Racist Woman Of The Year?

Sandra Bullock: Woman Of The Year.

Awarded for her outstanding contributions toward the refinement of the global system of racism (white supremacy).

* Defaming and further infantilizing the view of the black male in the minds of black people around the globe by way of their continued viewing and memory of the feature film “The Blind Side.”

* Defaming the image of black females in the impressionable minds of young black males by way of their continued viewing and memory of the feature film “The Blind Side.”

* Further exploiting the suffering of victims of racism (white supremacy) in the part of the world known as New Orleans by taking physical possession of a black infant whose biological parents have been deprived of the ability and resources to care for him by Racist Man and Racist Woman AND THEN being celebrated for it while, at the same time, convincing black people that it proves she is not a Racist Woman. A TRIPLE PLAY!!

*Doing all of the above without being suspected of knowing of and participating in the Nazi shenanigans of her, now estranged (smile) husband, Jesse James ( smile 2).

Well done, Sandra Bullock!

Fellow victims: Notice the symbolism of Halle Berry’s placement on the cover. Black females are but a toy for very powerful and smart Racist Woman.


One Response to “Racist Woman Of The Year?”

  1. Sadly I noticed two WIPs (white-identified persons) separately with their “brown bundles” this past Sunday and they had such an air of liberalism to them. Other WIPs person fawned over how “well-kept” the young Black males hair was and said to his benefactor, “God bless you, I know you must have a heart of gold.” I almost went postal. RWS continues…

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