Hating white people is the least of black people’s problems.

Even if the numbers of us were not minuscule who truly do hate white people— which, from the evidence, is just not true–it would be the least of our problems. Black people are not in a position to PROVE that we hate anyone but other black people. White people, despite their words to the contrary, PROVE that they hate black people. White people’s own studies show that. All those excess deaths (a term used by white people in the surgeon general’s office) that occur every year attributable solely to being classified as black. White people publish that number every year.

Yet, black people, generally, adore white people. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And, black people imitate white people like it’s an act of salvation.

So, why all the recent writing and speaking by black people against hating white people on FaceBook and elsewhere? During Nazi era Germany, would a sane “Jew” (whatever that means) focus on the problem of Jews hating Aryans?

Is it easier and less frightening to focus on a nonexistent problem or a need-a microscope-to see-it problem than to focus on the behavior of white people—the people who are wielding their awesome power to cause the GIANT PROBLEMS that black people do have?????

Hating white people is the least of black people’s problems.

Black people ADORE white people.


20 Responses to “ON HATING WHITE PEOPLE”

  1. I have to be very honest and inform you that I personally have had a Black person that I grew up vehemently deny the existence of Racism (White Supremacy). It actually turned into a “heated” debate that I eventually had to bow out of to prevent us trading blows or him possibly shooting me. This is the most extreme case although I have milder cases of the same when trying to explain White Supremacy to Black People.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    So that I may gain knowledge and understanding, would you please tell me what you mean when you say “cline?”

  3. All phenotypes and clines are intelligent. Some have more formal education than others. Statistically the wealthy have the most and best quality education regardless of ethnicity.

  4. rudeboi Says:

    I think this just a troll firstly, but if by chance it’s not and this “person” is absolutely serious, he needs to dig a hole somewhere far away and jump in it. Secondly, the Nigga I have ever come close to knowing on this blog is you. And I say died nigga, so Black folks can live. But I know damn well this is some crazy hillbilly on his job. Good work sir, you never had me fooled.

  5. rudeboi Says:

    I will assume when you say “you”, you mean in general “you”. I for one don’t socialize with white or Black people. I am of the firm belief that if you limit contact, you limit conflict. I have reached a point in my life where I can see through most of the bullshit and choose not to play anymore. And let me warn anybody that comes to the realization that we are all sick as Black people. It will turn you into a hermit. I find getting my own self together require all of my time. Call me self centered but it’s better than not knowing one’s self.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Brilliant logic. Luckily for the Great White Man and The Great White Woman, it seems to be the logic followed by most black “people.”

  7. Tyraine Says:

    Niggaz should be grateful to the white man. The white man is the most civilized man to ever be placed on the planet. They have showed that they have superior knowledge to every other race and must be Gods most loved.
    Niggaz in America should be the most grateful to the white man. Lets look at all the great things the white mans has done for Niggaz.
    If it wasn’t for the white man stealing us from our land, enslaving us, raping our women and young children, taking away our dignity, pride, religion and culture we would still be in Africa living like savages. The great white man even gave us the best thing of all CHRISTIANITY. With out the knowledge of Christ we would all be going to HELL but now we will get to go to heaven with our other great Christian brothers such as the KKK and the Nazi’s who were all believers in Christ. All Niggas do is complain about unequal rights, social injustice, economical injustice and racial inequality. I say we Niggaz should be grateful to evan be allowed to breath the same air as the great white race. Even though science has proven that Africans where the first civilization on this planet it is obvious they they evolved to a greater race known as the caucasians and the ones that remained African obviously were a disgrace to God and they were intended to evolve as well. Even the white mans shit doesn’t smell as bad as Niggaz there shit smells like fresh roses with a hint of cinnamon, this is why they often don’t wash their hands after using the restroom they are so cleanly that they don’t have to! We should be grateful that they allowed us to be 3/5ths of a man and this shows the mercy and godliness of the white man. I am sure when Christ returns all white people will go with him first and will inherit great kingdoms and us Niggaz will get what’s left if anything, after all the white man is responsible for spreading the one TRUE religion Christianity and they often show there high moral character and love for God through the way they treat all other races. (footnote: all other races are a blasphemy to God and only through believing in the white man and their teachings can they be saved!) So when they murder, pillage, rape and steal from other people on this planet they are actually doing the work of God because we should all be killed but they let some of us live and teach us the Truth. I am writing this to all my Nigga friends so that they too will see the light as I have and I personally want to thank the white man for all he has done for every race on this planet. To ignorant Niggaz who try to point out that the planet is in one of the worst shapes it has ever been in and disease, famine, and ignorance is abundant I want them to know this is not because of the great white man (even though he runs the planet) its because of ignorant Niggaz who want to think for themselves and who do not want to follow the teachings and wisdom of the white man! I personally want to thank the white man for all the great he has done and I am excited to see what the great white man has in store for us next, but Im sure whatever it is NIGGAZ WILL COMPLAIN!

