Albinos Who Ain’t White: Take Cover Under the Constitution

Black Albino Child: White is a behavior. (Straight hair is not an uncommon consequence of albinism

Guest post by Mr. Josh Wickett:
A friend of mine recently completed the book he told me he was working on several years ago.

It’s titled:

How to Support and Defend The United States Constitution For victims of racism (white supremacy)

Its primary focus is on the strategies and techniques nonwhite people can use to aid them in not being harmed and aid them in getting the constructive help they need when they need it. Based on my review, Mr. Williams has included particular information for counter racism strategies in the work place.

This is my purpose for passing this information on to you.

If you are being harmed in the work place, your ability to function correctly in all other areas of people activity will be retarded.

I want to state for the record, because it is correct to do so: If you don’t want or need the information contained within this document; and/or the information contained within offends or causes you discomfort… please use the delete function and accept my apologies for sending it to you.

For the rest of you, I would hope you pass the contained information along to the people who need it, when they need it.

I know they exist because I was one of em.

When I came under direct racist attack, I didn’t know what to do. When I sought help, many did not care, but most did not know what to do. As a consequence, I made EVERY mistake Mr. Williams describes in his book.

The most common suggestion people gave me was to “move.”

“Run away” from the people harming you. I took this advice, but everywhere I ran/moved to, the same thing was waiting; more mistreatment on the basis of color. At some point in all my “running”, the DIMENSIONS of this system of mistreatment became clear.

This is how I met Edward Williams, Neely Fuller, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and all the other nonwhite people who support and practice counter racism science. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was luck… I don’t know. But in no way, shape or form did I EVER set out to associate myself with anything or any people that had anything to do with race

Matter of fact, I ran AWAY from people like them; at least I thought I did?

So how did I end up here?

I was running in circles; When it came to race, the more I ran, the more I found to run AWAY from. I saw people who appeared to be trying to counter racism, but like a lot of black people, I didn’t want to:

Change my name, wear a dashiki, convert to Islam, march around, scare white people…

So when I just happened to turn on the local university TV station and saw Francis Cress Welsing calmly, rationally, scientifically describing the Cress theory of color confrontation; I was stunned. I had never seen a black person discuss racism “that way” and be EFFECTIVE.

She had an effect on me.

What kind of effect?

Keep readin:

I have two reasons for supporting and distributing this book by Edward Williams. I will share one of them with you:

He runs ALL his counter racism experiments on himself BEFORE he suggests any one ELSE use them to counter racism.

This is key, because there are many people “out there” telling nonwhite people they can counter racism by doing things THEY have never done and never will do( theres some “professor” on Youtube saying all white people should be killed, but he ain’t killed one?)

ALL strategies, tactics, suggestions Mr Williams outlines in his book were practiced and tested by him; I know this because I often watched him do it; in front of real white people?

Was I UNcomfortable watching him do it?


Why was I uncomfortable?

Because I didn’t know what was gonna happen.

What happened?


By “nothing”, I mean, the white people with the ability to harm him did not harm him.

Matter of fact, they often helped him.

One of the most disturbing things Ive learned from counter racism science was my inability to even determine when I was being mistreated in the work place. Its embarressing when I think back on my past employment history; I got tricked in so many ways into either harming myself or harming another nonwhite person. To sum up, every mistake Mr Williams describes nonwhite people doing in response to direct racist attack on the job,

I did.

That’s why its embarrassing for me to read some of these experiments.

But my shame is somewhat mitigated by the fact I know Im not unique.

Wait till you get to the part of the book about PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS?

I WAS in a sexual relationship with a nonwhite female who would come home AND CRY after her performance evaluations BECAUSE she didn’t know what to SAY and DO to GUARANTEE she knew what to SAY and DO to get an accurate and just performance evaluation; which is what promotions and raises are often based on. She was being mistreated and didn’t know HOW.

She would start “feeling bad” Sunday afternoon because she knew where she would be the next morning?

Being mistreated on the job will make you physically sick.


I saw the physical changes in this female when ever she took time off:

What happened to your asthma?

Where is your runny nose?

I thought you had a headache?

I also saw these things return Sunday night.

Nonwhite people ain’t gonna be healthy in a poisoned environment; and that’s exactly what the system of racism white supremacy is.

You don’t have a problem that you didn’t get from them.

The high blood pressure, heart disease, alcoholism, smoking, over eating… are all responses to nonwhite people not getting the help they need when they need it.

So what do you do about it?

You can start be reading what other people did about; starting with the attached book Edward Williams has produced.

Other than that, my only suggestion is to make sure that whatever YOU DECIDE to do, you do your best.


In addition to the book in PDF format, Ive attached an MP3 sound file. The sound file is not Mr. Williams; but it is a person describing their experience using counter racism code on the job. I include it in order to remind people that counter racism code is born of experimentation, study, practice, observation… I only know of 2 other people who MIGHT have done more experimentation with code than Edward Williams. If you have any questions about his book, feel free to contact him; ESPECIALLY if you think you found a flaw in the LOGIC he presents. A large part of my confidence in counter racism code stems from the fact that nonwhite people like Edward Williams and the speaker in the audio file have run CODE on smarter, more powerful white people than I ever have; white people with multiple advanced degrees, large salaries… even a New York State supreme court judge.

