Miami Heat: The Most Threatening Slave Revolt Since Haiti?

Bosh, Wade, James making moves against the System (of racism/white supremacy).

Sporting News, May 26, 2010,

“As the Miami Heat have found out over the course of this season, pretty much wherever they go around the NBA, they’re a target for the disdain of fans who were put off by the way the team’s trio of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh conspired to join forces in South Beach. What they may not have known, though, is that the disdain can reach high up in NBA front offices.

Celtics partner Wyc Grousbeck, speaking to the Boston radio station WEEI at a charity event, said he has been tuning in to this year’s postseason even after his team’s disappointing Eastern Conference semifinal loss to Miami for the same reason many fans around the country are watching—to root against the Heat. ‘I’m watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,’ Grousbeck said.”

White Power Salute

Conspired. Conspired. The writer, editors, and publisher of this article have all pronounced the crime of these three black males and the pursuit of them is being reported.

I am not surprised by this consensus of white people. I fully expected it as soon as I learned of Mr. James’ decision. In the system of racism (white supremacy), the only man is supposed to be a white one. The Man. To white people, when a black male man-ages any significant part of his own affairs, it is a capital crime. In such a crisis, all white people are deputized crime-stoppers. Like I said, this is to be expected.

I am astounded that so many black people have cheered on the franchises competing against Mr. Bosh, Mr. James, and Mr. Wade.
–No.– I’m more than astounded. I’m wondering when the ship for the 100 black supporters of this trio is going to beam us up to our home planet. Surely, this must be a planet operating on a whole different logic system than the one installed in my galaxy. Here, the most abused reward their abusers and never reach their limit.

Of course, white people all over the globe know they are on the same team. The team whose sole objective is to dominate black people.


It is that same objective the pale-skinned people had who kidnapped our ancestors on distant shores. Then, we did not grasp the oneness of purpose with which white people operate; that there are no tribal constraints on their unity of purpose. 500 years later, we haven’t gotten any smarter. That’s harsh. Reality often is.

Millions of black people are cheering against Mr. Bosh, Mr. James, and Mr. Wade in favor of the NBA franchise nearest them or of the franchise with uniforms the same colors of their alma mater. But, white people get that this NBA season is the most important one in history because it could be the beginning of the most threatening slave revolt since Haiti’s. The trio took salary cuts deciding that managing their own basketball careers was more important than the tallest stack of paper. They are working under much greater pressure because of that decision to place greater value on trying to be men than on comfort. See where this is going if it catches fire?

Go H E A T

Or, beam me up Scotty.*

* Scotty Pippen, a Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer, supported the Miami Heat in their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Bulls.


22 Responses to “Miami Heat: The Most Threatening Slave Revolt Since Haiti?”

  1. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    See. This is why I like you on the show. Your explanation, to me, makes sense scientifically and gives me a better understanding dominant vs recessive genes. Cree, you continue to be a credit to black women even in the victimized and precarious state of our people! Thanks for the clarification and until next time.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Greetings, sir. I hope you will forgive the delay in reply. Victim’s Syndrome.—-

    I think we may need to come to an understanding of the definition we each are using for “dominant gene”. When I say “dominant gene,” I am not speaking of “superior”/”inferior” nor of “”healthier”/unhealthier.” You are surely correct that the evidence is overwhelming that “melanin rich skin,” most other things being equal, is better for the health of a person than “melanin deficient” skin.

    However, as a matter of genetics, some genes, even if healthier are not dominant over the less healthy gene. Every person has two genes for every trait of his/her body; one inherited from the mother and one from the father. A person may inherit a healthy gene for a trait from one parent and a less healthy (or disease)gene for the same trait from the other parent. Sometimes the disease gene is “disabled” by the healthy gene—that’s a “dodged a bullet circumstance.” In this case most scientists would say that the healthy gene is dominant (and the unhealthy gene is recessive because it has receded and “bowed” to the other healthier gene).—-Sometimes the healthy gene is disabled by the diseased one—an unfortunate circumstance. In this latter case, most scientists would say that the diseased gene is dominant (and the healthy gene is recessive because it has receded and “bowed” to the other less healthy gene). When I say “dominant gene,” I mean it in the sense that most scientists mean it—that it expresses itself even if the second gene conflicts or “wants” to give conflicting orders to the body.

