Planet of Troy—-It’s On

I thought Racist Man and Racist Woman were too smart for this.

Troy Davis, a 42 year-old black male, who was not proven guilty of any capital crime, was pronounced dead last night at 11:08 Eastern Standard Time. The death certificate reads, “Cause of death: Homicide.” Another homicide at the hands of this planet’s enforcement officials. The scheduled time of execution was 7PM. His oldest sister, who is recovering from cancer treatment, waited four hours in the dark last night, outside the prison gates in her wheelchair. During that four hours, the racists (white supremacists) tortured Mr. Davis and his kin and kind with the pretended hesitations and reconsiderations with which these savage and sadistic creatures entertain themselves. Their problem is that we all saw it.

The system of white supremacy is the most profitable and powerful business in the history of the world. How could the planet’s Mafia make such a colossal error? As Sollozzo said in Godfather One., “I don’t like violence, Tom. I’m a businessman. Blood is a big expense.”

When crimes cannot be committed purely by stealth, violence is inevitable. And if the crime is violence itself, well, it’s gonna get real expensive real fast. You can’t walk into someone’s house, take what they need, especially if it’s a loved one, show that you intend to keep taking and stay in business. That’s why the smarter Mafiosos keep their rottweilers and pit bulls on a leash. The dons know that these special forces’ blood lust must be indulged sparingly. Certainly, not in an undisguised public view. The smart ones know that even the most timid of people will muster up fierce opposition when they can see that, each day, the mafia don may be aiming for them and that the mafiosos intend for this raid to be the way things are done—-forever. The mafia’s not looking for battles that could damage the goods they steal; that is, the productive people they dominate. Nor, are they looking to unnecessarily injure or kill off their own troops. This is just a basic mafia business principle. When it’s not being followed, it’s a sign of the organization’s distress.

Very brown-skinned people in every corner of this planet including Mali, Ethiopia, Thailand, Peru, France, and England watched last night as these criminals tortured and murdered Troy Davis. It is now well-known to these people, that white folks put people who look like them in cages for the reason that they are brown. Naive and deceived before last night, these brown people were watching because they already suspected that white people are a problem. Now, they know there are no places where that is not so. And, it is very clear to almost all us that the issue that presents itself is not one of capital punishment. It’s racism (white supremacy).

The smartest racists (white supremacists) were not in control last night. Now, the faster we, the brown-skinned people of this planet, get smart: stop tweeting and facebooking about anything that is not about ending this system of injustice; stop declaring that “God is still on the throne,” the greater our chances of dismantling the white supremacists’ system before the smartest of them get back in the cockpit. STOP blaming other timid, frightened and/or confused black people–and that includes President Obama. Remember all the intrusions into his security and that of his wife and children?

Mr. Troy Davis, do not rest in peace. Fight with us from an adjoining dimension.

I thought Racist Man and Racist Woman were too smart for this. But, as those closest to me often say when we disagree over matters we care about, “You’re not always, right.” I know.
P.S.—I suspect that racists (white supremacists) plan to provoke a “riot” sometime in the near future in this part of the world as I HIGHLY suspect they did in England this summer. Defending ourselves is going to be necessary but riots are a trap.


11 Responses to “Planet of Troy—-It’s On”

  1. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    “Rudeboi, I shed tears as well. We’re not victims of emotion, we’re HUEman. Unfortunately we have some monsters to slay so we can indeed be human without fear of slaughter. ”

    Well put LBM.

  2. Many thanks to Abena for that visual aid – further proof that indeed rm/rw=anti-human. The white anti-human above is obviously depraved to have bludgeoned someone to death but the anti-humans choose to keep him among the living while murdering Troy. Can’t reduce those global minority numbers too much further.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement, sir. I see where you are currently! Smiling wide. Please help spread the word.! Oh, and I am female. (No offense taken or apology necessary.)

  4. “anti-humans” That’s a keeper. Racist Mans/Racist Woman = white person = anti-human

  5. Rudeboi, I shed tears as well. We’re not victims of emotion, we’re HUEman. Unfortunately we have some monsters to slay so we can indeed be human without fear of slaughter. The McPhail family, from all accounts, watched Troy die with total racist satisfaction- without concern for the serious doubtfulness of any guilt. I lay with a black man every night. My father is still here, my brothers, male cousins, …so I have shed tears but they were brief because we have to keep a clear eye on the anti-humans. Think how hard it is for our boys already. We don’t want to them faced with this demon for the rest of their lives.

