Comparison Between Micheal Vick’s “Crucifixion” for Abusing Dogs, and the Cover-up of Sandusky Abusing [black ?] Children

This is an email sent to CREE 11-15-11 {photos and captions are CREE’s not Josh Wickett’s}.

Star quarterback, Michael Vick, was villlified for his part in a dog-fighting operation.

Penn State students rioted over Star college coach, Joe Paterno's, being fired for his part in covering up the sex abuse of a likely pedophile ring victimizing young black boys. Paterno's former assistant coach was arrested in connection with sex abuse in this probable ring.

“The link below is to a video of a guy who thinks the young boys raped at Penn State were black males?

If its true, ESPECIALLY if all the victims were young black males; that’s a “game changer” because that makes it “full retard” racism white supremacy.

Most of what I’ve heard in “the media” about this case has been “chatter”, vague, obtuse descriptions of the event that assistant coach McQuerry SAYS he witnessed. But 2 days ago, NPR did a report with a brief graphic description of what McQuerry said he witnessed.


Anyway, HERE is a guy raising the issue, and ALSO making an interesting comparison between Micheal Vick’s “crucifixion” for abusing dogs, and the cover-up of Sandusky abusing [black ?] children

In addition here is a pretty good chronology of the case:

I strongly suspect there are more people involved in the actual abuse of these boys than just Sandusky; including, possibly some high ranking officials. Why?

Because “super faggots” like Sandusky trade their victims among each other like baseball cards.

There are 2 aspects to the cover up:

1. Those people who withheld information of the abuse to protect the school, their jobs…

2. Those people who withheld information of the abuse because they were PARTICIPATING IN IT!

One other thing to consider is that the whole truth about this abuse may never come out, because some of the victims will be too embarrassed to admit it; EVEN if they stand to get millions in compensation from Penn State.

Think about it?

That’s telling you something about how horrible these attacks were?

Somebody should ( ) that building.

As bad as Micheal Vick’s behavior with dogs was,

He did not take their souls.

(((shakin my head)))”
I’d like to associate myself with Mr. Wickett’s remarks. My radio broadcast discussing these same issues occurred 11-13-11. There is NOTHING unusual about this behavior of light-skinned hominids towards brown-skinned boys, men, people. Let’s get on assignment people. We have a planetary crisis. They call themselves “white people.”—Cree Seven


12 Responses to “Comparison Between Micheal Vick’s “Crucifixion” for Abusing Dogs, and the Cover-up of Sandusky Abusing [black ?] Children”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    State College, Pennsylvania, United States. One of the biggest stories in the last 6months in this part of the world. Google it.

  2. Where exactly has this all happened & is he married with children? So shocking if this is true.. Why is he out of prison if he’s a danger to society?

  3. Word Press backlink builder…

    […]Comparison Between Micheal Vick’s “Crucifixion” for Abusing Dogs, and the Cover-up of Sandusky Abusing [black ?] Children « Cree7's Blog[…]…

  4. Mark Samuel Says:

    Dr Brian Neil Talarico North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, an
    possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young
    boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After
    his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian. Works for north east mental health
    centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of
    abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: North East Mental
    Health Centre, North Bay Campus Highway 11 North North Bay Ontario P1B 8L1,
    and now works for Act 2, North Bay.

  5. May the Most High keep you and Mrs. CREE close for your bravery and passion for a people that have been kicked to the side and left for dead.

    When I think about Black people today, my mind goes back to the Donnie Hathaway song: Someday We’ll be Free. I must believe that lest I give up. These children face a very rocky road outside of being Black. They will need more help than I know they will get. The depression will kill them one way or another if it is not addressed and I mean really addressed. The monsters that those caveman created will not go back and cut the heads off of there victimizers Nat Turner style. No. They will focus that anger on the people around them and those people are us.

    Living with depression is nothing nice and living with depression and sexual abuse I can guess, will make it twice as hard.

    The cavemen that turned these children into walking time bombs, need nothing short of death. I’m slow deliberate death and in a place for all who wanna see it can see it. My heart is broken or should I say my heart remains broken and the my rage is not focused, yes this world has made me into a time bomb as well, looking for a place to explode. But you can best believe when and if I explode there will be NO Black lives affected.

    Mike Vick was able to snap back in spite of the cave people or because of them because he was still able to make them some money. The rest of us left in the wake of racism are not as fortunate, we MUST take care of each other, come hell or high water, we must take care of each other and be damned with the rest.

    My heart remains broken.

