Let today be The Day that we of our species dedicate our whole selves to recognizing and solving The Problem. It is the most pressing problem that our species has faced for the last 5,000 years, at least. A representative sample of The Problem is depicted below:

Former Penn State Univ head football coach, Joe Paterno, held a meeting at his home to determine how to contain the crisis of Molester Jerry Sandusky brazenly raping black boys in a setting that could be seen by (black) people.

Jerry Sandusky: An eyewitness saw him anally raping a boy of our species

Former Penn State University President Graham Spanier: Called a meeting to contain the crisis of possible knowledge by members of our species of an ordinary sex ring of his species.

Jerry Sandusky's wife: In order to contain the crisis of being sacrificed to the mission of duping black people, Mrs. Sandusky made calls to victims once the grand jury inquiry into the assaults by her husband had begun. Many of the assualts, occurring over 15 yrs, were in the basement of her house.

University of Syracuse serial child rapist:: Bernie Fine

Boston Red Sox Manager Donald Fitzpatrick: Molested 12 boys of our species while other members of his species covered for him. Nothing unusual.

Mary Kay Letourneau: first met the Samoan boy she raped when he was in the second grade class she taught. She first had sex with him when he was 12 and she was a 34-year-old teacher at a suburban elementary school.

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey is the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She stands accused of sexual abuse of a six-year-old boy as well as bestiality. Lindsey is still working at her position at the CDC.

Thomas Jefferson conducted breeding experiments with his farm animals and with members of our species. He personally impregnated black women for his breeding experiments.

There is no known evidence that we, the people of this planet, knew just what had arrived off the coasts of North, Central, and South America 400-600 years ago. By that time, however, the Savage Taking had been underway for thousands of years. The time scale of the mission of those that arrived is alien to our species and thus, until recently, that mission has been unknown to us. Their mission is nothing less than to graft themselves onto our species in order to colonize this planet and replace our species as the dominant one on it.

They call themselves “white people.” However, that is a term of their predatory craft that they have affixed to themselves to disguise themselves as one of our kind, “people.” They are not people. Their nature is very different and is in conflict with ours. They have DNA that can neither have come into existence by evolutionary adaptation to this planet nor by genetic mutation from the original modern homo sapiens. So, these creatures are, apparently, alien to this planet. At infrequent points of modern history, we have commonly called them our enemies. But, enemies of people are still largely regarded as people. These creatures are more accurately identified as our alien predators.

An apt scientific term for these most able predators would be oxyhominoid: (n) a hominoid (not hominid) is a great ape of some kind /prefix “oxy”: sharp, pointed, and acidic as in smart, destructive, predatory. A shorter more colloquial term would be “anti-human”* because these creatures are innately dedicated to opposing the establishment of any humane order on our planet. Oxyhominoids are dedicated to seeing to it that people cannot evolve into our most advanced potential, humans. As humans are beings that maintain balance between themselves and between all things on this planet, there is no evidence that we have ever achieved that state. But, one thing is for sure. We can’t get there until we disable or send away the oxyhominoids.

Oxyhominoids/ anti-humans are the most cunning, savage, and versatile predators in the known universe.

As I’ve said, the mission of oxyhominoids to colonize this planet has been taking place on a time scale alien to our species and thus, until recently, has not been understood. Their plans have been executed over millennia and their behavior cannot be understood except from that vantage point. Throughout most of their mission on this planet, individuals of their species have taken actions which are designed to bear fruit long after their earthly expiration but which cumulatively advance their agenda mightily against our species. Perhaps the best example of that inch-by-inch behavior is the aggressive execution by their old to diminish the native brown-skinned population here over the next 50-150 years—long after these individuals’ flesh have eviscerated. How oxyhominoids got here and where they came from, we do not know. But, two things now seem obvious:1) their mission is to colonize the planet, and; 2) since they are alien to this planet, the most important task of their mission is to bio-engineer bodies that are adapted to this planet while preserving their distinct nature and instincts. The 2010 film Avatar is an almost perfect illustration of what has been occurring. This film is no mere coincidental depiction. Oxyhominoids immensely enjoy hiding secrets from us in plain sight. They enjoy sadistic humor akin to placing “kick me signs” on an abused person’s back. They are always conducting experiments to ascertain just how gullible we really are. Current science is now fusing tissue and machine at beyond a mere basic level. (see the Juan Enriquez TED talk, “Mind-boggling Science”) However, the project to bio-engineer bodies adapted to earth for oxyhominoids, so far, seems to have been done almost entirely through controlled breeding experiments and methods—that is, being selective about the traits of the (black) people that they choose to rape by force or by guile. Thomas Jefferson was not only one of the early Fondling Fathers** and a slave-owner. He was an avid practitioner of animal husbandry who performed regular breeding experiments and took copious notes of them.

