This graphic review is intended for readers of my previous reviews of The Blind Side and PRECIOUS

Bullock and her adopted black infant from New Orleans. She named him Louis after Louis Armstrong and calls him 'Lou-ee' (just like Satchmo). Throughout her interview with People Magazine, Bullock refers to the baby as 'Little Man.' She moved out of the house that she shared with her husband, Jesse James, and his three white children and now shacks up with Little Man.

Bullock and husband, Jesse James, on the red carpet Screen Actors Guild awards night wearing blue. See my review, PRECIOUS: The Bluest Comedy and its comments from LaSmartOne for the significance of their attire.

Bullock's estranged husband and mistress

Bullocks, estranged husband's company Logo indicates that the Nazi paraphernalia worn by him and his mistress is regular business for the man. Do you really believe Bullock did not know this? Do you really believe that sick jokes aren't part of the glue that holds together the partnership of Racist Man & Racist Woman?

There is probable cause to believe that Sandra Bullock and her “estranged” husband are practicing racism/white supremacy in the instances depicted above—and that each was aware of the other’s racist acts so depicted—before it broke in the news. Bullock says that, for the psychological safety of the infant, she and James decided to keep the adoption secret until AFTER Oscar night, at which she won Best Actress for her role as the white mother of a black boy—who had sacrificial allegiance to his white “family.”

Bullock says she wants this Jesse James to have a big part in the black child’s life. Blue Comedy on both their parts that deserves some severe correction/punishment by those white people who say they oppose the system of racism/white supremacy.



  1. I’ve watched how she suddenly got that black babie after she was exposed.

    Now why did she have to go get a black child if she wasn’t racist?
    she just got that black child just to calm the waters so that black people would not try to catch on to the truth.

  2. Counter-Racism Evolving Engineer Says:

    Taterpie, thanks for the update. Sickening isn’t it? They sure aren’t snookered. I’m in a snooker-universe right now. Whew. These racists are like the aliens in MIB. And, I think counter-racists are in training to become the planet’s MIBs and WIBs.

  3. Sandra Bullock arranged that adoption to cover-up her racist associations. There is no way she did not know about her husband’s background. She just got exposed. He probably helped her get exposed. What she plans for this Black child is really suspect. Just imagine when that hair becomes and afro and he becomese sexually mature. Adopting Black children as pets. This needs to stop!

  4. SkyDriftter13 Says:

    Very insightful post Cree.

    I wonder how many racists also feel when being informed of such news and what she is subjecting that poor child to. Let alone the values she will embed in the childs mind.

    Victimization at it’s peak when a white women own a black life.


  5. Peace Be Unto Those Who Follow Right Guidance.

    A constructive post, CREE7. This information needs to circulate more widely.


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