But he gets the same results I get using it on “average” white people. As a matter of fact, it may work “smoother” on smarter white people because they recognize code quicker and understand the disadvantage of “looking” like a racist by preventing a black person from doing their duties in support and defense of the United States constitution. It takes the less smart white people longer to get to this point and some never do; often necessitating a smarter/more powerful white person “jump in and help them” by making them “shut up”.

The only way to become effective practicing counter racism science is to become confident using it. And the only way to become confident using it is to practice it and “see” it work. Some of you may get lucky like I was and get to watch other people use it first. But you will never really understand it, you will never really “know it” until you use it yourself and the effect is exactly what the experiment predicted. Its no different than doing anything else, that you have never done before. You can read about it, people can tell you about it; but until you do it yourself, you will never really “know it”.

The key to counter racism is WORDS because the key to racism white supremacy is WORDS. Yeah, the white supremacists have bombs and guns they can use… but they don’t wanna go there unless they have to for a very good reason; once you physically harm people, it becomes very difficult to trick them using words. Yeah, they may do what you tell them to do, but they will never trust you. The smartest most powerful white people do not want to lose that tool, cause its the best one they got.

Plus, direct racist violence is often “messy”; can’t have a slave master tripping over a dead blk person while reaching for their mint julep can we? “that wouldn’t be civilized?” (que Quintin Tarrentino>Pulp Fiction>dead n___er storage area scene)

Most nonwhite people are uncomfortable with counter racism science because they fear it will lead to conflict with white people, we say things like: “I don’t wanna start a race war…”

White supremacy is race war; and in race war, there are no “civilians”. White supremacy is an unbalanced equation which if not maintained by white people through the practice of racism would “balance out” on it own.

Would the result be justice?

I don’t know, but I suspect probably not.


Because justice is guaranteeing no person is mistreated and making sure the person who needs the most help gets the most help.

People are mistreated on the basis of many things. White people mistreat each other all the time; but not on the basis of color? children often mistreat other children even when they lack the words to describe why?

Females are mistreated on the basis of not being male? or by other females on the basis of God knows what? (I’m not a female) Old people are mistreated on the basis of not being young?

But they key is, no problem among people can be solved until the race problem is solved. Don’t believe me?


Go out and study any “problem solving community” and note how the race problem ALWAYS presents?

I found this phenomenon with:

farmers, teachers, homosexuals, lawyers, artists, feminists, bus drivers, realtors, PRESIDENTS…

They can never get to where they say they want to be because they refuse to go where they need to go.

Years ago I joined a “problem solving community” called: “People with Albinism”. There were several forums for discussion. One of them was called “People of color with albinism”.

*I sh_t you not!*

At first it was confusing to me; People of COLOR with ALBINISM? They TRIED to talk about art, they TRIED to talk about music… but most of their discussions centered around their experiences of being mistreated on the basis of color by white people WITH and WITHOUT albinism. As I continued my INQUIRY, I questioned the white people WITH and WITHOUT albinism , and learned the “people of color with albinism” forum was set up by the white people in order to block any discussion of race from entering the larger forums. The nonwhite people with albinism confirmed this.

At this point, my inquiry became an INVESTIGATION because people were being harmed by being locked into a little “ghetto” some white person had set up to limit their ability to get the help they needed. If you brought up race anywhere else the white moderators would warn you to stop, delete your comments, and then they would ban you.

I suspected subversion was occurring on the site, so I set up several counter racism experiments to in part, solidify my suspicion; but more importantly, to help the nonwhite albinos SEE how they were being abused and how to prevent it.

It was a very interesting experience because although the nonwhite albinos were uncomfortable with the direct questions I leveled at the white people, the constructive information revealed kept them “neutral”; they didn’t support me, but they didn’t try to stop me either. This is very important because nonwhite people often get nervous when they are in close proximity to another nonwhite person practicing counter racism on white people. You hafta stay calm when a nonwhite person jumps up to defend white people; because ITS GONNA HAPPEN. Remember your purpose, you didn’t come there to “hate” white people, make fun of them…you are there to reveal truth in the form of constructive information for the people who need it the most, when they need it. Don’t get distracted. Stay on the path, because once you have pure code, shaming and embarrassing white people can become so easy that it turns into a sport. BUT You didn’t come there to make white girls cry, or to have sex with them; that’s an ego trip.

Avoid that.

You came to reveal truth in the form of constructive information for the people who need it the most, when they need it.

That’s what I based my first experiment on. I left the people of color with albinism “ghetto” and went to the “general discussions” forum (where your comments get deleted if you “bring up race”).

(I had been thinking for a while of the best question I could ask that would help the people who needed the most help and once I found it, I opened the bomb bay doors and dropped it)

I asked this simple question:

Is albinism a disability?

Some people said “yes”, some people said “no”. I refined my question by asking all those who answered if they THEMSELVES had albinism? This is to get qualified answers (targeting data cause my bomb is still falling)

The people who said “yes” became the new target. I then asked them “why?” “exactly HOW does albinism DISABLE you?”