There has been frightening progress in the grafting- through- breeding project. At the time of their arrival on our planet, hominids that we call people uniformly had the traits of dark brown to black skin, tightly coiled hair on the scalp, almost no hair on the rest of their bodies, and the traits of empathy for each other, holistic thinking and other physical, mental and emotional traits unique to our species. Today, most of earth’s hominid population is a hybrid between its people and the oxyhominoid. Making The Problem more complex is the fact that simply looking at an individual is not sufficient to determine whether their neurological mechanism is that of a person or of an oxyhominoid/anti-human. Further, unfortunately for us, the physical and/or behavioral traits of oxyhominoids do predominate in many of these hybrids. And, increasingly, there are those hybrids who have more and more of the physical traits of ours such as darker skin with a significantly greater ability to tan as well as darker hair, eyes, and the neurological sense of rhythm. Yet, these hybrids exhibit the behavioral nature of the oxyhominoid/anti-human. The most problematic application of these behavioral traits of such hybrids, is, of course, their predatory acts toward the (black) people of this planet. As is well known, the hair, skin, eyes, ears, brain and other organs of oxyhominoids/anti-humans is without the sufficient carbon-based material, melanin, for healthy functioning on this planet. BUT, there is one behavioral quality that fundamentally distinguishes oxyhominoids/anti-humans from people which may or may not be a consequence of insufficient neuromelanin: their infinite appetite for manipulation of habitats and the creatures native to them. Since this is the quality of oxyhominoids/anti-humans that distinguishes them from us, oxyhominoids have no desire to “remedy” that instinct with “melanin therapy.” To do so would convert their species into ours. And, that, of course, is the opposite of their objective.

Behaviors that are a consequence of the oxyhominoid/anti-human basic instinct of bio-manipulation are:

*Habitat endangering technology
*Genital stimulation without regard to gender, age, or species
*Lack of sensuality and emotion in sexual relations with adults of opposite gender [Notice: a) the number of film scenes with these creatures engaging in sexual intercourse with clothing on, and ; b) the proclivity of their females to have very casual sexual intercourse.]
*Hunting for sport
*Pleasure in torturing other species
*Pleasure in complex deceit

Because oxyhominoids/anti-humans operate on such a long time scale and keep us under constant pressure, we lose perspective in evaluating phenomena such as the following:

*the use of our infants for alligator bait during formal slavery
*hanging and burning black men alive after public castrations
*splitting open the pregnant bellies of black women
*liberal banter about stopping our abuse with no results all the while molesting us sexually
*elk heads on walls


The oxyhominoid/anti-human specimens pictured in this article have displayed behaviors, instincts, and abilities typical of their species. On the infrequent occasions when their predatory operations have been partially uncovered by either research or accident, those that were not directly observed by an eyewitness of our species will display their own species’ great ability to feign surprise and outrage much like various insect species can feign death or immobility. They will, when required, identify one or more of their kind as the “deviant” predator and pretend to be outraged so that the mission of their entire species will not be endangered. For example, in the discovery of the rape of young black boys by adult oxyhominoids at Penn State, the predator’s species executed their strategy of “limited sacrifice.” At first, only the individual creature called Jerry Sandusky was criticized because he was actually seen by an adult of our species anally raping a young boy of our species. When it became clear to us that the rapes were known to have been witnessed and discussed by specific other oxyhominoids (“white people”), the pretend outrage was extended— but only to those specific creatures for whom cover was impossible without exposing the mission. This predatory species has specialists to fill that function who operate infomedia consumed by us. But, the pretense is also uniformly feigned for our benefit by oxyhominoids/ anti-humans who interact with us as teachers, neighbors, store clerks, subway riders, etc..
There currently seems to be a lack of uniform anti-human strategy in regard to addressing the recent increased frequency of our discoveries of anti-humans’ appetite for genital contact with sexually immature members of their species and with those from ours. While the most common strategy remains the pretend outrage, some are attempting to eliminate the need for cover-up operations by convincing their prey, us, that pedophilia is not alien or deviant behavior. On December 20, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI said:

“In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children
It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.”

And, there are the thousands of their post-pubescents at Penn State who rioted after the head football coach “JoePa” was sacrificed by being terminated after we got wind of his part in the usual child sex-ring. But, there remain many “white people” on post with their pretended horror. Those people include Alex Jones from who will acknowledge that these child sex rings are everywhere and indulged in by the “elite” of every sphere. That, of course, is a grand pretense as well. This behavior is not limited to their “elites.” It is characteristic of their species.

Given the great success anti-humans have with convincing us of the sincerity of their pretended emotions and of their desire for “humane” behavioral codes, what has been said here will be characterized as unjust, as “racist” and—I know, outrageous. (Chuckle)… This is calculated to take advantage of our species’ empathy for those we believe to be our kind and who have the need to be regarded as having the same emotional needs as do we. This response will be persuasive for most of us. I realized this before I started punching the keys for this article and if you are one of the readers who does see what is really going on, take this into account when deciding how to most efficiently use your time and energy in solving The Problem.

When the revolt of the Savage Taking has been successfully completed, we the people of this planet can celebrate a new and proper Thanksgiving Holy Day. The first day after will be our first whole day in a long, long time. May it proceed humanely. Time is the absence of deed.

*The term “Anti-human” was coined by the reader and commenter and occasional CREE radio co-host, “LBM.”
** The term “Fondling Fathers” is a term I believe was coined by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.
***”Time = the absence of deed”; The
UICCSC Book by Neely Fuller, Jr.

Cree Seven—All Rights Reserved.




  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I suspect that like many males, you are deficient in the capacity for empathy. This causes you to believe that this “way of life” is something that these women are not pained by and do not wish stopped—much like white slave owners thought their slaves were happy nigras. At any rate, since empathy is not a language you seem neurologically capable of, I will not be corresponding with you further.

  2. Keith Swanson Says:

    @ Cree

    Are you kidding me? I was just down in Guatemala that stuff y’all call mistreatment is called a way of life down there. They don’t even report it! Same for Ghana when I was there!

    I was told how Central American women get the flat side of a machete for giving her man lip. Y’all got the most pliable men on the planet and y’all act like we are the devil incarnate.

