1929: Enter Martin King, Jr. & Neely Fuller, Jr.

There is an organizing principle in the universe and it applies to epic thoughts, speech and actions. I have marveled for some time at how Martin Luther King, Jr. and Neely Fuller, Jr. entered the world in the same year, 1929. For the past year or so, I have been considering what to make of the fact that Mr. Fuller is, essentially, doing the same work today to counter racism (white supremacy) that he was doing 43 years ago at the time of the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike before Dr. King’s murder. A listener to my radio program produced  a video distilling the essential nutrients of the work of both Dr. King and Mr. Fuller with sound clips of both. There are also close-ups of  FBI documents showing how Racist Man/Woman rate their victim’s threat potential. Racists (white supremacists) are smart and they are powerful. But they do make mistakes.

To view the video, click on the photo below.


5 Responses to “1929: Enter Martin King, Jr. & Neely Fuller, Jr.”

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  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ahhhh. YOU were supposed to bring that to our attention. And, so you did, sir. Perhaps this year will be the culmination of that storm brought by that energy.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Brilliant logic. Luckily for The Great White Man and The Great White Woman, it seems to be the logic followed by most “black” people.

  4. Tyraine Says:

    Niggaz should be grateful to the white man. The white man is the most civilized man to ever be placed on the planet. They have showed that they have superior knowledge to every other race and must be Gods most loved.
    Niggaz in America should be the most grateful to the white man. Lets look at all the great things the white mans has done for Niggaz.
    If it wasn’t for the white man stealing us from our land, enslaving us, raping our women and young children, taking away our dignity, pride, religion and culture we would still be in Africa living like savages. The great white man even gave us the best thing of all CHRISTIANITY. With out the knowledge of Christ we would all be going to HELL but now we will get to go to heaven with our other great Christian brothers such as the KKK and the Nazi’s who were all believers in Christ. All Niggas do is complain about unequal rights, social injustice, economical injustice and racial inequality. I say we Niggaz should be grateful to evan be allowed to breath the same air as the great white race. Even though science has proven that Africans where the first civilization on this planet it is obvious they they evolved to a greater race known as the caucasians and the ones that remained African obviously were a disgrace to God and they were intended to evolve as well. Even the white mans shit doesn’t smell as bad as Niggaz there shit smells like fresh roses with a hint of cinnamon, this is why they often don’t wash their hands after using the restroom they are so cleanly that they don’t have to! We should be grateful that they allowed us to be 3/5ths of a man and this shows the mercy and godliness of the white man. I am sure when Christ returns all white people will go with him first and will inherit great kingdoms and us Niggaz will get what’s left if anything, after all the white man is responsible for spreading the one TRUE religion Christianity and they often show there high moral character and love for God through the way they treat all other races. (footnote: all other races are a blasphemy to God and only through believing in the white man and their teachings can they be saved!) So when they murder, pillage, rape and steal from other people on this planet they are actually doing the work of God because we should all be killed but they let some of us live and teach us the Truth. I am writing this to all my Nigga friends so that they too will see the light as I have and I personally want to thank the white man for all he has done for every race on this planet. To ignorant Niggaz who try to point out that the planet is in one of the worst shapes it has ever been in and disease, famine, and ignorance is abundant I want them to know this is not because of the great white man (even though he runs the planet) its because of ignorant Niggaz who want to think for themselves and who do not want to follow the teachings and wisdom of the white man! I personally want to thank the white man for all the great he has done and I am excited to see what the great white man has in store for us next, but Im sure whatever it is NIGGAZ WILL COMPLAIN!

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