Enforcement Officials Get a Conviction in Levy Case

Guest Post by Josh Wickett

The murder trial is finally over after 10 years.

I’m passing the article along because its the only one I could find that casts doubt on the verdict.

Why is this important?

DC Police and prosecutors were under intense pressure to close this case; especially due to a number of BIG mistakes they made in the investigation.

People are murdered in DC all the time, but this was no “ordinary” murder case. I suspected from the beginning that SOMEBODY was going to be convicted no matter what.

I really wonder if this guy they convicted is really guilty, the evidence against him was “questionable”, but most importantly, he is a so called *HOMELESS “illegal immigrant”. I can think of no easier “mark” to do a frame-up job on than one of these kinds of people.

They are the lowest of the low on the socio-economic ladder.

You hafta think about what happens when the resources of the ‘state” are brought to bear against you with an agenda to get a conviction? For all the so called “evidence” against him, I think the nail in his coffin was the fact that he was “homeless”, which I also suspect meant he was “jobless”.

That’s a big “no, no” for a young non-white male cause now you got no CREDIBLE [a white person or a black racial showcase/celebrity] witnesses to account for where you were, and what you were doing at any given time?

I remember thinking about this the first few times I got questioned by the law enforcement. ( I got some good stories to tell about that phenomenon).

If you don’t know how to handle that? You will find yourself on the defensive real quick. That Chris rock routine about him wondering if he broke into his own house is not really a joke; its only funny cause its true (cue Henry Louis Gates) that’s why you laugh.

SOMEBODY needs to tell these “parents” to teach their children that there are only two ways to cooperate with law enforcement:

1. Answer QUESTIONS.


Never, NEVER make STATEMENTS!. That’s a “trick” they use to get people to defend themselves WHEN THEY AIN’T BEEN CHARGED WITH NOTHIN?

It works because people who don’t raise questions, make ASSUMPTIONS by default. It takes discipline to practice the technique if you have low self esteem and/or have been “tricked” into providing information against yourself in the past, but it can be done. Personally, my favorite, is to go into what I call ‘downs syndrome mode” (Cue Devo mongoloid boy). When law enforcement stops me, they better know why, cause I ain’t helpin nobody with they “fishin trip”.

(((shakin my head)))

*please pardon my digression*

Look, this guy may be guilty; but the pressure on the system to get a conviction was so great that this case has an “odor” to it.

Guandique has never admitted confessing to killing Levy. The man who accused him of making the confession, meanwhile, did receive a reduced sentence for fingering him. Another accuser, a woman who says Guandique confessed in a letter he sent her from prison, couldn’t produce the letter when asked. She claimed she must have thrown it away.

And yet, jurors in the case said last week that Guandique’s alleged jailhouse confession was the main piece of evidence that convinced them that he must have killed Levy.

Finally, this Guardian piece was the only article I could find that provided information that raise doubts about the conviction, including specific details of the trial; why do I hafta go to a foreign source for this type of critical information?


*P.S. by Cree- The Code Book’s definition of Home is = A system of Justice. White Supremacists (racists) have housing. The housing they have includes ALL of the places where we people who are not white lay our heads.

UK Guardian’s piece on Guandique’s conviction


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