    Most traits in people, from height, to hair texture, to many personality characteristics, and….skin color, are determined by the blend of the two genes where neither gene is dominant nor recessive. Melanin content in skin is one such trait. As regards skin color, that is what the published science says and that is my observation.

    Thank you for the encouragement to share my views on the C.O.W.S. It is a very constructive program with many informative guests and callers. I was a guest on the program last Friday and a caller on the following Saturday. Both episodes were discussing the murder of black people by enforcement officials.

  3. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Cree, in one of your replies, this is what was said by you.

    1. Genes that code for dark skin or light skin are neither dominant nor recessive.

    Now my understanding of the science of melanin is, that a by product of high melanin content is darker skin. Which means, to me, that melanin and a deeper browning of the skin are inextricably linked. the more melanin you have the darker your skin will be and vice versa. When I say “black” gene I mean melanin rich and according to those doctors who have done the work, melanin is superior to phomelanin; which is what white people have.

    Being that melanin is linked to our genes wouldnt science say that, that makes them dominant? I could very well be extremely confused, of course.

    Miss you on the The COWS. Like when you call in and all of you have discussion after the guest has left. A lot of constructive dialogue happens at that time. Hope to hear you soon!

  4. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I do not know what what Dr. Afrika has said about melanin. So, I’m not sure whether I agree or disagree. Can you please tell me what you mean when you say “black gene” and what you mean when you say “dominant gene?” And, then tell/ask me what I have said about “black genes” that is in conflict with what you think is true? In my statement about the lack of dominance of genes for darker skin color, I did not address the importance of melanin in any organ of the body—including skin.

  5. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    So do you disagree with Dr. Llaila Afrika and his contemporaries, when they speak of melanin and the properties that go along with melanin? and melanin is tied to so called Black genetics, is it not?
    That one statement you made and what they teach seems to be in conflict Or I could just be a confused victim.

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, that is what I’m saying if what is meant by “black genetics” is darker skin.

  7. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Cree, am I understanding you correctly in saying that black genetics are not dominant over the white genetics?

  8. Richard Says:

    The answer is simple why the black female will still take him in. Black female aren’t that particularly interested in non-black males. The black male will run to any female outside of his race but you don’t see black females doing that. I’m not talking about some movie star. I’m talking about the black female as a whole. She is not that interested in non-black males. I wish more black males were like her as far as the race he is interested in.

  9. In spite of all that, I have to agree with Cree, Black women STILL seek the validation of black males. It manifests pathologically but it’s real. How is it that the drinking, womanizing, gambling, irresponsible, non-working, non-parental male can still find a black female to take him in?

    We MUST dismantle this system of white domination that has so many of our males so reduced that preying on black females is even an option.

    For the record, I love being “validated” by my attempting husband.

  10. EastSideFlyer Says:

    I agree with everything you said here except that black females are seeking validation from black males. I don’t think the average black female really thinks much of the black male so why would she seek his validation? And she has a reason for feeling this way. I’m not knocking her at all. The black male, supposed protector of his woman and his family has been reduced to practically nothing. A lot of us drink, womanize, gamble, irresponsible, non-working, non-parental. How can the black female look up to someone like that and seek his validation? We all look like no good niggers to her…even when we’re not.

  11. EastSideFlyer Says:

    It’s not only black females that feel special when a white man wants her. The black male is the same way when he has a white woman. I’ve seen almost a paranoia with black males when they have a white female thinking that every black man wants her. Maybe this is true to a certain extent. Maybe the other black males feel that the only reason she is with him is for sex and that there is no real commitment there and that she might be willing to “sample” other black males. Seems feasible.

