Five (more) Lies Black People Have Been Led to Believe About Ourselves

Racist Man and Racist Woman have knowingly and continually libeled and slandered black people with the following untrue statements. The propaganda has been so effective, that black people have, ourselves, devoted great amounts of time to thinking, talking and acting to solve problems that do not exist. Here are five really big energy-gobbling lies.

We use and/or sell illegal drugs and alcohol more than other people.
State, federal, and non-profit organizations have published numerous studies over the last two decades showing that black people do not use or sell illegal drugs or alcohol more than anyone else. Much of our time and energy is mistakenly spent explaining how we use these drugs to “self-medicate” for the trauma we have sustained as a result of the direct and/or indirect mistreatment by Racist Man/Woman. The mistreatment and trauma are real and it manifests in other ways such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, disrupted logic faculties, etc.. However, our threshold for coping without “self-medication” (pain tolerance) is, evidently, astoundingly higher than that of white people, on average. Black youth aged 15-24 are significantly less likely to use and sell illegal drugs than white youth. Yet, black youth are filling up the prisons and jails for no other reason than the desire of Racist Man and Racist Woman to inflict more pain upon them. This particular lashing will, in all likelihood, burn for a lifetime because these black persons will for a lifetime be denied jobs, housing, student aid, and food assistance because they will wear the badge of “felon” for being falsely or accurately charged with engaging in the same behavior that many more white youth have engaged in but not arrested and/or prosecuted. These white youth will go on to productive, often influential and lucrative careers. (This is on top of the fact that a white man with a criminal record is more likely to be hired with the same credentials as a black male with NO criminal record.)

Further, despite our dire deprivation of basic needs, we do not sell illegal drugs more than white people. Nor do we, at any greater rate than white people, sell them in open-air spaces that are easier for enforcement officials to spot and stop. And, and, and, despite the crowding of liquor stores in the areas we are herded, we do not abuse alcohol more than white people.

For the males: We have no regard for our duties to attempt to father our offspring.
Though we have less ability to do that because of the facts discussed above, we are MORE likely than white men to maintain contact with offspring when we cannot reside in the same place as them . So, we can stop all the theorizing about how the forced anonymous breeding activities during slavery have had a multi-generational effect on our attitudes toward the responsibilities of “fatherhood.” DESPITE the fact that Racist Man and Racist Woman are the functional parents of all black people until the system of racism/white supremacy has been eliminated, we’re trying…more than white males who do not reside with their children (not to mention those children that Racist Man created when trashing black females in sexual intercourse).

We do not value scholastic achievement
The truth: we are more likely to be involved in the school/academic activities of our offspring than white parents. Lot’s of salaries are paid for black people to crank out seminars and newsletters about the importance of the “parent-school partnership.” This is time and energy devoted to problems that do not exist. This pleases Racist Man/Woman.

We are “financially illiterate” and we refuse to save our money preferring to “floss.”
This, we’re told, is a prime reason we cannot buy houses or keep good credit scores. The truth is that black people have demonstrated that we do as well as white people in managing money at every level of income. We save at higher rates than white people. We just have less money. White people give money to us to promote “financial literacy programs” but Racist Man/Woman make sure we don’t have adequate employment, income, or wealth.

Our males are violent towards each other because they do not value black life.
Uhhh, no.— that would be many white enforcement officials who severely charge and punish people who are suspected/convicted of murders and rapes of white people but slap the wrists of those convicted of such crimes against black people. White and black males have the same rate of violent crime at the same employment rates. Both black and white males get downright mean when they cannot support themselves and/or their offspring and/or mates. But, white males and females are mean to black people just about all the time. And, no ma’am/sir, it ain’t all “institutional.” I get mistreated by a white person who does so consciously at least every other day. A future post is coming on that.

RWSWJ ASAP (Replace white supremacy with justice as soon as possible.)

A Few Links for Reference

“The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander


Parent involvement in school


Race, Wealth, and Intergenerational Poverty by Darrick Hamilton and William Darity Jr. in The American Prospect (September 16, 2009)


Michelle Alexander and William Darity have both been guests on my radio program, CREE Radio


5 Responses to “Five (more) Lies Black People Have Been Led to Believe About Ourselves”

  1. I had to put this one on Twitter! Great post Cree! Truth never gets

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Everybody can google just like me …but I’ve added links the post for those less motivated regardless of intent….

  3. Annonymous Says:

    What are your sources, if any, for all of this information?

  4. LOL what a crock of nigger babble

  5. Freedom Turner Greenlee Williams Says:

    Asante Sister CREE for this explanation. These are all things I’m aware of but it makes it easy for someone who is mis-informed to dissect and digest this information. You are appreciated!


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