'HIV Test in 20 Minutes!'--- White folks haven't made free doctors' care or screening widely to help our higher rates of asthma, hypertension, diabetes, or infant mortality but they're sending HIV tests around like malt liquor on an ice cream truck---and pushing for us to get those HIV/AIDS 'treatments'....We're at war folks. Our brains ARE our helmets

The evidence for AIDS being an infectious disease is just not there. We, the (black) people all over the planet, have been lied to and have been terrorized and defamed and killed by that lie. But, it just isn’t so. At the time that Robert Gallo’s team announced the “discovery” of the “HIV,” the fact was not disclosed that 46 of the 72 persons in the study with full-blown AIDS had a test that was negative for the serum called “HIV.” And, conversely, there have always been many people who have been tracked who test positive for this serum but never developed AIDS.

Watch the documentary, House of Numbers online. Follow the logic and do not let the powerful propagandist technique of name-calling disable your basic critical reasoning faculties. The name they call anyone pulling the cover off this fraud is “AIDS Denialist.” I haven’t heard anybody denying that severe immune dysfunction exists. But, it is a rare disorder.

People dying form dirty water in Africa isn’t an immune disorder. Few people, for instance, are immune from getting very ill from eating rotten meat. And, few folks are immune from destroying their pulmonary system by constantly inhaling “poppers” (amyl nitrates) to enhance and increase sexual orgasms such as was the rage with homosexual white men when this fiction of HIV/AIDS was created in the 1980s.

People who tested positive for HIV “antibodies” were tracked over ten years to see how many of their partners’ HIV- status changed. Not one did—NOT ONE. It’s almost like testing whether sex with a short person causes someone to get short. These “HIV antibody tests” detect and measure something some people have but which has no relationship to any deadly disease. There is just no evidence of any immune disorder syndrome being an infectious disease. There is no evidence that a virus called “HIV” causes it. But, there’s LOTS of evidence that the drugs used to purportedly “treat” it cause lethal immune dysfunction. Yeah, they “treat” you with it alright. Like a bullet in the brain treats someone. Black people are being misled into taking a test that will likely falsely lead to someone telling us that we have been “infected” with a deadly disease and, if we’re, unfortunate enough, gets someone to pay for drugs that can and do kill us.

White folks have recently reinforced this HIV FRAUD weapon against us. NPR published a story today. And, they’re the “liberals.” So, I’m pleading with you to help get our folk truth-helmets. Prevent some deaths by downloading the film to your hard drive before it gets taken offline. And, share it.



  1. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  2. Cree, I will try to watch the film you had recommended at some point on Saturday. In the meantime, here is the link to a film I had watched about two years ago dealing with this same issue and how it is ONE BIG LIE!!!



  3. So I guess this explains why this fraud of HIV/AIDS is a big “problem” in the continent of Africa and Haiti. They are constantly being “TESTED” and I suspect using Racist Man and Racist Woman’s “AVR” drugs.

    @ Amilkar…do you have anything that I can read in connection to what you said about the numbers of white people dwindling globally?

  4. Kelvin gitau Says:

    In th long run, we are all dead.

  5. NO SEX with the species known as “white people.” Black people should consider that to be beastiality. They could have been a short -lived species had earlier Africans and now current black people not mated with them. Black males must stop deluding themselves that they can “breed out” a sub-species. Simply leave them alone and let nature do what it do.

    Our priority needs to be about the business of securing our mental and physical health as Amikar said – and not the prolonging of the white species existence.

    Even without the scare of something called HIV or AIDS we still need to check our sex habits – check how we deal with each other physically and emotionally. If the goal is to produce a cadre of effective fighters against racism – we need to take care with each other.

  6. Amilkar Carthago Says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels.

    We must continue to keep in mind that every tactic, both imagined and unimagined, will be used to pre-empt any “progeny” of Black people, and even people of color around the globe. As Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has explained tirelessly, the dominating factor inherent with Black DNA is “t-h-e” basis of white peoples’ fear of being biologically annihilated, and it is this fear that is the primary motive behind such psuedo-scientific bullshit over AIDS-HIV.