  12. EastSideFlyer Says:

    I think that the native americans just died off. I think they could not stand to be subjugated by the white man and did not want their future generations to be also. I can really understand that and it makes sense to me because I have had those same thoughts about our plight here in america. Maybe it would be better that we just die off and some time in the future come back when the white mans world may be ended…by what means I don’t know. But I hate living under their rule. I hate their blatant racism and how they have litterally “gobbled” us up. It may be better that we just stop producing more offspring to be assimilated. Well to other topics here.

    I wonder if slave females actually told their children that they were master so-and-so’s children. I don’t know but if I were a slave woman I wouldn’t want to tell them on my own. If they got grown and really wanted to know and asked me I would tell them but only under those circumstances. And I don’t think them knowing that would make them feel more “softer” towards the slave master. He never cuddled, played with, spent any time with, raised any of those kids he fathered with the slave woman so I can’t see the offspring of the master having any kind of kinship towards him. As a matter of fact, I’m sure very few slaves actually wanted to kill the master. That’s just not our nature. We wanted to be free but I don’t think the spirit of murder was in our hearts even back then and MOST certainly not now.

    Black or so called mixed people don’t decide to mate with whites. Whites are the ones who decide to mate with us. They make the decision who mates with them. So a mixed person can not decide to mate with a white person. White males may want to have sex with a black or mixed female but he’s not likely going to take her home to meet his parents. And even if he does he will still manifest his racism…even in front of her and think absolutely nothing of it. A leopard can not change it’s spots. This goes for black males that marry white females. The white female doesn’t change. The black male just accepts/ignore/oblivious to her racism.

    From my understanding of genetic annihilation, I think it’s more a fear than a reality. That’s what I thought Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was saying. This fear is motivation for being racist and not something that can actually happen. I thought she was saying it was the only explanation for white people being the way they are. I don’t think any white person goes around thinking or worrying about being genetically annihilated. They may feel they want to keep the white race “pure” and/or not mate with “heathens”. But I don’t think they are worrying about being genetically annihilated.

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I think you’re correct. Some black females seek validation from black males through white males when the black males spurn them for white and other light-phenotyped females. It’s seen as having the validation from the people the black male values most highly. It’s an end-around to salve hurt feelings. But as far as bedding and not loving…SMH. I don’t know when black people stopped teaching that to their female offspring. But, early as a generation ago, some parents began eagerly feeding their females offspring to the lion thinking that is represents some kind of achievement greater than graduating from Harvard medical school.

  14. You know what, I think it was Pam who said that. Sorry…Do you think black females are seeking validation from white males moreso than black males? What I see is black females continuing to seek validation from black males, which unfortunately is something of a losing battle under this vicious system because he can’t even validate himself. But I think black females need to be a bit more real about white man bedding them versus loving them.

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    As I’ve said, I appreciate the analysis as I would hope all victims are doing on and thought, speech and action.

    As for the WM-BF tragic arrangement, I don’t recall making that statement. Perhaps I did, do you recall when and in what context? I usually talk about how black females sometimes seek validation from white males after black males have overlooked us in favor of someone “whiter.”

  16. Hey Cree. Let me kick this around in my head a bit more. I’m with you in terms on the dominant gene – otherwise I would think Mr. Obama would be much darker than he his with hair of a different grade. What I’m not settled on is that a primal fear of genetic annihilation can’t co-exist with not believing in the dominance of the “black gene”. But I feel your desire to make sense of it rather than just agree with our elder – I have the same desire in that we should be able to explain why we disagree as well as agree with a POV.

