De-Niggerizing A Mind—It Can Be Done

How successful have I been at de-trashing my mind from the likely unconscious beliefs that white people are “better” than black people acquired during my tenure in this most incorrect system of racism/white supremacy? Well, from the results of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) , pretty successful. The test is supposed to be next to impossible for the subject to fake how they really feel deep down inside… Its design and interpretation of result was done by scientists at prestigious universities. Umm, white people being white people in a system of racism (white supremacy) causes me to be suspicious of anything they control. But, hey. I figure the test does say something significant. A victim can overcome/reverse the programming of his/her mind that made him/her automatically want to serve racists (white supremacists).

I took the test only one time. The possible range of results are:

*strong automatic (unconscious) preference for black people
*moderate automatic (unconscious) preference for black people
*mild automatic (unconscious) preference for black people
*no preference
*mild automatic (unconscious) preference for white people
*moderate automatic (unconscious) preference for white people
*strong automatic (unconscious) preference for white people

My test results indicated a moderate automatic (unconscious) preference for black people. Since, in a system of white supremacy, I suspect it is not the function of a white person to promote the replacement of that system with a system of justice, I’m pleased with that preference. I also suspect that my automatic preference for black persons would have hit the A+ result of “strong preference” instead of the “moderate” score if doing so didn’t require associating joy and happiness with black people. Victims are not happy or joyful persons.

How do I think I achieved and maintain the de-trashng? 1) I deny remote access to my brain by way of television with very rare exception—I read my news; 2) I watch most films with a black companion who partners with me in identifying the vast (amusing and slick) elements of racist programming in films; 3) I do not watch commercially made music videos on the computer; 4) I do not peruse fashion magazines or look at advertisements with white people in them; 5) I read, think, speak, and write about the logic of replacing white supremacy with justice as my primary hobby.; 6) I stopped “dating”, having sex, and socializing with white people.


10 Responses to “De-Niggerizing A Mind—It Can Be Done”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks, Kushite Prince!

  2. Beautiful post Cree!

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  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    One ingredient to my codified definition of respect is “refusing to lie to yourself and letting all others know of that refusal.” I salute your showing of respect in acknowledging the brain-trashing inflicted upon you by Racist Man and Racist Woman.


  5. David W Says:

    I have taken these test online

    I will say I was not pleased in my score(s).

  6. agentpositron Says:

    Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope Iam not the NIGGER IN LOVE with white people. Thank you LSO and CREE EIGHT.

  7. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    Well, LSO. As usual, being the scientist that you are, you push the thinking to the front line of the war. I, had not considered that. It seems like it gets back to the old “survival of the fittest” principle. But, then, the question as Neely Fuller would ask is, “Fit to do what?” , “in order to do what?” Ultimately, I have decided that there is no netter terminal answer to that line of questions than to establish justice (balance between people) in order to establish peace in order to establish correctness (balance between people and things).

  8. Given that the IAT is this week’s subject, I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on the field of social psychology in general. Rockefeller just recruited a new faculty member, Dan Kronauer, who studies social hierarchy in ants. The university president, Paul Nurse, is drawing inferences to human stratification. [Both are white males.] I think the field of social psychology is slowly morphing into today’s eugenics science in its rationalizations of “human difference”. Here’s a link to the news release:

  9. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    LSO, I agree on both points. 1) Racists (white supremacists) know very well that they are just that, and; 2) Talking about racism on the job is virtually never constructive. Rather, I focus on justice (due process). Justice and racism (white supremacy) cannot exist simultaneously in the same universe.

    The test, I think, really is only useful for black people. I suspect that racists (white supremacist) promote it to deceive black people that they are not as vicious as they are.

  10. The last time I took that test, a year ago, I demonstrated a slight preference for blacks compared to whites. I made the mistake of bringing up the Harvard IAT with a suspected racist coworker (a white male upper level graduate student peer in my lab), suggesting that his slightly condescending attitude toward me may be directed by his unconscious racism. I suggested he take the test but, even though I saw that he had enough time, and indeed, the ensuing conversation ended up consuming all the time it would have taken to take the test, he refused to do so. He’s ramped up his hostility against me ever since.

    I used to think that if I just brought up the IAT test, that this would be the scientific trump card necessary to get whites (especially those in the scientific profession) and suspected white-identified non-blacks to reconsider whether their interactions with me were corrupted. That was before I came to the realization that maybe their racism isn’t so unconscious after all. The workplace is rarely the place for rational conversation about race/racism. It just opens you up for more mistreatment. Now I know better.

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