Race-ists and Food

Item 3. The law says we must record your ethnic group/race and language. If you do not complete these items, the county will do it for you.
Are you Hispanic or Latino?

proceed to alphabet soup box checking….(we switched up on ya…”white” is the last in the list)
RACIST WOMAN/MAN: “Geez…white people don’t focus on race. You black people are so hung up on race. Always playing the race card. White people don’t play. And, we don’t put it on cards— just on applications and in data bases. Get over it.”

Me: ” No, Madam/Sir…. There will be nothing to get over because it will be replaced with a system of justice.”


2 Responses to “Race-ists and Food”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, sir.

    I have concluded that an effective counter-racist response to their classification speech is the re-engineering of definitions of words/terms//sounds that THEY have put in use AS WELL AS— THEIR VICTIMS putting into use new words/terms/sounds.

    The racists (white supremacists) make victims check a box. What will happen when the only boxes that get checked on any form are “black” OR “white?” Map the moves on the chess board on that one. Remember, with only a few pieces on the chess board, every move by the opponent communicates something LOUDLY.

  2. Vickissv3 Says:

    Perfect demonstration on how THEY do the classifying.

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