We Don’t Need ‘The Help’—

The unthreatening sexually unattractive black female propping up the self-esteem of white women. Too many images of Michelle Obama, you know.

Despite the pages and pages of contrary information that google will churn out, here’s the truth: Black females are NOT fatter than white or Hispanic women.

“When percent body fat was used, the obesity rate was highest in Hispanic women (69.1%) and the rates were similar in white (58.7%) and black women (60.4%). “ Black females generally weigh more than a white/”Hispanic”/”Asian” female who wears the same clothes size and who measures the same with a tape. This is because black females have denser, firmer muscles and denser bones (the latter is the reason that we have virtually no risk of osteoporosis in later life). White scientists really know this but their official line, government and otherwise, is to use this advantage to defame black females and to make it appear that we have worse bodies. Racism (white supremacy) in every area of people activity.

The differences in obesity rates between white and black females is not statistically significant. What is significant is that, despite the hormonal stresses black females endure because of the every-minute pressure from racism/white supremacy (no other female endures what we do), we still are neck and neck with white women in terms of physical fitness.*

The more this post is shared, the more accessible this information should be when people do google searches on the subject. Let’s get this important truth to be commonly known. In the meantime, just understand why stories about the poor character of a black female victim of rape by a white man, or about black females wringing our hands about our inability to attract a mate, or why movies like “The Help” will proliferate. Anything to keep black males from knowing what a good thing they have in us and to prop up the egos of white women.

Hey, white women, we don’t want your men. They’re fine for you. See what you can do to keep them off of us— besides spreading distorted images of us. That has never worked in the centuries y’all have been on this continent with us.

Also, would you please see what you can do to get your man to lay off of all the assaults on black males, please? Oh, and, our guys need some decent jobs. They’re great help. Can you help with that?

* Of all groups of females (including Asians), black females have the lowest percent of “visceral fat”, i.e., the fat on the torso that is correlated with heart disease. A greater proportion of our fat is in the “good places.” It is purely the effects of the stress of racism (white supremacy) that has us dying of strokes and heart disease at greater rates


29 Responses to “We Don’t Need ‘The Help’—”

  1. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Cree, yes she is throwing down and I can do nothing but agree.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, you are throwing DOWN.

  3. We’re on the same page. The (ancient) history is what it is. It won’t be taken from us UNLESS we give it by DOING many of the things we’re doing now.

    Umar is usually spot on but I did have some concerns with his “physical” Back to Africa presentation on the Remix.

    As for you and ALL Black men not fitting that definition under the system of white domination – as a Black female – I can only ask that more of you even be WILLING if not totally able to work with black women and elders and children towards that definition. Because under this system it’s impossible for a Black man to provide and protect with NO “outside ” help – even if that “help” is simply to be left alone. For example, even Umar has said he can’t do the things he wants to do without a further piece of paper. Who is issuing that piece of paper? So all I’m saying is, Emmissary, don’t let not being able to fit that definition completely deter you. I once heard a lecturer say a man produces more than he consumes. I think that’s a good start because right now we have too many brothers preying on the resources of women, often with children. So if we can even get that pride back into Black males to want to provide for self and family that will be a start. So again, the main fight will have to be against white domination. It’s sapping the very ability of our males to define themselves. I hope I live to see Black men able to function in a society in which racism is replaced with justice.

    P.S. I went to the Millions March against (not sure what, really) – anyway, I left before Farakhan even came on because there were constant chants of “Black Power” and being here in NYC, as far as I know, the white perverts who rammed a stick up the backside of a Black male are still alive and well. I won’t fault my brothas for being under this system – but we need a more dignified presentation.

  4. EmmisaryOfWar Says:

    @LBM, the queens and king thing is important in regards to building pride in what we see when we look in the mirror. But your suggested approach of focusing on the problems that got us in this predicament, is pretty much the only way we can go. Because once we figure out and solve those problems(black males cowardliness and incorrect use of their phallus’s), the kings and queen will return; I believe. Umar, is usually spot on with his suggestions and some of those children should be let in and watched, but none of their parents can be aloud. White people play a zero sum game and we must have the same zero tolerance. If we are to go back to Afrika it will be to totally get away from anyone who has even an inkling of whiteness in their heart. My statement of black males above is based on Umar’s definition of a Black man, which is 59 minutes into his fourth appearance on the C.O.W.S. Also I do not yet fit that definition.

