Enforcement official in Seattle, WA punches a 17 year-old black female in the face.

The video of the enforcement official’s action in Seattle is so readily available that I need not post a link to it.

It is notable that several black persons can be seen recording the event with their phone-cameras. But, when you look at the picture above and at your googled video footage, you will see white persons watching but not recording. White people have very smart phones built to record every moment they wish… All the white eye-witnesses I spot at this scene are female. To my knowledge, these white females said nothing. These white females did nothing. Except observe— Perhaps with supervision.

Racist Woman, it appears, is instructing/permitting Racist Man to become more directly violent with black females. Racist Woman is very savage and very stealthy. See her standing there with arms crossed and purse on shoulder? When her in/actions are questioned, she will likely generate cold tears, red eyes, and a red nose. Seekers of justice should not be deterred by such a display.


  1. Excellent Observation Cree. I did not notice that either.

  2. Thanks for that observation Cree. I had not picked that up from the videos on line that I saw.

  3. Counter-Racism Engineer Says:

    Yes. A very constructive piece, Edward. I encourage all readers of this blog to review the work linked in your comment.

  4. This kind of behavior has been going on for centuries. The less refined racists (white supremacists) use violence in their mistreatment, misuse and/or abuse of people THEY SAY are not white (non-white).

    What should non-white people do?

    Don’t give enforcement officials ANY reason to use this kind of behavior on YOU. I wrote an article years ago about what to say and what to do if you are pulled over by enforcement officials when driving. It can be found at:

    Hopefully you will find THE LOGIC of what to say and do in that article. If not please do not hesitate to ask questions at

  5. They are the mothers of these guys, they’ve nurtured and trained them. She refuses to fall, so she pushes him to do what he was taught! However, she hold her stillness, her soft, quiets demeanor in tact. What our Brotha’s don’t understand is she HATES the Black female! In her mind there is and always will be competition and our men are too blind to see it!

  6. Just as I read this post, I hear on the radio that Seattle police are DEFENDING the violence against the teenaged black female by suspected white supremacist “law enforcement” officer, Ian P. Welsh.

    I can’t help but wonder how many racists want to do the same thing to the first lady, Michelle Obama?

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