    We indeed have a blind spot because we were to put together that way. But as long as I have breath in my body, my part of the ship will remain somewhat dry.

    Death to the beast.

  6. Here. Here, LBM.

    We are so naive to this threat. The anti-humans are operating in our blind spot. We’ve got to be more efficient with those of us who are reachable because trying to get most of us to pitch in on the sinking ship is gonna result in a sunken ship for sure. We need tough skin and we can’t worry that most of our kind don’t understand what and why we’re doing and saying what we must. We have to save them to save us— regardless of their naive protestations.

  7. “In a degrading, almost childlike fashion, people of color the world over spend most or all of their lives mimicking what may be the most pathological people on earth.” Michael Porter

    When I saw black folk kissing dogs on the mouth and picking up dog shit (anti-human fetish) and calling dogs their “children” I knew Vick was done for. There’s no way Vick should have done time for those charges while wealthy whites are electrocuting perfectly healthy horses that simply don’t win races anymore as if that’s what they are for. The behavior of the anti-humans are in clear sight but we refuse to see. Black males are offing one another over a look but Sandusky is walking the streets with the same arrogance he had while raping children and sharing them with fellow anti-humans. I was just reading a piece about how white female creatures on the plantation would actually “procure” enslaved women for their husbands figuring that was better than him seeking another white woman and possibly dumping her. I haven’t seen the fact of Sandusky’s wife calling victims being vigorously explored….Let me not get started…I just don’t know what else these creatures need do to make it any clearer to us that they are nasty-ass savages.

    Note: Let’s not sink into the talk of how much money these young men should get and ignore that these once children are now fully grown men in our communities. Some of the attempting counter-racist men recently did a program about their depression. How they handled it wasn’t always the best. Now imagine these young men trying to navigate. Think about our daughters with these young men. What that cave-creature and his fellow dwellers did is an abomination against a people, not just those boys. And let’s not sleep on how systematic the creatures operate : the cave dweller felt sure that his brothers had incarcerated and underemployed and killed enough black males that he’d have no problem getting a supply of children without male protection. No action by these anti-humans is isolated.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Your encouragement, is, again, appreciated, Emissary. Thank you so much for the gift certificate. I purchased Rebecca Culshaw’s boog. Does HIV Really cause AIDS” and, AIDS,” Why Darkness Matters” by Richard King, M.D. Thanks you so much for all of your support.

  9. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Yeah Cree! Words cannot capture how profound this latest conversation with you and LBM on these creatures was. I second Rudeboi that it was very appreciated. Excellent work as usual!!!!

  10. ronnie brown Says:


  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Oh boy, Rudeboi. Your support is soooo encouraging. And, I had not thought of it but, I know that you are correct about my sister. I know her. My daughter, on the other hand is craaazy for darker black boys. So, yeah, point well taken.

  12. Peace Mrs. CREE,

    First let me say that right before the Mike Vick BS happened, there was another incident here in Atalanta. The names I can’t remember but it’s not important, the fact that he was white is all that is needed to be known. A hockey player and his teammate, both drunk and driving in some obscenely expensive car at a high rate of speed, had an accident. The driver survived but the passenger was killed. This was in the news for about a skinny minute and then it got disappeared. The the driver popular with his white fans got zero jail time and skated off to Canada never to heard from again. He killed another human and got spit. Mike Vick killed “white man’s best” friend and did damn near two years in prison.

    Anyway, I would like to thank LBM and yourself for having that program on the behavior of cave man and cave woman. I was so deeply upset by this whole story until I was almost beside myself. And what made me even more crazy is that Black around me didn’t even seem to notice. And make no mistake, they know Black people as a whole won’t pay attention to it. We have become so immune to bad news and hurt and pain that we are rendered useless.

    I’m also not surprised by what happened at State Penn–I mean Penn State–I just wanna know who step outside the line and got some mad enough to throw in the towel. Because you can believe that if all the players had continued to play right this would have never seen the light of day. And also, children to these people are nothing more than objects for their own sick amusement and Black children…….PLEASE!! They may as well be a dead fetus on the floor for all they care.

    I’m trying to remain respectable but as I go on I won’t be able to so I’ll just leave it here. Again, asante sana to you two beautiful BLACK women for your efforts and know that it is not going unappreciated.

    One last thing: CREE your nephew….really sorry to hear that but you must know his mother your sister played a big part in his decision to not like dark women. She may not know it but she did. We give off very subtle vibes about our self hatred that are only absorbed on a subconscious level.

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