Tips for the Employed but Nervous Black Person

Unemployment rates for black people in this part of the world are as high as 50% for males and 30% for females. White people always have bumping rights when it comes to jobs held by a black person. White people are even showing up in the “dark side of town” taking over the gigs… So, a lot of black people have been charged with stuff and are on the verge of losing their jobs right now…

A. A black person should not state the names of the persons he/she believes have violated due process on the job when beginning an inquiry into Constitutional due process in order to prevent being fired from a job

B. If pressured, give names of people who said/did things but without characterizing the statements or acts.

C. Do not allege that an act or omission is a racist one.


1. Under the system of Racism (white supremacy), regardless of official title, a black person is not qualified to be a witness or enforcement official of that system. When a black person who is attempting to counter racism makes that charge, he/she will get no effective cooperation in correcting the problem.

2. A black person who makes a charge will be subjected to and have his/her statements subjected to a MUCH higher level of voir dire (this is a legal term that I think every black person in this part of the world should know. Looking up its meaning for yourself will more likely stick with you. Anyone who uses laws is a “lawyer”.) than a white person or person acting on behalf of a white person. It is a profane fact that a black person making a charge will likely be counter-charged with an “informal” crime of libel/slander/undermining morale/aggression/hostility/etc. designed to be a quick road to the black person’s removal from her/his job: through firing, quitting because of exhaustion, or serious illness or death caused by the unrelenting acute stress.

3. Under the system of racism (White Supremacy), a black person’s duty is to do what white people tell us to do. Using the Constitution allows a black person to follow that duty in a manner that is counter to the orders of white people who are directly practicing R/WS against them. And, the latter white people will be forced to follow those orders or risk losing their preferred tool of deception.

4. People are more motivated to solve a problem when they have more to lose. Not naming names is a form of amnesty.


1. Any statement by one or more white persons that a white person at the workplace committed a racist act.

2. Help from other black people on your job no matter what they promise or how long you’ve been acquainted. Fellow prisoners are subject to harsh coercion (torture).

Let’s replace racism (white supremacy) with justice—now.


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