? I know you don’t want to give your name or address. I could send it through Mr. Fuller as I used to do with someone. I don’t have the same extra money I did then, and I now know how that feels, but my family is helping me so I want to help you and start a ball rolling for others to step in too.

    My email is kendrickkenworthy@yahoo.com

  22. ronnie brown Says:

    when you click on the subject title on each blog subject, you get the subject matter and the replies on the same page…you should have a “share” button at the bottom of each subject so someone can link by subject as well as the entire blog…

  23. “Mr. Wise unzipped his file entitled “Buckets o’ Words” and began downloading them on me.”

    LOL He’s an expert at that ,lol.

    Large numbers of people are more than one individual. It only takes one person to start a movement for others to follow and he is not even willing to take the first step….surprise surprise,lol.

    I thought it was hilarious when he talked about his children being effected by the system. I was thinking yeah of course because suspected racist mommy and admitted racist daddy ain’t doing sh!t. They are just talking not walking.

    The program was very entertaining. It’s on my list of top listen because it evidences the admitted racist known as Tim Wise true commitment in replacing white supremacy with justice.

  24. ronnie brown Says:

    wise words…cuts like a knife.

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