David Stern and Associates are Startin Somethin Beyond Basketball

My biological father was the first person to help me find the logic of countering racism. And, my Pops is second only to Neely Fuller, Jr. in his effectiveness in doing so. At the beginning of last year’s NBA season, I was telling my dad that I was dismayed how few black people seemed to understand the magnitude of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh successfully executing their plan to play on the same NBA team. He said to me, quite nonchalantly, while munching on some pecans, “The owners are gonna lock the players out next season. This is not about money. It’s about power. They’re going to say it’s about something else— but it’s not. They (the white men/ Racist Man) have to stop dat. At any cost.” Then, with a cheek full of pecans, he sat down at his computer to work on his algorithm—–uhhh, no, I can’t tell you what the algorithm is for.

NBA Cancels Games Through Nov. 30

by The Associated Press

October 28, 2011

NBA Commissioner David Stern has canceled all NBA games through Nov. 30.

The move came Friday after labor negotiations broke down for the second time in a week.

“It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now,” Stern says.

After two days of making some progress on salary cap issues, the two sides brought the revenue split back into the discussion and got stuck on both.

Owners are insistent on a 50-50 split of revenues, while players last formally proposed they get 52.5 percent, leaving them about $100 million apart annually. Players were guaranteed 57 percent in the previous collective bargaining agreement.

No further talks have been scheduled.

Broken pipe-dreams for really, really tall, hard-working, goal-oriented, black males with no jobs who haven’t even gotten out of high school or junior college, yet. Not to mention the NBA athletes who have seen the world a bit and are gonna want white people to make more Magic Johnson-like room for them but are gonna find out that their money ain’t worth as much as they thought.

Somethin’s gonna happen.

That’s not my Pop’s prediction. It’s mine. I could be incorrect. I sure missed the call on Troy Davis. But, whateva we do, y’all: NO RIOTS.

Racist Man/Woman are looking for a reason to kill large numbers of us. They gonna kill some and I ain’t sayin not to defend yourself but riots ain’t gonna hurt no one but us.

Riots are a set up. This is all serious theater for Racist Man and Racist Woman. Planet of the Apes, London. Let’s spoil part 3 for them. Mmmm k.


13 Responses to “David Stern and Associates are Startin Somethin Beyond Basketball”

  1. Enjoyed the show with Richard Lawrence,sorry i didn’t call. Once again you are right the lockout was about power not money. Some interesting things have happened. While so many people were glad pro ball is back on,the racism towards black athletes continues.Chris Paul of the new orlelans hornets wants to play with the la lakers. the hornets is a team owned by the nba.Once Paul made his wish Dan Gilbert cleveland cavaliers owner sent david stern an e-mail objecting to this and put Paul’s request to a vote. Paul can’t go to the team of his choice.It’s obvious gilbert still angry at Lebron James ,is taking his racist anger out on another black athlete. The ink isn’t even dry and the white owners and david stern are still displaying white supremacy over black athletes. I spoke with you ,Gus, Justice and the Reckless 2.0 duo about the racism that was displayed to Lebron james and how it wasn’t just him. I spoke of the disrespect showed to black baseball player Carl Crawford. I just learned that Albert Pujols(black dominican)baseball player and world series hero,is leaving the st. louis cardinals,the team he played with for over a decade. Pujols put himself on the free market after the cardinals sisn’t give him a salary offer to his liking.The los angeles angels(the same team whose fans(suspected racists) showed disrespect to Carl Crawford,signed Mr. Pujols to a 10 yr 250 mil plus deal. Articles have been written showing contempt for pujols. In st. louis where he played his jerseys are being given away in some cases and in other cases his jerseys are being burned(DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR) .Lebron James Carl Crawford Chris Paul now Albert Pujols all being subjected to racism/white supremacy for following the free market. Which is supposedly what made the USA great.Obviously if you are a Black athlete THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, indeed Mr. Franklin. This decision by the players to sit out this year rather than accept the owners’ (basically, white people’s offer) in the vein of those made by Curt Flood, Tommy Smith, John Carlos, and Muhammad Ali. There is far more gravity to this than most black people now understand given the job Racist Man/Woman have done to our brains over the last 25 years. This planet may be about to heat up beyond that caused by carbon emissions. I will be having sports management expert, Richard Lawrence on my program next Wednesday, 11-23 at 9PM eastern to discuss this development

  3. Josiah Franklin Says:

    Looks like this one is ramping up!

