White Cougars and Vampires

A black male FaceBook friend posted a status asking about the maximum appropriate age difference in mate selection. The sixth person to post a comment was a white woman who said, “Once again, Love does NOT discriminate against color, or age!”

Pests always come when you set out bait. One of the two comments I posted was:

“I have a lot of tolerance for a difference in age. No tolerance at all for different positions of the race bar. Older white women have been pouncing on nonwhite males all over the globe—saving up their vacation days to do it. (And, there are far fewer white women who remain physically attractive past 40 than black women.) As long as white supremacy dominates this planet, no white person should be having sex with any person who is not white.”

I got un-friended by someone just after that comment. Don’t know who. But, it wasn’t the guy seeking advice. Yet???

See, a couple of days ago, another black male started a thread that strayed onto the subject of the better suitability of black females for marriage who reside in places other than what is called the “United States.” I don’t recall the original topic. But, it wasn’t the domestic vs. import comparison. When the conversation veered onto that road, a man who appeared to be white entered saying that he had found that women outside of the United States are not so hooked into the commercialism , blah, blah, blah…. The direct and indirect conversation about racism (white supremacy) was over.

Trying to bring attention to the suspected vampire’s presence, I asked, “Are you a white person?” He never replied. The black male hosting the thread did. The black male asked me, “What does Richard’s ‘ethnicity’ have to do with this subject?” I explained the relevance. That nothing confuses black people more about the system of white supremacy (racism) than participating in or witnessing sexual/romantic activity between black and white persons. And, that white people look for discussions like the one occurring to sexually prey upon black people. The black owner chastised me about straying from the subject and not having the spine to talk to Richard privately… Yeah, privately. I’m not volunteering my private to any white man.

I explained to this black male that keeping it public took far more courage than some private sidebar with a white person—especially since I knew that many black people have been trained to defend white people from black people’s suspicion of them. That keeping the secrets of white people supports the system of racism (white supremacy).

We aren’t friends anymore. Along with some nasty comments about my spine and lack of wisdom, he told me that I had not followed his earlier instruction “not to start any nonsense.” — If I had, indeed, received any such message, I’d have asked him what he meant when he said “nonsense.” And, I sure wouldn’t have posted anything to his wall until I received an answer that I understood. I tried to reply to his message by asking him for a copy of that directive but he had already blocked me from contacting him. A few deep breaths but no tears here. I’ve got over a thousand other cyber-“friends” and millions more to choose from. It’s just that we could have been not-friends without the conflict.

FB is, for me, a video game in which I am trying to complete my counter-racist online mission while dodging white cougars and vampires and trying not to harm anyone with friendly fire.


5 Responses to “White Cougars and Vampires”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    So sad, Makes you wonder if you’re shipwrecked on this planet. On FB, most people with the nine African names, will tell you that the situation we’re in has nothing to do with white folks. They’ll go on at great lengths about how they’ve been to the shooting range training to kill other black people. TOTAL ill-logic.

  2. EastSideFlyer Says:

    I have just about given up on Facebook and I think a lot of black people need to leave it alone. It’s a big pacifier just like these silly reality shows. I got on facebook because I had lost contact with lots of people I went to high school with and found a lot of them on facebook. But after friending many of them, different topics would come up and I noticed no one wanted to say the “W” word (white). They would talk about things where the problem was obviously white people but yet they were never given the blame. I started to tell it like it was and it caused tremendous conflict. These blacks would go out of their way to absolve white people of ANY blame for ANYTHING. I was amazed. Then you have these pretend religious junkies on there that I started getting tired of. They talk about how much they love God and Jesus but their actions prove otherwise. Anything negative about a black person is amen(ed) by everybody but say something negative about someone white and you’re pounced upon. Ended up a lot of them de-friended me and I just ended up leaving facebook alone. Facebook showed me how destroyed the black man and woman of america minds are. It’s like gentle asphixiation. While you are being attacked on all sides you can get on facebook and message about your little dog or your white friends, etc., etc. As crazy as this sounds, I think black people are in worst shape than during slavery because during slavery we knew we were slaves and hoped one day to be free. Today, we think we are free thus don’t hope for anything or anything better. We are like the man lying in the road in that story in the bible of the good samaritan. A wounded people who need help. I believe the problems of black people are so great that only divine intervention can save us and by that I mean God in person. No Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Abraham could solve the problem of the black man and woman in america. It’s too big for them. And what’s even worst, black people don’t even know the shape we’re in. It’s like we’ve become mentally dead to our plight but other people around us looking at us know we are in bad shape but will not tell us that. Well, enough preaching for today.

  3. Please Sista tell “gentleman” I mean no disrespect to him and also let him know that if he slips I’ll be there with flowers in hand (for you not him). I’m just joshin’ and I would never break up a happy Black and healthy couple. Seriously CREE7, I look up to you and have set the bar pretty high for any Black female who enters my life and for that Sista, I thank you.

    I haven’t heard you on the C.O.W.S lately, I hope all is well. Also, please forgive any typos, bad grammar or misspelled words, for I am still learning in this system of racism (white supremacy) and I will try and do better in the interim. Peace gentleman, I wish I was you.

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Sir, you have the distinction of posting the most creative comment to date on this blog. I think I’ll have to find a way to include it in the book.

    Please know how affirmed and flattered both my gentlemate and I were by it. We are some talented people. When we get those diverse talents channeled for that one purpose of justice, the world will change overnight. You made this black female giggle and blush. I’m smiling knowing that you’re one-half of an inevitable counter-racist power-couple. Don’t give up on FaceBook, yet. This past month, I’ve discovered some amazingly sharp, centered, kind, and single black females posting about racism (white supremacy).

    Again, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

  5. I’m officially asking you to marry me, I don’t hit or bite and I go to work ever day. We can have twins if you like and I’ll even let you name them. You don’t have to answer right now but I do wanna know by the end of the week so please sleep on it and get back to me.

    You are my hero and Facebook is the devil. I really love when people punkout of a discussion and then block you. That alone makes you the victor in this exchange and Black men have this love affair with anything white and it makes me sick. They say that Black woman while defend white people until the end but Black men do it better than most. You took the high road and stuck to what was right and true and I love you. I have always enjoyed reading and hearing you in action, you are what Black women are suppose to be for the most part and please keep it that way. Your voice lulls me into a safe place and I will forever be on the lookout for me a Black woman that has your disposition and no nonsense stance needs to be bottled. Okay enough ass kissing, please be safe Sista and know that you are loved.

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