Sherrod, Jealous, Obama: Color, Bloodletting & Snookering

When NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous apologized to Shirley Sherrod for denouncing her comments on the infamous edited video referenced below, he used the word “snookered” to mean “tricked.” I almost used it, too, with the same intended meaning . But, knowing that racism (white supremacy) is maintained mostly by words, I researched it and found the following:

Snooker is a form of billiards wherein a player must shoot the white cue ball into a red ball worth 1 point before being allowed to score points by shooting one of five other colored balls ranging in point value from 1 to 7. The greatest point value is assigned the black ball. Interestingly, the pink ball has the second highest point value of 6.

The cue (white) ball is called “snookered” when it can’t get a straight shot to a blood-colored ball or to another not-white ball after, first shooting a blood-colored ball.

So, white supremacists (racists) strive never to be snookered. That is, they strive to always be able to harm people who are not white. I suspect that’s what the red balls are about. I suspect that’s what the profitability of shooting ranges is about. Black people should always be trying to snooker white supremacists (racists). Apparently, the white supremacist (racists) have conceived of or experienced one or more ways they can be snookered. People who are not white should calculate all such ways.

Shirley Sherrod has been exonerated of being a “black racist.” When she was an employee of a non-profit organization 24 years ago, Sherrod was captured on video saying she once contemplated not giving help to a white farmer because of the history of mistreatment of black farmers by white persons; including a long history of this mistreatment by white persons in the federal agency from which she was recently fired , the USDA. The video had been edited to exclude comments that explained why she decided, after-all, to help this same white farmer.

The key term of this cunningly crafted controversy is being hammered, by repetition, into common use: “black racist.” Even though the ONLY functional form of racism in the known universe is white supremacy, we’re speaking—with serious, stern faces– about a non-functional entity called “black racism.”…. This is how deceitful definitions that serve the global system of white supremacy (racism) become “commonly accepted” —- no matter how inaccurate and illogical.

Another example of meanings that are crafted to serve the system of racism (white supremacy) is “white person.” I was told last week by a white person that the commonly accepted definition of “white person” is a person with peach skin. Then he told me that the system of white supremacy is not what makes a person white (or black), it is —you guessed it—white skin. It mattered not that both he and I acknowledged that we had never seen a person with white skin and that we agreed that white skin would be the color of the paper sitting in most people’s printer. White is peach. Brown is black. You See?

When learning of any current debate, I try to remember the deftly crafted confusion about the merits or demerits of “affirmative action.” (All action is affirmative.) Confusion is the fuel of racism (white supremacy).

The vessel of confusion in the Sherrod story is the discussion about the misleading edits of the video of Sherrod’s remarks. When the story emerged, the deceptive editing was almost certainly known by white people connected to all the major news networks. And, it is also likely that some of these same white persons are now acting indignant about it. The airing of the edited tape, the “discovery” of its selective editing, and the false indignities were likely all part of a planned script whose only purpose was to make the deceitful term “black racism” commonly accepted. This is a sign that some scientific counter-racism is taking hold amongst black people. It is becoming increasingly common for black people to use the term, “racism (white supremacy)“; said together to emphasize that white supremacy is the only functional form of racism in the known universe. Frequently broadcasting the term “black racism” , especially through the denunciation of it by black folks, is an engineering project by Racist Man and Racist Woman to combat the effect of the more accurate term: racism(white supremacy).

As long as this system exists, whatever black people do , whether correct or incorrect, is a reaction to racism (white supremacy). Please, please, try not to let the racist (white supremacists) trick you into thinking, speaking and/or acting as if “black r—-m” actually exists. They may bully you. Since they reign supreme right now, they may bully you into firing or denouncing another black person and then they may bully you into apologizing for firing or denouncing that same person. But, please join me in the effort to reduce the amount of successful word trickery by racist white supremacists. White supremacy (racism) cannot exist without deceit.

Google produces 1.25 million images about snooker. The following nine images have helped me see even more clearly what I’m looking at as I gaze around the matrix <that is racism (white supremacy).

From Wikipedia: Billiards had been a popular activity amongst British Army officers stationed in India, and variations on the more traditional billiard games were devised…The word snooker also has military origins, being a slang term for first-year cadets or inexperienced personnel.


6 Responses to “Sherrod, Jealous, Obama: Color, Bloodletting & Snookering”

  1. john…

    […]Sherrod, Jealous, Obama: Color, Bloodletting & Snookering « Cree7's Blog[…]…

  2. oops, I’m sorry CREE. I forgot that I said that. I had only read your article one time, when I posted that comment. Upon reading it a second time I got that it was your main point. I did blog about the same point, though. I quoted you and posted a link to your blog in my article.

  3. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    Absolutely, SynQ. That was my intended main point in this article.

  4. Interesting article CREE. Could it be that the objective of the Racists (White Supremacists), was to imply that it is possible for a “black” person to be a Racist? Your article has inspired me to write about this. Thanks.

  5. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    Ronnie, the facebook link to this post is working from three separate accounts when I check. Could this be the wok of ds usual suspects. Damn!!! Thanks Ronnie, but i don’t know if there is anything I can do….

  6. ronnie brown Says:

    your Facebook link is not working…you’re missing out on some great exposure…Fix it!

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