    …”You’d think that the wealthy upper 3% of Latin American women have had all the luck. Why not? They have the money, cloths, jewelry (real-not plated), bodyguards, beach houses, shopping trips to Miami, etc., etc. But there’s a dark hidden side to their lives. Its been reported that a fully 20% of them (1 in 5) live in constant fear of being physically abused by their philandering husbands”

    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Keith, black people in this part of the world lead all world-wide trends for black people (besides the leadership of the racists themselves). If black females here are hitting the limit of mistreatment we will take from black males while continuing our unconditional support of black males, imagine how black females in areas that you identify as even more oppressive will react. And, as for your son and his friends? We’ll see if their refusal to date black females just leaves them mostly celibate. Non-black females aren’t lined up to take all the defections last I checked.

  4. Keith Swanson Says:


    It always funny when I hear a Black American woman say something like that. As if you have a monopoly. My estimates say there are ~ 50 million black people total in the US. Of these you have 17 million that women over 18. Compare that with 3-400 million adult females in Africa or even closer 50 million in Brazil.

    There will be no shortage of black people or black women. American black males actually love our women because we love our mothers. We actually think our fate is tied to yours. Even though you think our treatment of you is bad.

    I’ve been to other places in the world, and trust me black women have it made. The mouth black men endure here is not tolerated anywhere else. What y’all call black patriarchy here is laughable anywhere outside of the West. Men have always traveled. If they can’t find it here they will get on a boat or a plane and go elsewhere.

    Wake up. everything is global. You are not just competing against the white woman (which most brothers don’t really like) and not just against other races. There are more than enough black females in the world and America is the No.1 destination.

    I say all that , to say this, I love my sistas and have for a long time, but your math is faulty. There isn’t enough of you all to make that threat even if you could get all 16 million sistas to go along (which I doubt).

    Hell I live in Los Angeles and I can’t get my son to even date a black woman and a lot of his friends are following suite. this kind of rhetoric makes it even tougher for me to make the case that he is wrong.

    OK putting away the soapbox (peace)

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I do not agree wit that sentiment blackatcha. Some black men have been fatally afflicted but not all. And, IMO, there are no other options for a black female except mutual suicide.

  6. blackatcha Says:

    black men are starting to become the enemy there’s nothing that change them we have to seek out better options.

  7. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I’ll be listening in if I can live, Keith. It not, I’ll catch it on the archive.
    I wonder what black men dare doing with good intentions that us causing great destruction to the black family?

  8. Keith Swanson Says:

    This Is A Replay From A Previous Show

    Join Dr. Rosie Milligan and her Co-Host, Radio Personality, Mr. Keith Swanson—– Tuesday December 4th, 2012 from 10-11 AM Pacific To listen to the show, log on to and Click on Listen LIVE!
    Guest: Dr. Grace Cornish, Author, Counselor, T.V. Personality
    “With Good Intentions, The Black Woman Is Causing Destructions In The Black Family. She Has The Term “Enabler” On Lockdown. Her Enabling Behavior With Her Children, Husband and Male friends Must Stop Now! Let Us Tell You How And Why.

    Did you know that there are more non-married women who are financially supporting their men than non-married men who are financially supporting their women?

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, soforeal, The Nuclear Option for Black Women- Part 3 is tonight, 12-01-12 @ 6:30PM Pacific/ 8:30PM Central/ 9:30PM Eastern. I, too, hope that we all can come correct. Our opponents are not taking a vacation while we sort out our formations.

  10. do you cree, do you hopefully one day we can solve this problem, and the blk wm and mn can live happily everafter. the radio show is tonight right? hopefully i here some solutions from both sides also some plans we can put into action, i gotta listen to some john coltrane or thelonious monk to massage my mind after the radio show because there’s always arguments we gotta stop this, so brothers come correct tonight and the black woman aswell we can’t afford to be wasting time.

  11. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Now that black women who are serious about defeating white supremacy are, in significantly increasing numbers, stating the wrongs we are suffering at the hands of black men, there is this thing happening.

    When the logic is laid out, many black men will realize their their round of denials endangers their credibility. Then, those black men will say, “Let’s stop the finger-pointing/blame game!” It sets me to mind of the white folks who will deny and deny that white historians have covered up that ancient Egyptians or biblical characters of that region were black. But, when the evidence is clearly laid out, they will say “Color doesn’t matter!” Incorrect behavior must be acknowledged. That is the beginning of correcting it. It is also characteristic of abusers to say that the victim is the abuser. White folks say that black folks who talk about racism are the racists. Black men who abuse black women say that black women who talk about it are “a cancer” or “playing into white folk’s hands.”

    There will be no more comments with name-calling approved on this blog. I approved this one to help make the point why.

    White folks practicing racism is like gravity. They are not going to stop on their own. We must make them. And, we will not have the force to do that without correct treatment of one another.

  12. this blog wen’t from the sickness of white people, to that dreaded blk man vs blk woman bs!! THE ALCHEMIST you are a cancer! thank goodness all blk women are not like you. cut it out and stay on topic.

  13. Fortunately we do have some Black men starting to speak up and acknowledge that one can indeed be a victim and victimizer at the same time. Women and girls across the world are victims of male violence. I haven’t heard black women deny this. I haven’t heard Black women say that ONLY Black men mistreat their women. What I’ve heard,and tried to help articulate, is a cry from Black females to Black males, to hear us and address some of our concerns as it relates to them. I think we are both (bm & bw) so accustomed to black females not asking for “too much” of our men, out of fear of driving them away.