Several of these people began to describe HOW effects of albinism prevented/retarded THEM from functioning and required compensatory medications, behaviors, equipment and medical procedures.

I then asked all of these people if they ARE receiving assistance (help) in the form of public funds and/or social services to help them compensate for their albinism?

I got a few more “yes” answers but the responses are getting slower; they are getting suspicious (my bomb is still falling and that “whistling sound” is getting louder)

For the people who answered “yes” I asked them one more question:

“are you a white person?”

The thread went silent. Nobody responded for a number of hours (which was very rare)

Finally, when I checked the thread, a white person who DID NOT HAVE ALBINISM jumped in and responded by saying “THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO START A RACE WAR? EVERYTHING WAS FINE UNTIL YOU CAME HERE!”

At that point some of the white people, both with and without albinism “jumped in” and tried to get a few “punches” in too.

Then they deleted my responses as soon as I posted them.

But it was too late. The “bomb” had landed exactly on target.

I went back to the “ghetto”, ran the same question on the nonwhite albinos and confirmed my suspicions. They were NOT getting the help the white albinos were getting because they didn’t know HOW to do it; specifically, they didn’t know what WORDS to use.

As us nonwhite people began to discuss HOW to to get the help the white albinos TOLD US they were getting an interesting and entirely expected phenomenon occurred. A white albino came over and started helping us. SHE used herself as an example and began to explain what you hafta SAY and/or DO to qualify for public funds/services; and it was all words. Then a few more white people came and did the same thing.

But hold on?

These same white people didn’t do this on the MAIN forum? in front of the other white people?

Why not?

What is that?


Racism is a BEHAVIOR, not a color.



when nobody has any COLOR like a bunch of __________ ALBINOS!

Follow the logic? Homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR not a penis. All women have the equipment to FUNCTION as prostitutes, but prostitution is a BEHAVIOR, not a set of anatomical attributes RIGHT?

Don’t get distracted with arguments about melanin or morphology… those are tricks to get you off the topic of BEHAVIOR. (this is why I like text based counter racism science, its almost like being a blind person. ALL you have to go on is BEHAVIOR. You can get GENDER from a screen name, but even when they lie about that, and they do, their behavior betrays them. If you’ve ever caught a white person trying to practice white supremacy while FUNCTIONING as a black person, you know how odd that behavior is, it sticks out like a $9 dollar bill.)

As a side bar, I should note that the smartest most powerful white person on the site (the person I suspected of being a white supremacist) eventually came over to “people of color with albinism” forum and tried to “cock block” me there. But by that time it was too late for him because the nonwhite people with albinism had started “copying”, not ME, but the logic. That was funny cause the white supremacists could not delete the counter racism comments that came from the nonwhite albinos.

Especially when the white supremacists were white people who DID NOT HAVE ALBINISM!

These were the white people married to an albino or with an albino child…. THEY were running the site. Now, imagine a person WITHOUT albinism “Banning” a person WITH albinism from a website called: “People with albinism?”


or as my dad used to say: “it looks bad from the street”.

Edward Williams did participate on the site, but if memory serves me correctly, his comments got deleted pretty quick.


I suspect because he doesn’t waste any time when practicing counter racism. You can call it a “style” if you want; but really its just taking the shortest route to the objective; and that’s a straight line. Most nonwhite people don’t want to do it this way. After watching him practice counter racism in this manner for a number of years I suspect his confidence doing it is because he knows what people will do before they do it? Both white people and nonwhite people. The straight line approach reduces options for both victim and suspect. Don’t look for the short cut cause you on it.

That approach may not be for everybody because it requires an ultimate goal oriented clarity of purpose. Once you have it, you can probably never get rid of it; hence, most people don’t want it.

But that’s the paradox. Because if you don’t have the purpose, you will never acquire the abilities, because you won’t think about what you need? But if you REALLY know what you want to do (purpose) you will try to acquire the abilities to do it. You might even start to do it BEFORE you have everything you need.

The white people who practice racism have PROVEN their “ultimate goal oriented clarity of purpose”; white supremacy. They prove it every day. They prove it when they harm nonwhite people and they prove it when non white people harm each other. Be advised, if your “ultimate goal oriented clarity of purpose” is justice? Your are on a collision course with the white people who practice racism. You better have a correct definition of justice, know what it looks like, know what it is, what it isn’t…

Because if you don’t,

(and this is a bone of contention among SOME in the counter racism “community”)

You might make things worse.

The attached book Edward Williams wrote:

How to Support and Defend The United States Constitution

For victims of racism (white supremacy)

Is what he did.

I’m going to do what I think I should do,


You should do what you think you should do, even if that means doing nothing.


PS– Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I’m a windbag, but I have one more thing to add. The book is short, just a hundred pages. But If you don’t think you have time to read it from beginning to end; I suggest you skip straight to PG 80 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. That’s where Mr Williams has recorded personal examples of his experiences PRACTICING counter racism code at work; including associated documentation such as e-mails.

How to Support and Defend The United States Constitution For victims of racism (white supremacy)

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