Anybody can be black. Really. No matter how pale you are, you can accept the label, the mistreatment, and the responsibility for bringing justice to this planet. Disown your non-black kin folk. Make declarations every ten minutes if you have to. And, find imaginative ways to do it: wear black history month ties; look at the ground when you talk to white folks; whatever it takes. If you’re not black, you know the subtle behaviors you expect of black people when we are in your presence. The lighter-skinned you are, the harder you work it. Being black is, of course, grueling. We do it. So can you. Yet, except for boxing promoter, Rock Newman, and a few people that he appeared with on a Donahue show long ago, I know of no one who has made that choice.

Yeah, well, YOU know. When a person accepts a non-black classification, it’s the acceptance of a position in the global firm of Black Abuse Unlimited. You hold some position of dominance in the global system of white supremacy even if it’s entry-level, seasonal, or on-call. If you are in that firm, it matters not to me whether your name is Hickman, Washington, Bin Laden, Cohen, Patel, or duhdum…. Ortiz. That’s why I luuuuuuuv it when black guys pummel non-black people. Quite simply, they all deserve it. And, so, my immune system is strengthened when I see it.

I went to see the Mayweather-Ortiz fight (for free) last night just so I could spend some time with my gentlemate in a change of scenery. I’m so glad I did. For the ladies who are unlikely to view any of the video, let me give the essentials: The news stories say the sportsmanship of the winning blows is debatable. It is not. Those stories say that Ortiz didn’t expect the punch. He did. They say that Mayweather, the black fighter, fought dirty. He did not. It is the conduct of Victor Ortiz, the non-black fighter, that was shameful. Anti-black. Tacky. Trifling. Terroristic.

The contest was paused after Ortiz, frustrated that he was being dominated by Mayweather, butted his head into the black boxer in an impersonation of a horned ram. When the action resumed, Ortiz played his race card. Instead of getting back to business, he opened his arms wide in a feigned “Aw gee, brother, I’m sorry” stance. Ortiz reasoned that his poor performance in the preceding rounds would be overshadowed by the snarling boos of the world-wide anti-black conglomerate when Mayweather did not accept the apology made in such grand theatrical fashion. And, Ortiz knew that the apology would not be accepted because, before the two fighters went back to the center of the ring, Ortiz had offered his gloves to Mayweather in apology. Mayweather had pushed them away. No man at least as pale as Ortiz would have been expected to accept such a smug and cheap dismissal of that nasty behavior. When the two fighters returned to the center of the ring, the referee said, “Let’s go!”—Ortiz didn’t. Mayweather did. Ortiz got hit— as he had to have anticipated. Ortiz has heart but no honor. When he went down, his knees were up like a bad stunt man’s fall. He was playing for the anti-black sympathy to deflect the shame of his impending loss back onto Mayweather. Of course, it worked. And, now, the stock holders in the system of white supremacy (all non-black people) are outraged that the slave didn’t accept his abuse nicely. Bad slave!!

Anti-blackness on vivid display.

But, we will stop it all over this planet.

And, when we do, we will have no mercy.

Want a preview of what that will be like? Review, over and over again, Mayweather’s response to Ortiz’ nasty plea.


FYI: Rock Newman who has spent his existence as a black person



  1. is it? why do you say this?

    anyway, glad others saw the farce. Mayweather has to go down in history as the black men who went against DEFEAT by not BUYING into the vaccile friendship farce.

  2. Tom,

    I obviously do not agree that Ortiz was truly apologetic. And, that, it seems clear to me, is the heart of all disagreements you’ve stated with what I’ve written about this event. The crowd’s racist reaction and Ortiz’ accurate easy prediction in creating it are not two different “arguments” but are one and the same.

    The video you link in your last comment does not show the circumstance of this Mayweather v Ortiz event. Ortiz knew that Mayweather did not and would not accept his apology because he had already been rebuffed by Mayweather before they were brought back to the center of the ring by the ref. Unlike the fighter in the video you posted, Ortiz knew the punch was coming. As I’ve said, Ortiz was counting on that punch being thrown. The best support for my position was stated on Yahoo Answers by an obviously non-black/anti-black, pro-Ortiz person which I have already posted in these comments. This anti-black person cheers Ortiz for doing exactly what I said he did.

    Perhaps most important is the fact that the head-butt was a vicious, flagrant, and super-intentional act; one that , could not reasonably be expected to be forgiven in that ring or even in the same month and should have caused Ortiz to be disqualified from the bout. Were it to have been been reversed, Mayweather–the black fighter— would certainly have been disqualified.

    (((Shaking my head)))

  3. I think the reason I was confused with your argument, is because it’s actually two different arguments that aren’t seperated. Your first argument is: Ortiz, realizing he was in an advantageous position because of his lighter skin ‘played a race card.’ Your second argument is that the public, after seeing the knockout punch, were consciously or unconsciously motivated by racism to feel sympathy for Ortiz and hate for Mayweather.

    I think Ortiz was truly apologetic, if a little dumb, and the public gets pissed when they see cheap shots. People were pissed when Ortiz headbutted. People were pissed when Mayweather threw a cheap shot. It’s just natural and beneficial to the sport that people, no matter what race, promote sportsmanship and deter dirty fighting.