    So when it became apparent that asking for simply verbal assurance that the excessive force used by one black male against one black female, was “too much” to ask for, a broadening of the issue ensued. A broader examination of our circumstance as Black females ensued. Some black females on this blog and elsewhere in the blogasphere and on internet radio suggested a strategy FOR BLACK FEMALES to attempt to counter the lack of support we feel from black males (in general). We looked at some things WE are doing to aid our own mistreatment within. Not to “punish” or mistreat black males, but to save ourselves as it relates to black males. We simply discussed ways of withdrawing support from THOSE black males who choose to continue to dismiss our concerns AS BLACK WOMEN – so that we can put those resources toward ourselves, our children, and those Black men who have demonstrated concern and support.

    We have been saying that yes, yes we do have concerns AS BLACK FEMALES that other females don’t necessarily have as our history, certainly here in this land, is a unique one. We’ve asked for dialogue with some black males and have gotten contempt.

    Funny thing is – had an equal number of black males responded in disagreement with the amount of force used against Shidea Lane, as those calling her everything but Oh Mighty Isis–this conversation wouldn’t even be taking place. Those of us who have expanded the conversation would have been tickled with that single “show of support” from our beloved black males and continued to be silent about the larger issues.


    @Anyone That Actually Values Black Females

    The sexual molestation that takes place in black families is multigenerational and predates modern feminism. The emotional abuse, sexual abuse, beatings and murder of black women by black men also predates modern feminism and the increase in children born to unwed parents. In the early 1900 one of my fore-mothers was beaten to death by her husband. As she lay in bed slowly dieing he refused to allow her relatives to see her. His family helped him escape capture and live on the lame for over one year. Keeping him out of the “system” was prioritized over justice for his murdered black wife. Many black families have similar tragedies in their past. The issues that LBM, CREE and I focus on have been a toxin in the lives of black women for many generations. When I comment in blog threads about black women’s woes I do so because the dead cannot speak.

    The black history that I learned growing up focused exclusively on the emasculation of black males, the lynching of black males, and the suffering of black males. A sort of “I’m the biggest victim in the known universe” narcissism has been deeply internalized by most black males. Most of you simply cannot empathize with anyone else. In your minds you have imagined black females working doggedly with racist man and racist woman to visit all manner of evil upon you. You wave the Willie Lynch Letter around as proof that you are justified in your contempt for he wombs that birthed you into this world. I now understand that black people have promoted this telling of history for a reason. You see, to tell the truth about black women’s lives would require exposing that black males are more than mere oppressed emasculated victims. As long as this truth is obscured working together to replace the system of white supremacy with justice will be very very difficult.

    @Jay in the Black Dimension:

    I you can’t see the connections between the glee and excitement of black males when watching a black female get hit (listen to Cree‘s first podcast on the issue), the devaluing of black females, the nuclear option and the GMP article on why BF have rational justifications for fearing BM than I can’t help you see what you choose not to see.

  15. Jay in the Black Dimension Says:

    First off, I want to give you props for the above article. I truly believe that they (whites) are different from us (black) on a neurological level as well as spiritual. I have no scientific evidence to back it up but it’s just a feeling. Are they the devil like Elijah Muhammad taught? Are they alien to this galaxy and toxic to Black people like Brother Robert X says they are (I heard several of his interviews on Beverly D’s truth to power show)? I think these theories should be reconsidered and discussed.

    Now not to get off the topic (this article) but because of my schedule, I am not able to listen to the show live or call in. I did listen to most of it over the past few days and I have just a few thoughts on the show from last week.

    First off, I understand the you and LBM agree with each other on much of what you spoke about on your show. But what happens when someone disagrees? Men and women often times have differing views. That’s just the way it is. I think the men who have so far been involved in this conversation have been portrayed as being biased and mayber they are on certain subjects. But it’s not like the women are being fair and balanced. How do you keep the dialogue moving foward respectfully when you have people who take a certain stance that is opposed to yours? I ask this because I listened to the show and I heard LBM talking about how she was “confused” about what the last male caller was talking about. The nature of these conversations always leads them to go in different directions. They start off one place and then end up somewhere else. This whole saga started off because you wanted to know if the bus driver in Cleveland’s response to the young lady was appropriate. Then it turned into if she were another race, what would have happened. Then to are Black women devalued in this society and the world as a whole. Then the nuclear option. The conversation never stayed in one place. So it’s a bit unfair for LBM and others to imply that Black men are trying somehow dodge the subject. Even the Alchemist, who everytime a man disagrees with her on this blog accuses them of “derailing” the conversation, can’t stay on the subject. This blog was about whites, yet she’s posting articles from the “Good man project” about Black women fearing Black men. See how easily the conversation can go in a different direction?

    The wondering Black phallus. This is just historically inaccurate. The mulatto class of Kenya, Zanzibar, and Tanzania come from Arab and Indian merchants settling and intermarrying with local African women. That mulatto class produced many of the slavers of the East African/Indian Ocean slave trade such as the notorious Tippu Tib.

    The Arabs who went across northern African were mainly religious zealots (Islam), desert nomads and mercenaries and traveled without women and again, intermarried with African women. Same with the Persians and Romans and Greeks and Turks and so on who invaded Egypt.

    The Arabs who murder and terrorize the native Blacks of Darfur and the rest or the Sudan are the result of Arab men and African women. When Blacks and Arabs or Indians occupy the same region, it’s common for those men to have relations with Black women and very uncommon to see Black men with their women.

    The mulatto class of Haiti who betrayed the Haitian revolution were the product of French aristocrats, businessmen, and soldiers and Black women.

    The Moors did go into Europe and intermarry, but the Moors were Black AND Arab. Never just Black Africans.