    If we look back at plantation life, your position would ask, why allow the enslaved to breed with the enslaved (which happened far more than Thomas breeding with Sally?) Why would not the “owner” be the only sperm provider for all of the black women on a given plantation? Aside from just not being “capable” of being the only sperm depositor, he needed to keep his “stock” up once importation was abolished. The black male – black female children were enslaved, the black female-white male children were enslaved. The white male-white female children proceeded to be “owners” themselves, until this day. The raping of black women didn’t thwart that progression.

    Let me think on it some more. It would be great if we can get it down to a codified, easily-understood explanation. For myself, I’m willing to grant that Dr. Welsing is seeing this on a psychological level which entails conscious and unconscious behaviour. I’m willing to allow that bestial rapists are not always acting “logically.” Then again, if they too don’t believe in the dominance of the “black gene” it would explain why they rape on one hand and castrate on the other. I gotta roll for now, but I’m willing to continue with this along with you.

    P.S. I would at some point like to explore a point you made a while ago – that of black women feeling “special” when white males “want” us. There seems to be a media blitz trying to convince black females that white males haven’t ALWAYS had access.

  17. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thoughtful “Peer review”/scrutiny, such as yours, is necessary for the science of counter-racism to advance. So, thank you, LBM. I hope you will forgive my delay in responding, I wanted my reply to be equally thoughtful Getting this right is too important.

    In answer to you inquiry about my view of the theory of “fear of white genetic annihilation,” I hold that the evidence does not support the theory that white people’s chief/core motivation for of the system of white supremacy is fear of the sexual annihilation by the dominant genes that code for brown skin. Reasons:

    1. Genes that code for dark skin or light skin are neither dominant nor recessive.

    2. While it is true that white men have always guarded the womb of white women against the entrance by black males, it is also true that they have made copious invasions into the wombs of black females. And, genes for brown skin are sexually transmitted by males and females equally.

    You raise the possibility of a multi-generational mechanism to avoid “white genetic annihilation.” In this mechanism, if I understand it correctly, the lack of dominance of genes that code for dark skin is precisely what affords, through successive generations, the breeding out of “black genes.” While this mechanism is possible, I think it very improbable. It would require that male sexual response is disconnected from the seemingly universal instinct of life forms to breed with those most suited to preserve the genes that define the life form, i.e., having sex with a wolf so that the grown pups will guard the bed while he has sex with his woman.—- Notice that I said improbable not impossible. Many of them do seem to have a penchant for bestiality.

    I subscribe to the axiom that the simplest explanation to explain phenomena is usually the correct one. I stated my alternate, I think simpler, hypothesis on the same BTR program in which I discussed the Feast of All Saints—my very first radio segment two years ago. Though I have since refined it some, you can email me if you’d like a copy of that episode:


    My review of the literature on the genocide of the Australian aborigine indicates that the primary strategy used to reduce their numbers was the kidnapping of young females so that they bore the offspring of white men if any at all. I am sure a lot of killing went on as well. That’s what Racist Man and Racist Woman do. I do regret it if my statements unintentionally underplayed that.

  18. And to make matters worse, to my current knowledge, all three are with non-white women. The horror of it!

    Cree, I hate to be off topic but the last blog talk program was so short. I’d like to explore this genetic annihilation topic a bit. But first I’d like you to check on the comments you made about the “Aboriginal” peoples of Australia being reduced through the infusion of white genes. I think that underplays the fact that millions of Aboriginal peoples were straight up murdered, much like the so-called Native Americans here.