    Look at the crowd response here when one white fighter sucker punched the other immediately after they touched gloves:

  4. Tom, you said, “Therefore, according to your position, an albino African American would be in a stronger “position of dominance in the global system of white supremacy than George W. Bush.”

    That could be true and it could be false. Racism (white supremacy) is a system in which persons are mistreated on the basis of color and/or factors associated with color. Many albinos with parents who are white relative to no one, i.e., are black at all times, such as a typical “Nigerian,” have other factors associated with color: generous amounts of soft tissue in the lips and/or nose and/or tightly coiled hair. However, there are some cases in which the offspring of such parents have phenotypes typical of people who classify themselves as white including straight hair (melanin has a complex physical chemistry and it’s absence vacates many forms of energy:) Hair texture is a factor that is second only to skin color in the determination of relative dominance within the white supremacy system. Your questions about “Hispanics” would depend upon the factors evident in the specific persons.

  5. tom, when I have recovered sufficiently from the very public torture and murder of Troy Davis by the racists (white supremacists), I will reply to your comment.

  6. So your position is: one who is not black is white. It appears that you base your definition of ‘blackness’ and ‘whiteness’ on pigmentation, not ancestry. Furthermore, one’s status as ‘black’ or ‘white’ is relative to other people. Therefore, according to your position, an albino African American would be in a stronger “position of dominance in the global system of white supremacy” than George W. Bush.

    Put another way, let’s say Mayweather is of African descent and fighting a boxer of Hispanic descent. The Hispanic boxer is of darker skin. Would your position then be that Mayweather was in the ‘position of dominance?’ What if their skin tone was so close that either man could be darker depending on the extent of his tan?

  7. Anton,

    Perhaps the article assumes knowledge of a position I’ve stated earlier on this blog several times. And, if you are a black person, I regret any confusion that caused. Here is the logic as I see it and have stated earlier. If one is not black, one is white, i.e., -(white) = black. Being black or white is like being fast/slow or short/tall. Whether one is black or white is relative to other persons. I am a person who is white relative to no one. Ortiz is white relative to Mayweather…and to me. Ortiz, like Rock Newman, or Adam Clayton Powell, could make a choice to be black. Joshua Solomon, the person who made the most recent attempt to be “Black Like Me,” could have made the choice to remain black. But, like most white people, he keep his white club card. Some persons are not white all of the time. It depends where they are and who they’re being compared with. There are Chechens who are considered black in Russia but are unquestionably white compared to anyone in the U.S.. There are persons who are considered white in Brazil who are not white compared to many people in the U.S.. The only function of being a “white person” in a system of white supremacy is to dominate those who are not; black people.

  8. This article doesn’t make an argument. You’re not saying how Ortiz holds “some position of dominance in the global system of white supremacy” in a way that Mayweather doesn’t. I’m confused.

  9. Greetings Joanna,

    I sent an message in response to the address registered w/ WordPress.


  10. Greetings Ms. CREE-EIGHT:

    I am not sure how to reach you other than through them comment section on your blog, but I have been wondering if you have seen the movie “Attack the Block”? I believe it is crying out for a counter-racist film review. The one thing I personally noticed is the physically distinguishing characteristics between the male and female “aliens” in the movie. I do not want to go into too much detail, because I would be rather interested in hearing your perspective and observations if you have seen the movie. I am sorry I had to go through your comment section to make this suggestion, but I do not know any other way of reaching you.

    Joanna Iovino

  11. Laselle, do you figure racist male and female think Pacqiou (sp) can beat Mayweather?

  12. Thanks to racist man and racist woman, no black boxer has ever retired undefeated.

  13. @LBM—Whoa…Their code speak is chilling, isn’t it? So, perhaps he wasn’t referring to his age, eh?

  14. Floyd is interesting on many fronts. The same “mouth” they want someone to punch him in, is the same mouth that puts even non-boxing fans in the seats and ordering pay-per-view. So inasmuch as he generates money for the machine, he’s actually a “good niggra”. But remember in Mandingo – he was making money for the massa as well. But when it was found out the missy had sewered him, racist man made soup of him – literally. Larry Merchant made an attempt to “remind” Mayweather of his place…”if I were 50 years younger…” Isn’t that what Michael Richards said to the black “hecklers”, “if this was 50 years ago….”????


    “It doesnt really matter since Ortiz pretty much won. How did he win? He played smart. Who cares if Mayweather takes the win, all he gets is a dumb green belt and loads of criticism. Aint that funny. Ortiz played smart because he also was sort of (acting). Didnt get up after the blind shots. I wouldve done the same. Weaken your opponent outside the ring, with millions of angry people calling Mayweather a chicken. Thats how you defeat an opponent, mentally, not physically. That match pretty much destroyed Mayweather’s status inside and outside the ring. Great job Ortiz, you really beat him this time.”

    Like I said; trifling, tacky, terroristic.

  16. I suspect if Mayweather was ’50 years’ older than Ortiz he could still whip his hiney…..lol

  17. Brother Flagg aka Baba triple OG Says:

    note: we have far to many agents of white supremacy in the tribe at this time, for us warriors against white supremacy to reveal our intentions. Need I say more?

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