    The mulattos of Latin America are mostly the result of European immigrants, most of whom came over, without women looking for work and mated with Black women, although now many Black men in Latin America are in interracial unions.

    In fact, there are no large mulatto populations that are the result of Black men and non Black females. If there are, put forth the evidence. Who are they and where are they located. The truth is, Black men have not traveled the world conquering people and spreading their seed amongst the women of those defeated people like whites and arabs have. Black men have not had sexual access to non Black women on such a large scale to create buffer races (until recently). So I would like someone to present more evidence of the Black man’s historical lust for non Black women. If anything, I think it has been showed that other races of men have had a historical sexual obsession with Black women.

    I’m not blaming Black women for this. I think Black men are also to blame for letting these other males impose their will on Black populations. You can blame Black men for not matching their aggression (which also needs to be discussed). As Black men, we have to take that one on the chin.

    I agree with Keith. Growing up I always heard Black women talking about “good hair” and “pretty eyes” and telling the children not to play in the sun because they were Black enough as it is. I never heard Black men talking about that.

    I disagree with Covina man. We have to take collective responsibility for the state of our community. Without it there is no community. Furthermore, If you take the stance that you are only an individual, then you should not complain about anything that happens to Black people ever. Not “the system”, not “the white man”, not “society”. Just be a second class citizen and be happy with it.

    What about the abuse Black women inflict upon each other. Yes, Black women are mistreated by Black men and it is a problem, but you can go on youtube or worldstar any day of the week and find Black women in brutal street fights with each other. You can go on twitter or facebook or any of these blogs and find Black women devaluing other darker skinned Black women. Team lightskin vs Team darksin. Yes, Black women are devalued in this society. There’s no denying that. And the darker she is, the worst she is treated by the dominant (white) socitey, other non Black people and in the Black community. I don’t agree when people say that darkskin is viewed as more masculine because Black men are not treated like men. I think dark skin is viewed as being savage, that’s why so many people have sexual fantasies about Black people. So what is the issue. Is the problem when Black women are devalued overall or is it a problem only when Black men do it. We grow up in the same communities, in the same households, go to the same schools, same churches, consume the same entertainment, and practice the same social norms and cultural values. There is no sickness that we(Black men) suffer from that you(Black women) do not suffer from.

  16. @ Ron,

    I agree with you. I had hoped this blog and related programming would be enlightening and forward looking and not a rehash of old dead ideas that went on in the 70’s and 80’s. Bobby Wright, Frances Welsing, Neely Fuller, Amos Wilson all said it much better.

    Our focus should be what is to be done about it. What are our counter actions? Can we overcome this caste system we are involved in or do we pull up our stakes and start over somewhere else? Are we too tied and dependent on this racist system too even think seriously about dismantling it?

    That’s the discussion I was looking for. Those are the answers that I seek. Not the same old drivel about whether the toilet seat should be up or down…

  17. LBM, CREE, Alchemist,

    Black people have been caught up in a war between White women and White men over power. Since the white women couldn’t change the adult white men they went after a group they could change… boys.

    Over a period of 40 years they have feminized the society through molding the boys. Through education, entertainment and law they have created a society slanted toward the females. Is it no wonder that you have soft males or as I call them failed females. Black folks have allowed this system to decimate what was left of black manhood.

    Now we complain that the quality of men coming out is below standard. Where were we when they were stuffing Ridilin down the throat of our boys and then shunting off to special ed programs? Where were we when they got rid of all the male centered programs? Did we care when little boys walked the streets with little hope and one step ahead of the dope dealers and gang bangers? No. We favored the females. For 40 years black boys have been hearing how lazy, no good, irresponsible, violent, and sex crazed men are. How all black men are dead beat dads and driveby baby daddys. This is what they have been told and portrayed as. Now you want them to all of a sudden go counter to their programming???

    I’m just saying…



    I have no comments for you only two questions:

    1) Are you classified as a black (non-white) person?

    2) If so, when did you first learn that you were a black (non-white) person and how did you know it?

  19. @alchemist
    I wasn’t planning on commenting on this particular blog subject as I agree with many of its points and really didn’t have anything to add. However, I’m starting to see a pattern with you. You are masterful at red herrings and very meticulous in your wording, but unfortunately your hateful disposition comes through the computer screen loud and clear. You have a dislike for black men who dare think outside the box or dare criticize black women.

    Your comment
    “I hate black women because they would not date me in high-school crowd”

    This is a telling comment. So in your mind, any black man who dares to criticize black women must have been rejected by black females and/or is a contributor white supremacy? As I stated on my last post on this blog, ladies such as yourself and others expect us to “shut up” and don’t say anything negative about black women. You are the biggest supporter of white supremacy on this site and don’t even know it.

    By wanting us to “shut up” and not call out up our own people, you are supporting white supremacy. White folks love watching black girls fight and act a fool just as much as they love watching 100’s of black boys kill each other each weekend because they know that the bad and often deadly behavior is contributing to the demise of black Americans. It’s up to brave, good, and strong minded black folks to tell bad folks to STOP THE MADNESS. This means good black men must call out bad black men AND women just as good black women must call out bad black men AND black women. However, in your twisted logic, the black men should just “shut up” and support bad women because of how white society treats them. Are you kidding me?

    People on this blog must understand, the system of white supremacy isn’t going away. The US is 67% white and 13% black. They have the power, the money, and the numbers. However, overcoming white supremacy means building strong communities within our neighborhoods and expanding outward across the nation. Every day, here in the San Francisco bay area, I watch the Asians dominate educationally, economically, and socially. I hear whites refer to them as gooks and every other racial slur under the sun, yet they remain focused on educating their children, supporting their businesses, and maintaining their status as the most educated and highest income earners in the US. In fact, both mayors of San Francisco and Oakland are Asian. Asians control so much of their environment. White supremacy isn’t stopping them.