  8. EastSideFlyer Says:

    @rudeboi: I’m not going to debate with you whether black people attempting to hide from the reality of racism by pretending it doesn’t exist because this is absolutely a true statement. If you truly believe racism exist, you would do things to counter it. I see people on my job LOVING to socialize with white people. Love to go to parties, happy hours, etc. with them. If you were certain of the reality of racism, you would not do these things if you are black. You would come to work, do your job, then go your seperate ways after work. It’s never white people wanting to socialize with us. It’s always us wanting to socialize with them so it is us chasing after them. If you truly believe racism existed you would not do this. You would not want your children in white schools KNOWING the child will be mistreated by not only the white kids but the white teachers!! You would do all this knowing racism existed? I’m not saying every single black people don’t know racism exist but the most of us don’t. I have heard anti-black statements made by children that have been pushed into white schools but the parents are so happy to have them there they just ignore this. This is all I’m saying on this. This should not be a debatable subject between black people.

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    What do you mean when you say:

    “In each model, motivation/ passion drives excellence.”

    Motivation/passion = hatred for nonwhites? YES

    Excellence = (EFFECTIVE) + efficient practice of Racism White Supremacy? YES

  10. bluepill Says:

    What do you mean when you say:

    “In each model, motivation/ passion drives excellence.”

    Motivation/passion = hatred for nonwhites?

    Excellence = efficient practice of Racism White Supremacy?

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Racism (white supremacy) is certainly a business. It is also a religion. And a war. In each model, motivation/ passion drives excellence. As I have Victims Guaranteed Qualification, that is my judgment . If you are not a white person, you also have VGQ.

  12. bluepill Says:

    I’m not sure if white people hate black people. If you agree that racism/Whitesupremacy is all about business then perhaps hatred is just a byproduct.

    I think the one thing white people have proven is that they are collectively the smartest people around. Smartest nd most powerful people around that put “business” first.

  13. OOOOOoooooo!! Touché Sista Touché

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    In this metaphor, haven’t the white supremacists (racists) made the entire known universe the “water?” ?

  15. but you can avoid sharks by staying outta the water and jesus by staying outta your momma’s house around the helidays. OH!! and also church.

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, the opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference. White people are more than annoying to me. They are in a position to make me miserable. But, as I have taken to saying, I hate neither sharks nor white people. I am, however, always aware of their history as pertains to creatures like me.

    The emergence of these retrograde “I dream of Jesus with the steel blue eyes” may be heightened fear of victims because of the increased terroristic behavior of white people. That is less refined racist behavior…???

  17. @EastSideFlyer I was with you mostly until you let your fingers put this into internet history: “I think black people attempt to hide from the reality of racism by pretending it does not exist.” Are you absolutely serious? Where do you live? Sillyblackpeopleville? I have never in all my life ever heard or even considered that Black folk don’t think racism exist. I’ll let that be all as to not turn this into Black person on Black person internet crime.

  18. EastSideFlyer Says:

    You are correct. Black people do love white people. But when you mention this to either Black or White people they both seem to be completely unaware of this. Black people will vehmenthly deny it and white people will point to some negro that robbed a white person as proof that we don’t love them. But I point out how we follow them where ever they live. We want to live next to them, we won’t our kids to go to their schools even after KNOWING how they mistreat black children. Studies have shown this over and over and over again but black people will ignore this and send their kids there under the guise that their schools are better. But that is not the real reason. It’s because we love them and no matter how they treat us, it does not seem to bother most black people. I really can’t see anything that can change this behavior other than divine intervention.

    I wouldn’t say I hate white people per se. I dislike white people and automatically assume they are racists when I meet them. That’s being intelligent. But since most of us love them we leave ourselves open to be mistreated. I would say that I hate their racists behavior but dislike them as a racists people. Don’t know if that makes any sense but is how I feel. I think they are taught and raised to be the racist creatures they are. I don’t think it’s genetic. I hate the system of racism. But I don’t hate white people. Anyway, I think it would be more detrimental to hate them. Hatred tends to blind clear thinking. You can dislike and not trust and still think clearly but hatred hinders good thinking and judgement.

    I think black people attempt to hide from the reality of racism by pretending it does not exist. I know what you mean about Facebook. I see all these black people loveing God and Jesus and constant talk of Jesus and God and really you can exchange Jesus and God for white people because this is really what they are saying. I can’t explain this phenomenon. I’m perplexed by it. I attempted to engage some people I went to high school with who post these messages and was met with extreme resistence. I see this behavior with relatives. Why all of a sudden? Maybe it’s always been there but now we have outlets like facebook and myspace to express these views.

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    RudeBoi: Sho you right!!!

  20. Make no mistake lovely Sista…..we’s loves us some white folk. How can we not? We have been imprinted to whiteness for our entire existence in this country. I call myself not liking white people and I really believe that I don’t like white people, but just please white man leave me my internet connection on. We can march up and down the street with fist in the air and scream “CRACKA DIE”, but get up in the morning and go to the white man’s job. It is not possible for Black people to hate white people. And if you do hate them so fucking what. Now what do you do? Nothing but hate white people. They surely don’t care because our hate carry no bite. Now, if you have all that hate for white people and can’t express it to the people you hate guess who it get’s expressed on? YUP!!

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