  5. Well EmmisaryofWar…that’s a perspective…I will have to let the brotha’s opinion stand as his:) When folk take literally what is perhaps allegory, problems will follow. Then he jumped from an ancient tale to 1948 white Israel? At any rate, my point was that our “AFRICAN” men (not only the Rasta lines) have a HISTORY of producing children with non-African women and I’m contending that that behaviour is what produced the pale arab and pale “north” Africans in the first place. In other words, where did this person who ultimately raped African women come from? My ultimate goal is to understand as Mr. Fuller has stated : let’s stop with the kings and queens and pyramids and focus on where we went wrong so we can stop repeating the same behaviour that got us in this mess.

  6. I will read it and hit you back. Meanwhile I’m listening to Umar Abdullah Johnson talking about “Back to Africa” and saying those people with a white parent are to be just as accepted as “African” and allowed to repatriate. He acknowledges that the product of such unions have traditionally not served Africa/Africans but still should be allowed back if such a move was to take place. So what of the white parent of such people? So yeah, “extremely fustrating and disconcerting” is fo’ sho’.

  7. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Yeah, I know that they are not insurmountable, but they are extremely frustrating and disconcerting at times. Have you read the article below? it might explain some of that rasta behavior.


  8. They aren’t insurmountable but we have to recognize the problems as not to keep repeating the behaviour that perpetuates. I recently heard from a Rasta friend who complained of what she called “fake” Rasta men, not only taking up with white women but taking them on trips to Ethiopia. I’m not sure Garvey was saying “Back to Africa”…and don’t forget to bring white females. 😦 Now I do know Rasta men who honor “Mother Africa” and her daughters.

  9. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    I can agree that there is much fault with black males and the causation of this arab problem. Wow, we have some serious problems to correct and some days these problem seem insurmountable.

  10. I’m saying, the transaltlantic slave trade to this this part of the world is 5-6 hundred years old?? The “pale arab” trade supposedly took place just prior to the european one – so lets says 7-8 hundred years ago. Well, for one Arabia was once physically attached to Africa – a part of Ethiopia?? There’s plenty of evidence that “arab” at one time referred to language, not skin color or ethnicity?? Also, what of the time when AFricans were not being preyed upon – when being Black was not a bad thing? When AFrican men went into “Europe” and “Asia” – who did they sleep with? The Moors were in SPain for 600 years? Hannibal marched on Italy with 50K soldiers ? How many of those soldiers were African women? So WHo did they they have sex with while “abroad.”

    I’ve included all those questions marks because I’m not making any defintive statement – I haven’t done the research to put the information in order – but those are questiions that my common sense is asking? Before Dr. Clark passed he said one thing we haven’t dealt with that we will have to deal with at some point is what he called “the role of the bastard”. All I’m saying is, Arabia is a small place compared to the rest of the Continent and if we concede that at one time an “arab” could look like Ghaddafi or like Wesley Snipes—I’m just not seeing that a few “half-and half” males raped their way through African women to produce what is now Arabia and North Africa. I contend that African men went abroad and produced some children who returned to reap the rewards of their father’s land – and that African men brought these children, and their non-African mothers back to Africa.

    That is not to say there was NO rape or otherwise unions between paler arabs and African women – but I don’t think that produced the majority of what we see as pale arabs today.

    But work with me on this. I’m no authority. The common thought is just not working for me.

    P.S. The white man’s fear Black men taking their women didn’t start here in “America”. Remember the Moors in SPain was before the “american” trade. Chronology.

  11. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    @LBM, what do you mean when you make this statement.” In terms of chronology and numbers, I’m not with the “arabs raped African women” mantra. I’m more inclined to follow the wandering African penis.” ?