    Now please show me the large number of Asian females on youtube booty shaking or Asian men brawling, shooting, and stabbing in the streets. Asians are quick to disown and/or disassociate from bad Asians. (There is bad in every race). As a black man, calling out black women (and men) is synonymous with disassociating myself from them and if more black folks would do the same, the bad behavior will cease. By the way, when I hear and/or read black women calling out “aint s@#t” men, I keep my mouth shut, because I don’t argue against truth – A philosophy that appears to be foreign to you.



    The most disturbing element in the comments by black males in the GMP article is the easy with which they throw the black mothers that birthed them under the bus. In order to derail from the main subject of the article they paint their black mothers as their abusers and tormentors. They attempt to paint black mothers as ratchet ghetto Sapphires. One commenter wrote,

    “I was raised by a black woman and I have noticed that the contributions to violence in the community, in my lifetime, include her contributions, but are seldom talked about openly. This is particularly true of black men and boys who are taught ( INDOCTRINATED) to never ever criticize or mention the wrong that MOMMA does in public, ever! Most black people I know have at least one horror story of abuse involving their mother, but she gets a free pass, leaving black men to carry the entire burden.
    Momma’s violence is ok because she is under duress. Momma’s violence and abuse and emasculation of men is ok because she is a victim.Momma’s abuse is ok because she has suffered racism.It wasn’t ok in the movie Precious or Finding Fish or any of the other under reported instances we ignore.
    Most of what I learned about abuse and violence I learned from my mother. Unfortunately, it was then and is still called raising black boys in America. That black women and other women can be violent is Americas sleeping giant.”

    They extend the derail and talk about how those evil single black mothers are the root cause of all BM dysfunction. I’ve never met a single black mother that used a sperm bank to conceive her children. There is not greater betrayal than to waste your life raising a son alone only to have him throw you under a bus, off a cliff and into the sea. The contempt and hatred some BM have for BW really has no limits.

  21. The comments were disturbing. The only sane one was Alchemist.

    Perhaps on Saturday night someone can explain what the label “feminist” means if one hasn’t identified oneself as a “feminist.

    Are all father-absent households headed by a female who claims to be a “strong black woman?” Are any of those women who find themselves alone with children just struggling women doing the best they can in a less than desirable situation? Are most of them “independent” 6-figure making females who didn’t want the father of their child(ten) around?

  22. I’m still perusing the piece. My initial thought is that I’m wary of discussing any bm/bf issue but especially THIS one as it “also” relates to anti-humans. I’m clear that they in no way are friends, allies – so their “fear” or “discomfort” with black males is of no matter to me. Female anti-humans been running that game and many black males are too confused by them. Likewise, male anti-humans can NEVER be allies to BW.

    It’s great that the issue is expanding. It would be great if a number of black males – rather than be defensive – would step back and say , yes, we are concerned if you BW are feeling “some kind of way.” How revolutionary that would be.

    I’ll read the piece and replies thoroughly and get back.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Many thanks again, THE ALCHEMIST. Indeed, it is a gem of a piece.


    There is an article over at “The Good Man Project” called “Why Black Women Also Fear Black Men” written by a priceless jem of a brotha. One quote from the article,

    “Though the fear of black men by white people is based on racist stereotypes, black women’s fear is rooted in a lifetime of experience.”

    The black male commentators go ape sh*t and leave comments like,

    ” If you want to sing some sorry song it ought to be for all the black men locked up in this country. This pathetic tripe about how the women are doing in the face of enormous male suffering is sickening. When we look at victims of violence black or white they are overwhelmingly male and within that group they are overwhelmingly black. Stop playing like being female makes you a unique target of this violence because it doesn’t. You are far better off being a black female.”

    The lack of empathy for black women and narcissism is consistent with SOME of the comments submitted by BM to this blog.

  25. No, CREE, I don’t think that’s a point of disagreement. I think your rope is a little longer than mine. And that ain’t necessarily a bad thing.

    “When will we admit that what has gone on in the past was wrong? When will we stop perpetuating the same language tat gotus ito this mess?” Keith Swanson

    That is exactly what we’re trying to address Mr. Swanson. The attack on Black women has indeed gone on in the past and it continues and it is indeed wrong. The response(s) that we’ve been discussing is not about pointing fingers at black males. It’s about acknowledging that attacks on us are coming from without and within. We recognize that the attack from without is a common enemy and we also recognize that the acknowledgment of that fact has been, for the most part, one-sided – as you have demonstrated.

    “Trying to change a grown man after he is an adult is darn near impossible.” Keith Swanson

    That may be true. Some of us were hoping that if we could at least get a number of Black males to HEAR US we could begin a more productive dialogue. But apparently that can’t happen without us DOING some things differently. We have simply proposed that BW who have been giving automatic support to BM (in general) – tailor that support to those Black men who demonstrate support for us. No mistreatment. Simply a withdrawal of automatic support. A withdrawal of “stand by your black man” no matter if we’re getting the support we need or not. Can you see how this position would certainly decrease what you see as the problem of BW trying to raise males?



