More On Twelve: Sexual Handicapping

In the 2010 film, twelve, White Mike looks on as Jessica reaches out to Lionel.

If black people could see white people as they see themselves (when they compare themselves to us), I think we would understand their ultimate purpose, at least as concerns us.

What follows are some “action” lines from the the screenplay/script for the movie, twelve whose review immediately preceded this post. The movie lines were written and directed by white men. There was, obviously, no concern by the white writers that the white director would not understand the words.—or understand why the words are there:


SHELLY, 16, shorter, animated, possessing the largest and
most beautiful breasts in her school.
GABBY, 16, Asian, rail thin. They follow SARA and JESSICA as they stride up MADISON.

Trailing always, ALISSA, 17, a long legged African American
stunner, beyond fashion forward, who we will never hear speak during the film

…CHARLIE, faces LIONEL, 28, African-American. Dangerously handsome, sexually dynamic, a street genius, wearing a long leather overcoat.LIONEL
How much?
She is immediately drawn to his great looks and dangerous sexuality, adding to her nervousness.

…JESSICA stops, looks LIONEL square in the eye. She’s not shaking anymore. She has found her lover/father/dealer/God!

“You some fine booty!” They snigger and high-five.

2 Responses to “More On Twelve: Sexual Handicapping”

  1. Since I’m in New York, I’ve found a rare original copy of one of Lothrop Stoddard’s books entitled “Master of Manhattan, the life of Richard Crocker” in Strand Bookstore. It’s even has Stoddard’s signature. I don’t know who Richard Crocker is, but it’s interesting that New York City was the home of the American Eugenics movement and I may be on the campus (or a closely affiliated campus) of one of the research centers where eugenics science was fostered. Yet people rarely talk about it.

  2. I think that ever since the election of President Obama we’re moving back from the refined phase of white supremacy to a more obvious and overt phase of white supremacy.

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