The Hurt Locker: Pay-back’s a B!tch

Racist Man & Racist Woman. They never forget and they never forgive.

The Hurt Locker made less money at the box office than any film ever to win Best Picture of the Motion Picture Academy. Why was it judged best picture? I’ll bet Spike Lee knows.

Sergeant J.T. Sanborn is a character that begins the film as a confident, stoic warrior in Iraq who understands his equipment and has mastered the regulations connected with it. Here’s the most memorable dialogue of the film. It occurs near the start. (Sanborn is a black male. Thompson is a white male. ):

Sergeant JT Sanborn: I can’t get it in.

Sgt. Matt Thompson: What do you mean you can’t get it in? Pretend it’s your dick.

Sergeant JT Sanborn: How about I pretend it’s your dick?

Sgt. Matt Thompson: Well in that case you’ll never get it in.

Thompson is killed in battle not long after that exchange.

Midway through the film, we learn that Sanborn has a girl back in the states who is pressuring him to have a baby. But Sanborn has made a man -agement decision that he is not ready (or, he thought he had made that decision). By the film’s end, Sanborn snivels to the real man, staff sergeant William James (played by white actor Jeremy Renner) that he wants to go home and have a baby. This scene occurs after Sanborn has been ridden and humiliated by James in a supposed drunken punching-turned-wrestling contest of manhood.

Sgt. Sanborn, the surrogate female, is played by Anthony Mackie. Why was Anthony Mackie chosen to play this role? Payback’s a b!tch. Mackie was cast as John Henry “Jack” Johnson in Spike Lee’s 2005 film, She Hate Me.

John Henry. Check.

Jack Johnson. Check.

Johnson. Got one? Got access to one? Do you need to check?

Johnson’s J o h n s o n impregnates a large stable of lesbians of all shades, and shapes (mostly very attractive) but includes one or more white women. He is chosen because of his superior qualities—Harvard grad and former biotech executive and his, well, good physical equipment. Johnson is paid $10,000 per pregnancy. It’s hard work. But hey, he’s John Henry. He knocks it out like Jack Johnson.

Why was Jeremy Renner chosen to ride/emasculate Mackey?

That’s Renner above, in the film, Neo Ned. Such practical jokers, Racist Man and Racist Woman. Can’t you take a joke? Ooops, I know the answer to that. Under the system of racism (white supremacy), I am the joke. I’m a black person. You can pick up one of my models for a lot less than $10, 000. As low as $2.99.

8 Responses to “The Hurt Locker: Pay-back’s a B!tch”

  1. Hey Cree! Good to see you. I have check up on you every once in awhile. I’m doing really good. I had a great 2017. I hope you did as well. I wish you much success in 2018. I hope your family is doing well also. Take care👍🏿

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you and you’re welcome, Kushite Prince!!! Hope you are well.

  3. Great analysis CREE! I’m not sure how I missed this post. Thanks for this upload.

  4. “So, interestingly, like Dr. Dana Carney, she too bleached her hair blonde. Guess she wanted a little more of that “privilege”.”

    Maybe so, but there is also a more practical aspect; its an easier way to cover gray hair.

    Gray hairs stand out less in blonde hair, which means less visits to the salon and less chemicals…

    Just sayin.

  5. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Another great catch, LaSmartOne. Sure can tell you do science….

  6. Here’s a photo of Anna Uhls, the videojournalist who shot this segment:

    I happened across what I believe is her high school yearbook picture on Facebook through a Google Image search and in that photo she has dark hair. , first row, fifth picture

    So, interestingly, like Dr. Dana Carney, she too bleached her hair blonde. Guess she wanted a little more of that “privilege”.

  7. Before I came across Gus and you, CREE, I don’t think I would have had a larger context to put stories like this. Now I know why this is a news story:

    Not only is he a pole dancer, but he announces that he is five years celibate.

    Suspect all white people of practicing racism/white supremacy.

  8. I do NOT like Hurt Locker. It’s so disgusting that it took me some talking to my self to get through it. I really hate seeing war movies when I know the war is just a battle in the war against nonwhites (racism/white supremacy).

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