  4. interesting i don’t keep up with sports, maybe I should…but they’ve always bored me if i’m not the one playing. i’ll have to look more into the racial politics of sports…i always figured there was a catch though

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Every word on target, LBM. At least, to me. ANd, I sure hope you’re correct about Mr. James re-thinking his response to his victimization..

  6. The ballplayer as COMMODITY is no different than a degree or “skilled” labour as commodity. The persons PAYING establishes the WORTH of the COMMODITY. white domination is GLOBAL. So even in playing “a-broad” some white folk wlll be determining the value of these players and ultimately – if the negroes get too uppity – the value of the game itself. It ain’t like white folk abroad treat black folk any better.

    Note: I guess getting Lebron to pose for racist female Annie Leibowitz for the king kong Vanity Fair cover was supposed to mean he be less “rebellious”. Perhaps, perhaps, he understood how he was played into the cover and rethought his legacy.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    rudeboi, I can’t tell if i don’t want to affect it’s outcome….but, I DO want that person who has been assigned to him for thirty years to know that s/he is being watched…by more than just me.

  8. Awwwww man……sports talk. I know nothing about sports outside of it’s fake tribalism to fill the need of grown people’s need to belong with other grown people. But let us not forget who runs this show. Give a damn how many millions them players got, they got it from a racist and that racist is gonna let them know who the hell is in charge.

    So, Ms. CREE you’re not telling cause you can’t or because you don’t know? (your Pop’s algorithm)

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    If there is a season lock-out….

    Mr. Franklin, the REAL unemployment rate of black males in this part of the world is over 50%. And, a huge portion of those who do have paid employment cannot afford to support themselves from those earnings. That’s why somewhere around 80% of black males that i know under the age of 35 have serious hopes of making it big as a rapper or ball player. When they see that the NBA no longer promises the hope they held onto, it won’t be long before they see the entertainment industry that white people control for what it is. What happens then? No jobs in this system and no hope of getting that “big break….” Might take a year or two but there’s nothing like a bunch of really tall guys walking around telling the truth about the system as they’ve seen it to create dry, hot conditions.

  10. Josiah Franklin Says:

    I can’t seem to get the connection here. The NBA has a moratorium on games until Nov. 30th. So something is going to happen, that could potentially lead to rioting?

  11. One can only hope! At this point, I would prefer to see these well to do brothers in the community opening gym, nutrition centers, development leagues and the like. But hey, what the heck do I know?

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Very informative, Cmptrwhiz Whiz. I see. Well, they’re backing us into a corner, eh? Corners are dangerous places….

  13. @cree; what happened was while we were sleeping, a giant was growing. The giant was the euro league, fiba and even the asian leagues. The last 10 years we have seen the level of play in the nba dwindle and the global play and knowledge of the game increase. Basically what we are witnessing is what the slave witnessed at the advent of the industrial revolution! We were found out of work and replaced by machines and others. This is no different. These brothers and these huge contracts and power moves are a thing of the past. Sure, you will have your big names, but after Kobe, what’s left? I have been involved with players for a couple years now and the truth is the development is no longer evident. It takes a prodigy now to make it because our kids aren’t being groomed for this INDUSTRY properly. So they worked themselves out of jobs and opportunity. The game has shifted abroad and when all this first started, heck, even before, I seen this coming! It’s not hard to tell. While the lockout is going, other leagues are rolling, owners making money including the NBA’s slave-owners. Don’t get it twisted, they are highly invested in euro/fiba leagues and talent. I have always said this since a youngin; we have the product, why they heck are we allowing someone else to dictate to US the rules? I could never understand why a group of NBA Afrikan players never figured this out? I see movements happening all the time on a street level and with their amount of resources, they could have set something up by now. Sorry for rambling, but the NBA as we have known it is done. I think it was done prior because it was so uninteresting in my opinion – garbage, mustard off the hot dog and the jello was NOT jiggling (Ol’ Laker Talk). HTP

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