  12. And no, we definitely don’t need “the help”.

  13. Perhaps I worded that question wrongly – I am always interested in the “why” of a thing. My point was one of priority, emphasis, and focus. If several snakes are in my presence, is my first priority to question which ones are constrictors or which are venomous – or is it to remove myself from the environment?
    Thanks for the dialogue, Cree.

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Meantime, how does it help us to know their motivations rather than concentrate on the fact that the system exists regardless? “—Well, that is a perennial question. It is interesting that it is asked only by people who do not disagree with the “white genetic annihilation” hypothesis. And, usually, after they have supported it at some length. It is interesting to me because the importance of knowing the causation of the behavior of white people is not questioned when supporting that hypothesis. It reminds me of when white people only say that the color of Jesus is not important until a lot of evidence is put forth that he was black. I always want to know why a person is doing something, it is key to anticipating and extinguishing behaviors I don’t like because, then, I can take away the incentive one way or another.

    On the second part, I certainly realize that you have VGQ (Victim’s Guaranteed Qualification) to say or do anything you regard as correct in response to the system of racism (White supremacy). We seem to agree on the sex part but disagree on the rest. I think a Chinese can be white or black. Same with a Jew, Latino, etc. There are light-skinned black people. And, the advantage of being light-skinned of which they cannot control does not make them white. However, when it is voluntary, I think it can. And, I suppose we just disagree onhttps://cree7.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form that.

    More that anything, I just support victims working through their code brick by brick and not taking whole unquestioned modules on that they have not examined and reasoned through for themselves. Sometimes things can be presented as more complex than they really are and sometimes they can be expressed more simply than they really are. And, each person has to make that judgement for herself/himself.

  15. Okay. I’m thinking on the first part of your response. Meantime, how does it help us to know their motivations rather than concentrate on the fact that the system exists regardless?

    On the second part, my personal experience with the term “non-white” is when black folk wanna screw a “non-black” and say “but she/he ain’t white.” So while I can deal with it within whatever context it’s defined by the person using it, it’s not a personal use of wording for me. I do however find it useful to understand that indeed THE problem is white people. That’s not to say “others” can’t be A problem – but given the historical context in which we find ourselves currently – Chinese people are not responsible. And I don’t regard a Chinese person as either black or white. I think that just as some academics over intellecualize (?) the subject, we can also over politicize it. In other words, for my personal code, it’s not productive for me to spend too much time on definitions of “black” and “white” when I’m clear about the white people on my job and at the bank and in blue uniforms and in white coats and black robes who have and give the authority to mistreat me. Is this too simplistic?

    Note: “Arabs” are a interesting lot :). For one, we know that Arabia was once a physical part of Africa. I have been wanting the time for years to research the origins of the “pale arab”. In terms of chronology and numbers, I’m not with the “arabs raped African women” mantra. I’m more inclined to follow the wandering African penis. But that’s another stream 🙂

  16. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, you said, “I agree that the one body type as beautiful notion should be dismissed but it doesn’t hurt to show the inaccuracy of their own “facts”. White women, in general, don’t even “fit” their bill.”–Indeed.

    You also said, “I’m not understanding your quest to disprove Dr. Welsing’s theory. Why not simply disagree with it – with the understanding that more than one “theory” can co-exist. If you can tell me what it would mean if her “science” is off, perhaps I will understand where you’re coming from.”—If I’m correct that the motivation for the system of racism (white supremacy) is NOT fear of WHITE genetic annihilation but, rather, the symbiotic acquisition of our genes into another (sub)species, believing that it is fundamentally about skin color will lead to two terminal problems: 1) the elimination of the dark skin phenotype as black people mistakenly reason that their dark skin can’t be “dominated,” and 2) the successful elimination of our (sub)species as we are WHOLLY incorporated into this newer, destructive one. (whatever is left of us will be forever subservient to the other species’ needs)

    Lastly, Asians, Arabs, Pacific Islanders, etc ARE the offspring of white and black parents. And, I do not regard such people as “non-white.” I regard them either as black or as white. Like proton or electron.

    Always appreciate your thoughtful commentary and questions, LBM.

