Tests for Determining IQ, HIV, Good People

I thought a comment on my film review of The Blind Side and my reply to it were worthy of a separate post—

Teach01 wrote:

This is very interesting to me. I recently watched the movie for the first time and I enjoyed it. I, admittedly, am a middle class, bleeding-heart, white female. I am also a high school teacher. I do hope that you all know this is a true story, Micheal Oher lived with and was taken care of by the Tuohy’s. Aside from that, I have seen a white teacher from my school take in a black male, give him a home, a family free from drugs and gangs, and help him get a music scholarship at a university. This all being said, I do see that the film makers do take certain liberties with the truth because of what we are all “used to” as far as stereotyping goes. The film omits the fact that Micheal was an athlete before coming to the private school, the fact that there was a special education program helping him at the private school, the fact that Micheal himself was not dumb, he had just never had the chance at a quality education due to the fact that he was never in one place for very long. I have taught in a flawed system long enough to know that I have very intelligent students with very low IQs on paper…testing is not always accurate. That is something to keep in mind as well. Actually, after Micheal was tested at the private school, his IQ went up 20-30 points. Some IQ tests are different also. I am sorry this is long, but I feel like some of these things needed to be said. Does liking this movie make me a bad person? Does hoping that I would do the same thing in the Tuohy’s situation make me a bad person? Does being white make me a bad person?

Cree-8 Replied:
Thank you for your comments Teach01,

It revealed false statements promoted by racists (white supremacists) about IQ tests; specifically that IQ scores are an accurate measure of a person’s fixed potential for intelligence and that, as such, the scores cannot significantly improve. Similar false ideas about HIV and AIDS need to be dispelled. —Look up PID, Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, and ask yourself what the difference is between AIDS and PID after you research and learn that a “positive” HIV test is interpreted based upon “risk factors” and not just “read” by the raw number. How the antibody score is interpreted by the clinician will depend greatly upon who you are. A suburban white woman will be informed of a “negative result” while a black female can be told she is “positive” —-with the exact same score because black women are at greater risk, see? See? SEE?? And, (like IQs) a person’s HIV test results (the raw number) can change. Nancy Banks, a black female, Keidi Awadu, a black male, and Rebecca Culshaw, a white female have each done excellent work on this. But as I frequently do, I have digressed.—Oh yeah, black people do NOT use or sell drugs at any higher rate than white people. I tire of combating the deceitful words of white people but I do it for my co-victims, not for white people.

You say “I do hope that you all know this is a true story” No, I do not “know” that. The producers and promoters of the film say it is “based on a true story.” Most false accounts and depictions contain one or more true statements. When that happens, one has to determine for himself/herself if the “story” is true. I say this story is not true.

You asked, “Does liking this movie make me a bad person? Does hoping that I would do the same thing in the Tuohy’s situation make me a bad person? Does being white make me a bad person?” To all but the last question, I answer, “no.” However, I also say that until the global system of racism (white supremacy) has been replaced with a system of justice, no “good people” exist anywhere. Good people do not perpetrate, permit, or submit to a system of injustice. I am breathing right now which means I am submitting to the system of racism (white supremacy). I am not a good person. As a white person, you are in a much better position to replace this system with justice than am I, a black person.

History/observation/logic has convinced me, however, that it is not the function of a “white” person in a system of racism (white supremacy) to eliminate the system. So, it’ll be left to the currently less capable but much more motivated black persons, such as me, to do the job.

BTW, Pale skin does not = “white person.”


One Response to “Tests for Determining IQ, HIV, Good People”

  1. I refused to watch this movie for the simple reason that it, and other movies like it, are designed to make us white folks believe that we are “good people” and we are the saviors of non white people throughout the world. In the current system of racism/white supremacy, stories like this one are featured and repeated in order to deny our complicity in a corrupt system. It is a carefully calculated move to always tell stories like this one which elevate the white individuals to heroic status, while ignoring the FAR MORE NUMEROUS true stories in which NON WHITE PEOPLE are working to ensure a better future for OTHER non white people. Instead, the media invests only in portrayals of non white people that demonize them while focusing on the “feel good” stories of “white saviors” in order to perpetuate the fraudulent notion that racism/white supremacy is the work of only a select few, while the rest of us are “good white folks”. Movies like this one allow us to ease our consciences about not making moves to end racism/white supremacy by making it seem like it is NOT a global system, but rather aberrant behavior by a few select indivuals.

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