    Very good derail. You managed to change the subject from the “nuclear option” to how hard life is for black boys being raised by those evil single mothers. You also get a cookie for mentioning that evil hobgoblin “feminism”. In one comment you managed to hit most of SWP’s talking points. You forgot:

    1) black women are all fat

    2) black women have stank attitudes

    3)black women love thugs

    4)black women are traitors and conspire with white men to oppress BM (note: white women are never mentioned except to comment on how they are feminine and know how to treat a man)

    As is usually the case with the “I hate black women because they would not date me in high-school crowd”; the system of racism/white supremacy goes unmentioned

    Asia Mcgowen

  27. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Keith Swanson, The “let’s stop finger pointing” holds as little water with me when used by black men as does the “can we all just get along” phrase does when said to me by a white gal/guy.

    Clearly, someone is doing and did something incorrect in response to the pressure white folks have put on our gender relations. On the 11-25-12 episode, LBM and I offered what we think black women need to do to help correct the situation.

    Oh, and the “feminism” missile will always miss me.

  28. Keith Swanson Says:

    It takes a both sides to raise children. It’s very difficult to raise and understand a boy if you’ve never been one yourself> I would have difficulty raising a girl without a woman’s help, because I’ve never been a little girl.

    There are a ton of books about the negative effects of feminism on boys. Female independence has casualties. The war that black men and women have waged againsteach otherhave had a negative effect on boys that are now showing up. . This finger pointing that I’m observing does no good. There is more thatn enough blame to go around. We’ve been throwing rocks at each other for 40 years. When will it stop? When will we admit that what has gone on in the past was wrong? When will we stop perpetuating the same language tat gotus ito this mess?

  29. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Keith Swanson, if what you are saying is that black women cannot raise a man, who should have raised black boys properly 30 years ago?

  30. Keith Swanson Says:

    The biggest problem is that we focus on this problem after it’s too late. Trying to rehabilitate adults is very difficult. If you listen to your BM callers they say what the root of the problem is not who is to blame.

    Trying to change a grown man after he is an adult is darn near impossible. The focus should be where women don’t look … their boys! Ignoring the plight of boys will only make the situation worse. Teaching a male to take resposibility for women and children doesn’t start when he is grown.

    Everybody in Los Angeles saw this coming 30 yrs ago and nobody paid attention to the plight of black boys in this society. Now they are grown and all that ” I can raise a man by myself” talk is bitting women in the butt.

  31. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    LBM, I’ll put my ability to handle black male callers on THIS issue up against Gus or anyone. Is this your demonstration that you and I, at times, disagree when you co-host?

  32. “His sense of blacks as a collective is abandoned when BM accountability is the issue being discussed.” THE ALCHEMIST

    You noticed that too.

    I think we have to be wary that some folk call in just to take time away from the issue being discussed. I agree, Gus is very good at not allowing folk to do this. I felt like a couple of the males who called in just could not stomach the “light” being on them- especially in the context of BW looking at how we contribute to their regression and “withdrawing.” The one caller couldn’t even agree that he and I noted some of the same things. We all have to grow up. Misplaced sympathy and bruised egos won’t be enough to fight the plague we must deal with. The pedophiles above targeted children from father-absent households. We must deal with our implosion.

  33. ReignSupreme Says:

    Excellent post Cree8, love the way you articulated your point of view. Again much love and appreciation.

  34. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    THE ALCHEMIST—You brought the Goodness-Gracious
    That guy had very, very refined code.
    I will surely post this this comment to my Facebook page. And, more importantly, as you say, I will have to be stricter in the use of codified language at all times.


    @ Cree 7
    About Nov 25th Blogtalk Show

    the last male caller to your Nov 25th Blogtalk Show was actually the infamous Sargent Willie Pete. He is not interest in replacing the system of white supremacy with justice. His solution to everything is benevolent black make patriarchy. The blame for everything wrong in the black community gets poured into the laps of BW and matriarchy. In his mind black women are emasculating she-males that will not hand over our mythical matriarchal power to BM so they can “build”. If a BM is colorist; it’s because he learned it from his mother. If a black man doesn’t want his wife to stay home and tend to children; it’s because his black mother told him women were equal to men. SWP and his small but dedicated following believe that black women are a cancer on the BC. In his narrative black men are not responsible for anything. He never mentions the system of racism /white supremacy because BW are the enemy and the oppressors of
    BM. The Sargent poured bucket and buckets of words over your head.

    The male caller before SWP took a lesson from the WS play book and claimed to be an individual. His sense of blacks as a collective is abandoned when BM accountability is the issue being discussed.

    I think you will have to interview BM the same way Gus interviews suspected racist, with very codified language. The will attempt to derail, claim there is no problem, and shift blame onto the backs of BW. These are the classic tactics used by emotional abusers and white people when discussing race. These guys are not supporters, allies or friendlies. The blood of Asia McGowen is on SWP’s hands. She was shot and killed by one of his followers on Youtube.One of the videos her murderer, Anthony Powell, uploaded was titled “Black Women Don’t Deserve Respect”.

    I couldn’t find you Facebook page to post this response.

  36. If there ever was a time to draw the line about this imposing sickness inherent within these people, now would be that time. The duress under which we already experience as adults and children is apparently not enough. Now they must victimize our children, which when thinking ahead, creates more generations of confused, manipulated victims, wandering and wondering what the hell is going on. Stuff like this makes me throw up, but at the same time, I know it is real, has to be confronted and challenged. There are ways in which we will be able to do this.

    It was not too long ago that I learned about the DSM’s licensing of medically legitimatizing homosexuality and Black male anger as a mental deficiency to be treated as other mental disorders. What we are witnessing is the systematic breakdown of our people on all fronts: biological, psychological and most importantly spiritual. I’m not a scientist but like anyone with common sense, decency, self-respect and honor for humanity, there’s right, and there;s wrong, the most basic breakdown of this entire confusion.