  17. I agree that the one body type as beautiful notion should be dismissed but it doesn’t hurt to show the inaccuracy of their own “facts”. White women, in general, don’t even “fit” their bill.

    Cree, again I apologize for deviating from this thread but I have a question concerning your talk with “Quinton”. Perhaps, if you think it will be worth it, you can have separate topic heads concerning the radio programs. I never know when they are coming on but I do listen to the archives. At any rate… I’m not understanding your quest to disprove Dr. Welsing’s theory. Why not simply disagree with it – with the understanding that more than one “theory” can co-exist. If you can tell me what it would mean if her “science” is off, perhaps I will understand where you’re coming from.

    I don’t think the quest to genetically eliminate black folk is nullified by some whites lust for black flesh. I haven’t seen where this goal has been limited to sex. I’m actually more concerned with the forced/unwitting sterilizations, either through the scalpels/knives of the past or the tainted “foods” and “medicines” of the present. Creating chasms between black male and female to keep us from procreating is yet another “science” not to be dismissed.

    Also, you cited “asians” as a “buffer” group. That’s fine if that’s your context but I must say, in the conversations that I’ve heard over the years concerning white domination, the “buffer” group has usually been the offspring of white and black, with the understanding that that offspring would have “divided loyalties” and be reluctant to go against their white parent even in the cause of justice.

    I’m not one to believe all “non-whites” i.e “asians” are friends of black folk either. But inasmuch as those “non-whites” are informed on how to regard me, as a black person, by white dominators – the overriding problem continues to be white people.

  18. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Madam, you raise a very important point. It is, I think, the most important point concerning the perceived sexual attractiveness of black females as relates to our size, weight, and how how lean we are or are not. Thank you for alerting me that I’ve fallen for one of the traps of Racist Man/ Racist Woman and, in so doing, possibly leading others to do the same. I cannot deny that the body-type projected as desirable by the overwhelming majority of white people is woman-hating and supportive of a male homosexual aesthetic—which is consistent with white males’ own sense of sexual inadequacy.

    You asked, “if the misinformation about Black women having higher levels of “obesity” were true, would it make statements about Black women being “overweight” and therefore “unattractive” any less racist?” Many would answer this question ,” yes.” Such people would reason that health and sexual attractiveness go hand in hand . To that, I would say, yes the two do go hand in hand. However, the upper limit on body fat percentage for health and fertility for females, in general and black females in particular, is much, much higher than we are led to believe. I have a duty to admit my error. That will be my next post and it will include an attribution to you. Henrietta, please accept my enthusiastic gratitude.

  19. Henrietta Says:

    I am a little confused by so many posts I see online (not just on this site, but across many counter racist sites) regarding the weight/size/perceived physical attractiveness of Black women. In my opinion, you are focusing on the wrong point here. Rather than citing statistics about the weight of Black females as compared to the weight of white females, why not address the fact that the single minded focus of only ONE body type as sexually attractive is RWS in action? The idea that the only attractive body type is wispy and slim is an extremely Eurocentric concept. Why do you feel the need to use a European concept (the need to conform to a certain body type in order to be attractive) and use statistics to “prove” that white people are “wrong” about Black women. Why not address the idea that there IS no “ideal” body type in terms of physical attraction?? If the misinformation about Black women having higher levels of “obesity” were true, would it make statements about Black women being “overweight” and therefore “unattractive” any less racist? The whole concept of “attractiveness” being tied to a certan physical type is racist….

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for sharing that it CAN work. And, ALWAYS good to hear about a functional black male-black female counter-racist unit. I am smiling ear to ear.

