First, sir, are you a white person?

Here is ANOTHER exchange on my review of The Blind Side that I thought worthy of a separate post. As I informed the commenter in advance by email, this is being posted for demonstration purposes. It includes the private email exchange before I approved the comment to the blog. I am not interested in “winning” debates with white persons. I am interested in helping to reveal truth for victims of racism (white supremacy) in a manner that promotes justice.

Reality Check Says:
October 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm e

You do realize that this really makes you sound racist. Think about it people worked hard to put together a movie that shows people helping people, unfortunately all you see is black and white. Would you say the same thing if it was a black family helping him out or what if it was a white kid in the movie. Also you are insulting the intelligence of the real Michael Oher (ill let you figure out how). It is sad that people that can twist good things into something racist. Belive me I can do the same thing out of 90% of films out there, its one of the benefits of being inteligent you can see out of the box and what things could be seen as what. Only because something can be interpreted one way does not mean it was meant in that way. Case in point would be my opposing view on your review.

While this comment was pending my approval and in a timely fashion, since he posted his comment around midnight I emailed its author saying:

On Tue Oct 5th, 2010 9:39 AM PDT Cree Seven wrote:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your comment to my blog. I am considering posting it for demonstration purposes. First, Sir, are you a white person? Please answer “yes” or “no.” If you will not do that, I will not continue this conversation nor further consider posting your comments to the blog. My blog is specifically engineered to help persons who are *not* white to understand the system of racism (white supremacy) and to help combat it. If you are white, your comments may still be posted. They may be instructive for that purpose.

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 4:55 PM Reality Check anwered:


After getting this email confirmation that Reality Check is a member of The Race, I approved his comment to the blog and replied with the following questions:

October 5, 2010 at 6:51 pm e

Reality Check,

1) Will you confirm for the readers that you are a white person, sir?

2) Do you agree that the system of white supremacy (racism) dominates all people activity in the known universe, sir?

3) Will you please name a film or TV program similar to The Blind Side in which the counter-part to the Thuouys are white AND the counter-part to Mr. Oher is also white?

4) Sir, who determines what/who is a “race?”

It has been five days. There has been no reply by Reality Check. Counter-Racist speech and action is supposed to reveal truth or, at a minimum, stop false statements. That means the white person must either reveal truth or stop speaking. This white person chose to stop speaking. To keep speaking, he likely calculated, would be participation in a conversation that revealed that no black person is a member of a race. A race is a functional organization. That is, a race, like any organization, makes things happen. Black people are not an organization that makes things happen. We are a collection of individuals who react to things that white people, The Race, make happen. Since I am not a member of The Race, I cannot be a race-ist. I suspect that Reality Check did the math in his head and realized there was not enough room left to deceive. Of important note is that the email address of this person was a thoroughly Spanish first and last name. When asking a person if she/he is white, don’t accept anything other than “yes” or “no” as an answer. “I’m Latino,” “Muslim”, “Jewish,” “a human,” “a Greek,” “a wigger,” etc. is an evasion and a waste of a victim’s time.

Just think what would happen if white people started telling victims of racism (white supremacy) that we are authorized to classify ourselves as white… or to opt out of the whole scheme….

Update: As of January 17, 2010, still no reply from Mr. Reality Check


One Response to “First, sir, are you a white person?”

  1. ha now that is funny

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