    If you ever corner a squirrel, sure, it will be intimidated by your size and the predicament in which it finds itself. But that squirrel will also get up on its hind legs, draw out it claws and teeth, run around in circles and will fight you to defend itself as best it can. They can make all the laws, explanations and theories they want about this mental sickness, but that will not stop this types of reactions and more fatal conclusions from from happening:

  37. Thank you ma’am. I, too, am honored.

  38. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    ABSOLUTELY, sangomah. I’d be honored.

  39. May I re-blog this post please?

  40. This is a powerful blog post. Thank you for your deep insight. It is past time for NW people the world over to release the need for a mono-genetic theory of our and the psychopath’s species. We are not of the same species and I am relieved to read that there is someone else who understands this truth. Your words resonate in me and making this sane and logical separation between the richly melanated and humane humans and the psychopathic predators brought tears to my eyes. The vast majority of NW people on this planet have never understood what the hell we were/are dealing with. I affirm it is not too late for us to “get it.”

    It is disconcerting at times, to be reminded that some of “us” are “them” too. Everyday I observe people who are deeply melanated, but psychopathic and predatory in nature; just like the oxyhominoids/anti-humans. The predators’ final solution is meeting with an excellent success rate…

    5,000 years is such a horribly long time to have been terrorized and brutalized by these things- and still we forget, and still we forgive, and still we lay, and pray, and play with entities bent on NW peoples’ continued dehumanization, subjugation, terrorization and extermination (except for a chosen few).

    The psychopaths’ reign will end though. It must. There may be few richly melananted souls left when it ends, but it will.

  41. Keith Swanson Says:

    Wake up folks that movement away from these folks has been under way for some time now. The Non-aligned movement amongst countries is gaining speed. The power is shifting to the Global South. Wake up and take notice.


    I heard a while back about the coming attempts to decriminalize and re-frame pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Part of the process involves using different language “minor attracted people” instead of “pedophile”. If pedophiles have a seat at the DSM table their victims should as well.

    Getting a manuscript published in an academic journal will require references and peer review. Peer review is a gate keeping process.


  44. Kushite Prince Says:

    @CREE-EIGHT I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job on this blog. This is a great article you put up. It really shows how are this sickness goes with these people. I guess they’re just doing what comes natural to them. But I personally find this behavior disgusting! And I’m really against whites adopting black children. They just grow up confused and lost.
    You are a beautiful sista,Cree. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  45. Beautifully written post, I second the statement that this should be written in a scientific journal.

  46. CREE, if for no other reason than your excellent ability and willingness to ask the pertinent questions, you need to be published. We may (or may not :)) disagree on a thing or two, but I sooo appreciate your listening and analytical skills. I’ll second Mhagneto’s motion.

  47. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Wow. NEVER expected imagined that anyone would say that. Who could? Thank you, sir madam!

  48. You are a great scientist, cree. Your work should be published in the most prestigious scientific journals.

  49. I didn’t realize I was logged in under that account. Screwutoo is for when I dealing with racist blog and it away of conveying my attitude.

    This is none other than plain ol’ “rudeboi” a.k.a. BLACKA the complete opposite of cracka.

    Peace Sista and be well.

  50. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I had to move away from the computer and step out into this morning’s warm San Diego sun on that one, sir.

    NOW, I see what you mean about the background and Paterno’s head….I wonder if we all saw it unconsciously. Thank you for digging that out. Mmmm, mmm, mmm. ( I gotta believe those horns are there by intentional selection of the white person choosing the photo for that news story on this Penn State “discovery.”) Thanks for pointing that out. And, for the other words, I have none to match my appreciation.

    BTW, what a handle. 🙂

  51. I really don’t have much else to add to this post. The Sista laid it down pretty well. But I will say this, look at the first photo of that caveman. Yeah, the very first one….notice how the background adds horns to the caveman’s head? Or are those horns his very own?

    As an aside because I want CREE to know this: you put me through an entire range of emotions the other day while listening to your latest program. The one on “talk therapy”. I cried, got angry, got excited and all this in 15 minutes……and on the way to work. It was an emotional excise and purge that I really needed. It did me well and allowed me remain sane for at least a couple more days.

    I love you Mrs. CREE for all the help that you have no idea that you have given me. I love you for being a true woman, not to mention a BLACK woman. And if you ever feel like you are in this shit by yourself, just think of me and you’ll know that at least one other person is in shit with you. Your honesty made my wings unfurl and my lungs expand in preparation for flight. Then I thought, I can’t fly until we all can fly.

    I ask that the Most High keep you and yours close.

  52. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    The encouragement is sincerely appreciated, sir/madam.

  53. wow.. powerfull indeed!
    keep up the great work

  54. Well written… I have to read this again Cree!


    “A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it’s time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children.

    The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that’s put together by the American Psychiatric Association.

    The group says its mission is to help pedophiles before they create a crisis, and to do so by offering a less critical view of the disorder.

    ‘Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people or the issue of child sexual abuse,’ reads the organization’s website.

    B4U-Act said that 38 individuals attended a symposium in Baltimore last week, including researchers from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and the universities of Illinois and Louisville. According to the group, which said to not endorse every point of view expressed, the speakers in attendance concluded that ‘minor-attracted’ individuals are largely misunderstood and should not be criminalized even as their actions should be discouraged.

    Speakers also argued that people who are sexually attracted to children should have input into the decision about how pedophilia is defined in the DSM, which they said is supposed to be a guide to promote “mental health vs. social control.”

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