  21. That’s it CREE. And we used to have a tradition of skilled men whether they were “licensed” or not. I have to give a shoutout to my own valiantly attempting husband – he has a couple of skilled trades, has learned a few along the way and continues to learn ways in which we can not give plantation dollars right back. Between him and a few other Black men we haven’t had to pay any non-black to maintain or repair anything. So inasmuch as this fight is about what we need to do rather than white folks changing – yes, we need to be about the business of at least being able to do as much as we can for each other. A black male being in a home with a black female and having to call on racist man to fix the roof is against my personal code. After surviving the stress of dealing with racist woman on the plantation, the last thing I want to do is pay her man to come into my abode to do anything…

  22. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, it sure would be great to have that kind of participation by black males. Thanks for the insight. LBM…And I have never seen anything you have posted that has even been close to rambling. Yes, yes, not as obvious but just as thick… I think that what you suggest about the skill acquisition of black males is powerful. If black females are going to be slaving on the plantation with the jobs white people allow us to have and then spending that money helping physically support black males, black males need to have skills to make as close to a reciprocal exchange as possible. A black female should NEVER have to pay anybody nonblack to maintain or repair anything. And, that’s just for starters.

  23. Not only Speilberg but also Cissy Spacek was in a movie in which Whoopie Goldberg played her housekeeper in the Civil Rights era. No, I’m not so desperate for ANY black images that I would even think to pay for this flick. I have free tickets that I planned to see Planet of the Apes with but even so, I don’t want to support it , especially by showing up during the all important ratings first weekend. I’m not a huge fan of bootlegs but I may check into that. But if we get around to the movie-theatre boycott, it would need to be for an opening weekend such as this or certainly for one of the Medea type flicks.

    As for Black women and body types, weight, etc – Black women should know by now that muscle is heavier than fat and we tend to have more muscle which is why we can weigh 145 at a size 10 while another female can weight 125 at the same size. And turning away from the television and magazines and actually traveling a bit, especially to “middle america” and the south will reveal the sizes of average white females. But at any rate, the STRESS of being a Black female is real and indeed needs to be addressed. The HBP and heart disease is real and we need to figure out how we can navigate in order to live lives as HEALTHY as possible under this white dominated system. We can’t continue to put so much time and finances into the mutilation of our, and our daughters hair. It’s STRESSFUL. We can’t continue to worry about feeding children and adult Black males. It’s STRESSFUL. So it can’t be about white dominators GIVING our men jobs. We need to support our men getting skills that we need in our attempted communities and actually hiring them to do the work – this includes trades and vocations as well as professions. As it relates to jobs that our tax dollars pay for – we need to be dealing with that in terms of making sure those jobs come our way, including to those men previously incarcerated.

    Sorry to ramble but I just don’t think we’re seeing how important it is to address the attack on Black female in terms of her ability to equally help in this fight against white domination. The manure is not as obvious as it is upon Black males but it’s just as thick. We need to figure out how we can support one another such that we can indeed wage this war against the common enemy . “The problem IS white people.”

    P.S. Wouldn’t it be great to have a number of Black men protesting the continued image of the Black female as nanny/maid?

  24. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ya know?? I’m marking them, justjones. You’d think Racist Man/Woman would be bored with executing the same moves they been using in cinema for over a century.

  25. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, sir. Yes, yes, Mr. Wickett’s wit is Wicked. His writing style has greatly influenced mine. His insight and delivery are amazing gifts to us.

  26. justjones Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Cree. I’m disgusted by the premise of this movie. A contemporary Driving MIss Daisy clearly meant to further engender affection and appreciation for white women amongst blacks. Also prop up the white female ego, like you state.

    I believe white people know black females are as if not more attractive than white women or else there’d be no need to spread propaganda and proliferate these false images. I appreciate you pointing out that we shouldn’t fall for the okey-doke.

    In the tradition of white folks loving racist/white supremacist movies, this is going to be an Oscar contender/likely winner for sure. Mark my words.

  27. Blkpanther Says:

    I love your commentary Cree, right on point with the attractiveness of black women over whites and hispanics…We are seeing this all out assault on our women with these movies, so that these washed out white women can look and feel good about themselves…This is the 2011 version of “The Color Purple”, notice the same director Steven Speilberg, is also the director for this movie…Looking forward to Josh Wickett’s appearance on the COWS…

  28. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, also too true. Same w/ he BET video “vixens.”

  29. bluepill Says:

    Too true. With as many beautiful black women I see every single day, you would think that we would see more on TV. The only time I see attractive black women on tv are on the news channels like cnn ….but these women usually have straightened hair and feature more in line with many white women. It’s a “Double Whammy”.

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