    As to the genetic annihilation piece, I refer to plantation culture. The fact that racist man raped some of the enslaved women didn’t stop him from producing “heirs” with his white female. Those “heirs” were to dominate over the blacks as well as “mulattos”. I don’t think the tactic of genetic annihilation is a one-generational tactic. The tactic of creating “divided loyalty” individuals, as Dr. John Henrik Clark called them is minimally 2-fold. One, most of the children borne of the slaveowner and enslaved women did not desire to kill their “father.” So while creating this “buffer” class, white male slaveowner was still PROTECTED to continue procreating with his white female – securing his genetic proliferation. Second, as I saw so clearly in Brazil, MOST of the children born of white and black prefer to then mate with the more socio-economically dominant side – the white side. So while the offspring of the initial union most likely has “coloration” and perhaps “tightly coiled” hair – the proceeding generations, if they desire some modicum of life over survival, continue to mate white and thus pigmentation and hair “quality” are lost. Now whether that’s “genetic” annihilation in the “scientific” sense or not, I can’t argue. But I see Dr. Welsings point. I see your point as well, but it seems to only apply to that first generation and doesn’t take into account the likely behaviour of the offspring. I may not be making sense. With the objective of clarity please reiterate your stance against the genetic annihilation theory. BTW, I think the genetic annihilation theory can stand without overstating the “strength” of the “black gene”. It may be that the “black gene” is only as strong as it’s “coupling” – coffee with milk versus milk with coffee???

    P.S. Did you see the movie Feast of All Saints?

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Oh yeah.I agree that the refs will be blatantly calling the game in favor of Mr. Nowitzki. From what I’ve been hearing online and those I overhear at the market, etc, I wonder, though, how many black people understand the importance of this series to Racist Man and Racist Woman.

    This may be the only championship Mr. Bosh, Mr. James, and Mr. Wade have a chance at winning. The counter-response to their decision to make their own roster assignments is likely going to be an NBA lock-out next season. Just like in the 60s, white people drained the pools and took the chairs out of the library, they are making plans to take the balls off the court:) It’s not about money. It’s about power. Specifically it’s about maintaining the power inequality of : White > Black

  20. EastSideFlyer Says:

    It will be interesting how this nba finals will be officiated. I can see that if any black person breathes too hard on Dirk Nowitzki, a foul will be called but if he runs to the hoop and knocks down negros left and right, those negros on the floor will be called for fouls. I really think this is going to happen. And I hate how these guys who call the games on tv seem to side with the officials no matter how wrong they are. I really think this will be a very racially charged final.

  21. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Wow. So glad you’re on our team. Truly.

  22. EastSideFlyer Says:

    Sometimes I find it hard to cheer many of our black athletes. I have a problem with all the tattoos, piercings and whatnot. I feel that many of our young black youth emulate these guys to their own detriment. That same white guy that will cheer these brothers running up and down a basketball court will immediately throw a young black males employment application in the trash can if he comes to their desk seeking employment with his arms, neck, face tattooed up. I wish these athletes could see this and not do these things because I think it’s hurting our youth. Many of these millionaire black athletes also seem to have an insatiable lust for white women. I know these white girls are throwing themselves at these guys as soon as they sign the contract and this shows me that racism/white supremacy is not talked about at all in the black home. No matter how many black athletes they see go broke paying these white girls once they knock them up and/or marry them it seems to not have any kind of effect. This speaks to the power of the white female over these mentally “challenged” black athletes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love watching basketball but it does bother me how these guys carry themselves.

    But be that as it may, I have noticed how much “atta boys” they give Dirk Navenski or however you spell his last name. Now, Dirk’s a bad boy but the praise they were giving him, I felt, was white people being so happy to have a bad white guy in the midst of these superstar black athletes. And you are right about the consensus of white people. I licken it to the Borg in the Star Trek series. There are many different Borgs but they all think identically. They are as one and white people really remind me of that. It does seem once “the word” has come down to start hating on a black person, white people will all start hating even if they know nothing about the person they are suppose to be hating on. It’s unbelieveable. They all hate Muammar Gathafi but if he was next to them in a grocery line they wouldn’t even know him. But this is their system and the system is genius!! It works perfectly and I think black people should adopt parts of their system to fight against them but our love for these people is so great I think most of us would reject using their system against them.

    Cree, that statement about a black man being a man is a capital crime and all white people being deputized to fight that crime is a magnificent analogy and so true.

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