One Gorilla All But Disappears from NBA Finals

There was only one brief appearance of a gorilla in any of the commercials that aired this evening during the last game of the 2011 NBA Finals– compared to about ten in the previous games. To me, that is the big news. The ads for The Zookeper were mostly removed from rotation during game 6. When the butts of their joke catch on, it usually ceases to be funny to Becky and Brian.

Sure, The Big Three are on the losing side. But, so are all of the black guys employed by the Dallas Mavericks. Bosh, James, and Wade made a valiant stand and I’m not disappointed in them at all. It’s total war in everything the racists (white supremacists) do against us. Since total war does not exclude killing infants, it most definitely can include: hiring a coach to sabotage a basketball team that has black players who are trying to be men; conspiracies for battery & assault camouflaged as fouls on said players, offers that can’t be refused involving the safety of those closest to them, and season lock-outs to buy time for other dirty dealings like criminal set-ups and charges, or even tragic accidents off the court.

This was and is a big one for Racist Man and Racist Woman.

I suspect that the gorilla on LeBron James’ back is the same one on mine. It is not the one that only peeked at us today during the ONE commercial for the Zookeeper movie. It’s the one that sunburns.

Becky's husband/brother, Brian


4 Responses to “One Gorilla All But Disappears from NBA Finals”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    @ linda. Here, here!

  2. Let’s boycott everything white/Asian cause YT is nothing more than a blood sucking vampire! Black folks non-whites, Moors, Nubians, Africans, African-American whatever label makes you happy…we need to stop being cowards and stand up and fight like a man and woman together against des racist white men and women. Becky, Bob, Brian and Jennifer cause they’re guilty, soul less, color less and known serial killers of the mind, body and soul of Just US! Admit you’re afraid, but do it anyway!

  3. Excellent commentary. The one about hiring a coach to sabotage is excellent food for thought.

  4. Common Sense Says:

    You’re a racist idiot! You do what ever you can to create attention and drama to yourself and anything you can give a racist spin to, spoken from very
    educated African American women. Do you even like basket ball? Or do you watch the NBA to look for racial spins on anything possible, because if you did you wouldn’t care about the Zoo keeper commercials or even noticed them as much as you did. Next thing you know you’ll be saying the Zoo keeper movie is a racist attack on Zoo animals. Get a life! Black people; my people are as racist as any body so racism is definitely not a race thing because it does not matter what race you are in order to be a complete idiot! My family loved those commercials especially the part when the gorilla said I could crush you like a grape not because he’s a black gorilla or the Zoo keepers white, but because he’s a Fucking Gorilla and the last time I checked gorillas could crush any human like a damn grape. Grow the fuck up!

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