Betting On Black: Science, Justice , Or Extermination

Black people are far more willing to fight each other than we are willing to fight the people responsible for our misery; the white collective . Quite understandably. White people have awesome power and they’re terroristic with it. But, they’ve had the power to kill all black people for quite awhile. And they haven’t done it. White people must need us for some reason–even if its only to continue the system of white supremacy (racism).

But, if nonwhite people [that is, (-)white people; that is, black people] learn, in large numbers, how not to be deceived by them, white people will quickly have to decide either to kill all people not classified as white OR to produce justice. Because they cannot watch all persons who are not white all of the time. They just can’t. We outnumber them more than 10 to 1. If we really want justice, we need to be ready, even eager, for either of those two options: the production of justice OR a planet where we no longer exist. Because, if The Creator means to keep us here, white people will not be able to exterminate us. And, if The Creator doesn’t stop them, then it’s time for us to go. I’m not meant for injustice because I say so. That’s a position I don’t defend to anyone— including The Creator. And, I’m sure there are others who have the same stance. Anyone that doesn’t have that basic stance needs to stop playing while the rest of us work. We don’t have time to coddle people like that anymore in discussions about replacing white supremacy with justice.

Now, if that showdown is to be avoided, we should be working on something to counter the white collective’s weapons. Something besides prayer. White people did that logic problem l o n g ago. This is why white people want to make science mysterious and unfathomable to black people but will rebuild our churches when the less smart racists burn them down and why they put up the money for mega-church God Malls for us. White people used to just prevent us from reading. Now, they need to keep us reading the Bible and away from the science books. But mostly from doing science (not just reading about it). Because when we start doing science, we’ll take it over just like we’ve taken over golf, tennis, basketball, music, dance, drag-racing, etc. Innovation is our genius. But this time, the focus has got to be on the science to destroy the system of white supremacy (racism)—not just showing off to white people or getting on the cover of a magazine with a white spouse.

Science need not be restricted to the young or to college graduates or to males. Some of the most useful science has been done by so-called amateurs— many of them were black people who were never celebrated. Neuroscience, bioengineering, energy, chemistry, physics. Anything. Everything. If our ideas are powerful and innovative enough, we don’t need super-expensive labs. Tinkering around at the high school, in the garage, in the kitchen with the combined annual sneaker budget of a handful of black households. We need to start thinking like science-fiction writers and then start tinkering to make the ideas real. Let’s get to it. That is, unless you trust The Creator to keep us on this planet when people like me push the confrontation to The Decision Point.

Justice = the condition in which no one is mistreated AND in which the persons who need the most help receive the most help if any help is given.


11 Responses to “Betting On Black: Science, Justice , Or Extermination”

  1. It’s like a gold mine!lol

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thanks for reading, KP. It feels good when people “discover” your old stuff and find it worthwhile.

  3. Great post Cree! I’m going through some of your old posts that I missed. This is great stuff!

  4. You can best believe the tables will turn in a hurry and the cave people fear that the most. That’s why they fight so hard to get us under foot.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Oh yes, Asia. That may be Rm?RW greatest fear.

  6. Hmmmm I wonder what will happen when black people start dominating science will the game be over?

    a very good possibilty can come out of learning science.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Mr. Smith, is this the post you intended to comment on? Or, rather, were you commenting on “So, White Women are Less Demanding?” And, if so, might I encourage you to read “Black Love is a Revolutionary Act”? I know that even I was relieved of some of my incorrect notions about black males and females. I once believed that the propaganda masquerading as news that black females were the fattest of all females was true. And, when I believed that, I gave all kinds of explanations having to do with oppression (which are true). As it turns out, however, that honor belongs to “Hispanic”, i.e. mostly Spanish-speaking white women. It’s amazing how effective is the racist propaganda machine.

  8. Michael Smith Says:

    Very interesting review. Even though i find that black women tend to prove what was written true, i still love them. Because inside the most ghetto female out there their is a lil princess lock in a cage that wants to be a good women to her man. That princess just needs to be nutured and developed.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:


  10. I’ve always said that, everybody on this planet hates’ Black people but the people that hate Black people more than any, is other Black people.

    I’ve heard Earth called a prison planet by a few writers and I tend to agree. I’ve also heard it called a kindergarten for the lesser evolved souls to grow and raise their vibration, I tend to agree. We down here on terraforma must learn to play fair or we’re just gonna keep coming back until we do. That is way Black people come to this planet because it’s the best place to grow really fast, damn near over night. And that is why the cave people come here because they will never do right and what better place to grow then a place where the learning is accelerated but people who love to mistreat and hate? Also, the reason it’s so many Black people on this planet as apposed to white people is because it’s plenty of good souls in need of growth and the waiting list is very long. So to counter that they had to start allowing more souls to incarnate here…………..what the hell was I talking about? Never mind as you where.

  11. A brilliant post — and I absolutely agree

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