    The truth of the matter is this: over time, things change. Nothing in life stays the same forever. Civilizations come and go, and there are innumerable episodes in history where those on the top of society eventually succumbed to changing times. Overall, white people are decreasing in numbers in the global population, and will continue to do so in the coming decades. This is not the fault of Black people or non-white people of color. Nature’s laws were created before any of us came into existence. Low births rates and lower educational attainments of younger whites, in comparison to Asian counterparts, will eventually affect the creation, maintenance and/or continuation of generational wealth. This lie about AIDS-HIV is just another ploy to repress Black progeny as well as other medically-unconventional practices were used in prior years.

    Next to your sanity, your physical health should be a top priority for personal safety and survival.

  7. I’m so bothered by the quality of existence our people have. We have never really approached a level of living. A big part of that is the area of people activity known as healthcare (really sickness maintenance) – which I guess comes under the warfare heading but I think it deserves it’s own umbrella. It’s one of the more insidious forms of white domination.
    One of the things we must do is start rejecting medication/poison for shyt we can control and question the prescribing of any and every drug. Some of us do indeed need pharmceutical treatment. Some of us need pain management. But we know we do things that expose us to conditions that we could avoid or certainly reduce.

    The so-called “Aids” drugs have killed people. But the set-up was already in place. We were/are already trained to pop pills. I’m taking every non-drug measure to keep my blood pressure down. It’s not easy because I’m still in a mode of doing what I have to versus what I want to in regards to employment which keeps me in contact with non-humans. What drug is going to remedy that? So I take a drug and jack up my liver/lidneys/thyroid? I don’t think so.

    I guess what I’m saying is we need to re-commit/commit to our health. Too many of us are limping around. Black males are having prostate issues at younger ages. Diabetes amputations are much too common among us. HBP, depression, etc. We need to make our health a priority. This is not a world for the infirm. Folk are quick to support anti-human reports of black female obesity, but black males are not in great shape either. All of the older men in my family were/are strong because they built homes, layed brick, worked the farm, worked to support, etc. Young brothers today have hands softer than women’s. Our fight can’t be fought by physical or mental cripples. The anti-humans are NOT playing. The scare of “Aids” was supposed to keep us away from one another – that didn’t happen so the drugs became more deadly as the “diagnoses” became, quite frankly, ridiculous. But we need to shift our thinking about health and who we allow to “treat” us. We are up a creek presently when we do need attention – but let’s reduce that need.

    I did print out some articles by Rebecca Culshaw and will read them in anticipation of the program.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Greetings rudeboi,

    Thanks for posting the House of Numbers video on the Drop Squad site. Here is the best response I’ve yet seen to the reasonable position by man that HIV/AIDS is a bio-weapon. It was posted yesterday as a comment to by Yvonne Bender on a DB thread related to this issue. The deceit my white folk was so sunning that it incorporated the logical suspicion of less confused targets of these predators: The bio-weapon position is a logical position to take, albeit IMO deadly, operating on the limited scientific information possessed by the average person. It was formerly my position.

    “If we continue to believe HIV is a real biological weapon then there is no reason to stop testing and no reason for anyone not to take ARVs [anti-retro-vira drugs]! The only constructive thing to do is stop testing, and never take ARVs. This is because there really is no HIV virus, the test is a fraud and is deployed heavily in non white populations. That is why it looks like black people in particular are heavily infected. The truth is the HIV status has nothing to do with the community’s behaviour but the conduct of those who run testing. No one needs ARVs. There is no HIV. Anyone taking ARVs ends up dead, while those who do nothing about their status do just fine. The Bio-warfare HIV belief is the most toxic. HIV is a mental meme virus. Its just a thought that directs the efforts of people and whole countries as if it were real. It is like believing people who cough are possessed by demons and the treatment is drowning.”

  9. I just posted this video over at The Drop Squad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcypP7PYNng

    People still feel that AIDS is a bio-weapon, as do I. But the reasons this hoax is put is the mystery to me. I’ll checkout the doc. when I’m off tomorrow.

    Again, thank you so much for all you do.

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