Break-up & Never Make-up: The Racist Plan for Black Couples

Today, my black male partner, Sonny, and I decided to splurge on some gourmet coffee before heading out to the beach. As of about two weeks ago, we would try to enjoy our coffee at a particular local coffee house— find a plush chair to read or a table to play chess— which Sonny wins 19 out of 20 times (I trounce him in scrabble).

Anyway, today was the third time I waited outside while Sonny purchased our drinks. And, the third time was a charm. Upon handing me my drink, Sonny reported that the tone and behavior of the white female baristas and white male owner were the most courteous of all the times we have patronized the place. Clearly, the white persons involved are pleased with the new equilibrium of Sonny and I acknowledging the refined Jim Crow arrangement. Sonny and I have a well-established history of being mistreated at this place which includes having extra shots added to drinks ordered decaffeinated; refusing to replenish water pitchers when asked until— with the staff watching—we asked white people to request the water; not being offered ceramic mugs customarily offered to white people until questioned with precision, etc. This is a consistent phenomenon everywhere Sonny and I go together. He and I are almost always treated much better by persons who are not black when we are alone than when we are together…We got the message a couple of years ago. If it’s something important to our survival, we know to not show up together.

May 2010 Issue of Heart & Soul Magazine

Black coupling requires one functional black male and one functional black female. As said before in my post on Michael Jackson, “White Supremacists (Racists) do not promote black males attempting to be men. As Neely Fuller has said, there are only THREE CHOICES offered to a black male: a boy, a wild animal that entertains when not caged, and/or a pretend female.” For doubters, maybe this will help. I really hope the magazine pictures and captions are self-explanatory because having to narrate and explain further would be torture for me.

From the May 2010 issue of BUST---a magazine by and for white females.

May 2010 Issue of BUST--a magazine by and for white females

From May 2010 issue of BUST--- a magazine by and for white females.

This is a black male in the celebrated New Orleans Sissy Bounce Rapper Trend. May 2010 issue of BUST---a magazine by and for white females.

Black male Sex Toy for White females---May 2010 issue of BUST, a magazine by and for white females.

* Note: in this May 2010 issue of BUST, there is a testimony about how Elvis Presley was a “lousy lay” with a disappointing phallus.


4 Responses to “Break-up & Never Make-up: The Racist Plan for Black Couples”

  1. ….funny, I have never been jumped and/or robbed by a white person…but I have been robbed several times.

  2. Wow!!! It disturbs me to hear that you all have to experience such mistreatment. I never dated while I was in San Diego, so I never had the misfortune to be mistreated in that manner. I am disappointed in the white people at the coffee shop. I suppose that most of the blatant racism I have experienced was not in San Diego- perhaps they are much more refined there.

    The magazine!!?? Ughhhh! I am not being inundated with the sissi-fication of black males every where I turn ( especially on the television ) and it is deplorable. If Tracy Morgan were in a dress, I wouldn’t blink. A male friend told me that he was propositioned by him in some manner. Seriously, everywhere that I turn, perversion of normal male – female roles and sexuality is being HEAVILY promoted. I believe that there is a conscious and deliberate effort to DESTROY all societal norms, except for the newly promoted dysfunctional ones.

    Very informative post.
    Thank you.

  3. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    “It’s fine for there to be gay black males.”….”It’s fine for there to be blind black males”…Ms. Kentworthy, you are chalking up quite a record of unhelpful/harmful statements and acts/omissions.

    1.Your first post on my blog was an explanation as to why Tim Wise’s response to my question was not an act of racism/white supremacy.

    2. You did not make good on your commitment to ask Dr. Wilkinson on my radio program about voluntary reparations.

    3. You declined to report progress on your efforts to get other white people to make voluntary compensatory investments in black people on this blog. You said you would do so on your own blog.

    4. When my compensatory investment request was pending on your site, you invited me to dinner which would require you traveling over 250 miles. I did not immediately respond and you then informed me that you would “go ahead and post my request.”

    6. You said that you were dismantling your blog for voluntary wealth transfer to concentrate on healing the illness that your mother is paying for while you are in Central California (you reside on the east coast). This treatment is in a private facility not covered by insurance.

    7. You attended a meeting of a group called AWARE though you said you needed to concentrate on healing. Subsequent to that meeting you posted on this blog that “It’s fine for there to be gay black males”

    Ms. Kentworthy, I suspect that you are consciously practicing racism/white supremacy and that you are seeking out with enthusiasm opportunities to do so. I will likely remove any further posts you place on this blog—-white people permitting.

  4. I went to a meeting of white anti racists yesterday, AWARE (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere). We went around the circle and had to say if we wanted to be called”he” or “she”, in respect for LGBT issues. I think people sometimes confuse LGBT issues with what you’re experiencing. It’s fine for there to be gay black males, as there are white gays (my opinion). What is white supremacy at it’s most threatening is the feminizing of the sSTRAIGHT black males. So that they can’t protect and provide for females and have good relationships like yours. But it’s happening in the Gulf now with the endocrine disruptor dispersant, to sea life, (if any survive.) Is there any connection with the environmental estrogens in pesticides, men of color are exposed more.

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