  6. Good job brother!!!! must share arround the world.

  7. Muhammad Ali Abdul Al Ad'l Says:



  8. Very well written, I wish I had half your clarity but sadly I’m a victim of emotion, which I inherited from a long line of drama kings and queens.

    Your point was also well taken and further my understanding on this matter. I still say we must separate from these people lest we not make it. The time has come for those blinders and scales to fall away and see this beast for what it is. I’m just about out of tears for the continued assault on people who look like me and when the tears stop…..well, let’s hope we can have this thing done by then.

  9. I agree with what CREE is saying ,except, I don’t understand bewilderment as to why vultures, hyenas would not behave as they are simply because other vultures are looking on. “Israelis” have been murdering Palestinians on a daily basis. Every now and again there’s a mass killing/bombing upon which other hyenas “chastise” the display but ultimately support the crime. The enslavement of Africans and subsequent periods of 100 Years of Lynching and Jim Crow were known to the world. I understand that there’s been a growth in the number of REFINED racists and refinement in their tactics – but that’s hasn’t reduced the number of unrefined racists who continue to be supported and NEEDED by the refined ones. A “good cop” needs the “bad cop” to be perceived as “good”. A young black man, on the eve of his wedding had a white enFORCEment official empty his clip and actually reload into him – while he’s sitting in a car, no return fire, no nothing. So why do bullies bully even when others are looking on? Because others simply look but DO NOTHING. Leopold murdered and maimed millions of Congolese. If “others” were really reviled why are there statues of the monster around Belgium? Remember Black people in England were called “feral rats” upon the recent co-opted uprisings there. So who really are these global eyes upon whose gaze the Georgia Parole and Pardon Board would have been concerned about? Whose “eyes” has America been concerned about as they’ve incarcerated more people than a number of other countries – combined?

    When asked about King’s philosophy of speaking to white people’s conscience, Malcolm said they would first have to have one.

  10. I forgot one thing: The reason also we know that their are setting up this riot, look at that murdering cave woman Casey Anthony. She skated and was as guilty as sin, not to mention she killed a child and her own no doubt.

  11. Thank you Ms. CREE for a very insightful piece on this government sponsored murder of a man the was not proven guilty without reasonable doubt. I somehow feel Mr. Troy Davis death was a bit of us all dying. And don’t for one second think the way this went down was anything outside of an orchestrated demonstration to the collective Black body that we care for you not. They made sure like you said, the world was paying attention when they ritualistically killed a Black man. Just like most everything in today’s main stream news there is a cause and a effect they are after. A Hegelian Dialectic if you must and please don’t think this “event” was not milked for it was worth. CREE stated that a riot is in the working and must agree, in fact, I have been seeing this in the making for a while now. Just pay a small bit of attention to the world and you to will see they are preparing us to kill each other in the streets. One example: They put a known racist and xenophobe on a board here in GA to take a look at immigration. Why not just let the fox guard the hen house and cut out the middle man. If they are looking for unrest well it’s coming and it’s gonna make London look like a preschool field trip. One thing else on this, the racists that run around here gearing up for this unrest, forget about it. They should just hold their arms out so that those chickens have a place to roost when they come home. You can corner a being for only so long until you get your ass bite off.
    Please allow me to get back to this government sponsored murder last night. I have just a few things left. Okay, they also killed a nasty. crazy, evil, vile cave man last night. Let me point out some stark differences in the two cases: 1) Troy Davis though convicted had the some witnesses recant, which puts in reasonable doubt of his guilt. 2) The vile cave man has never shown remorse are even cared about James Byrd Jr., and was really proud of himself, may he rest in piss and then come back to this plane as James Byrd the night you killed him, where you will be forced to have some kinda sick Groundhog Day going on. 3) The family of the man Troy Davis was convicted of killing had nothing but hate for Troy Davis and never hesitated to let the world know whenever they were in spitting distance of a mic and camera. The mother of the dead cop was just hateful, her true nature I might add. 4) The family of the man that killed James Byrd didn’t want the death penalty for that animal, even though he deserved so much more. What makes us so open armed and forgiving to a bunch of cave people that wouldn’t spit on any us if we were on fire? I’ll tell you, that damnable white jesus. We have been lousy with that garbage since they brought that nonsense to the continent. We really need to harden our hearts and fight fire with fire.
    In closing I would just like to say to Troy Davis as he finds his way around his new surroundings, MY THE ANCESTORS RECEIVE YOU, HEAL YOU AND KEEP YOU CLOSE.

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