On a Black Female’s Breast and a White Rocker Preaching

Aerosmith's Stephen Tyler
Rock band Aerosmith’s lead “singer,” Stephen Tyler is a white man renowned for his sexual promiscuity and gender-bending ways. Recently, according to Fox News, Tyler made statements about the need for the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling to be in favor of modesty and decency on the FCC regulated airwaves. Where is my stash of uncrushed plastic bottles and my chamomile Calms tea? Forget the tea. I’m hurt and furious right now. Almost too much to type. So, please forgive any typos.

I posted the following on Facebook about 45 minutes ago “This profane white man attest to the Roberts Supreme Court to the need for “decency” on the airwaves. And, then, near the end, the (white ) author says “The commission’s stepped-up broadcast indecency enforcement in recent years, including record fines for violations, was spurred in part by public outrage over Janet Jackson’s breast-baring performance during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.” Nearly every time this event has been referenced since the first week after it happened, that racist rat Justin Timberlake is never identified as the one who pulled Ms. Jackson’s clothing off (oops by mistake). Oh, and puhleeze spare me the insults and criticisms of Janet Jackson—the sell-out or whatever. Let’s focus on The Problem —white folk.

Ain’t nobody, hardly, got nothin to say. Exactly one thumbs up. Maybe most of the black folks who saw the status update thought, “Can’t bash the black chick (b@#tch)? Then, nothin to say!” Awww come on. Justin sings and dances black! He like black people! Awww, his music be jammin! Janet ain’t Sh@t. She been tryna come up in Tyler Perry’s lame films and her brother is dead.”

Under the system/logic of racism (white domination/supremacy), it is impossible for a black female to be sexually assaulted by a white man. Still, still have heard nothing from the usuals on FB.

Someone said that Tyler’s defense of raunchy lyrics in the ’80s renders him without credibility. My reply? He’s white–and, in a system of racism (white supremacy), that’s all he needs. And, I suspect the fun of making this point was the sole reason white folks at Fox News ran this story.


13 Responses to “On a Black Female’s Breast and a White Rocker Preaching”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    considered not white by whom and when? Native American does not necessarily mean “not white.” And, following the logic, the most accurate words to determine that one does not function as white is “black.” I see no evidence that Mr. Tyler functions as “black.”

  2. Steven Tyler is considered “Native American” aka non-white.

  3. You’re right. I didn’t remember if he was her husband or boyfriend. That had to be tough for him. I thought about that when it happened. Should he have run up on the stage at the time or maybe have a talk with him backstage. That was just about all he could have done. But he should have tried to save some of his manhood. The damage had already been done. Halle may have been upset with him if he’d run up on the stage to protect her honor fearing retribution from movie producers. But I look at it as a “teachable moment”. When any of our sisters are on these award shows, it should be discussed about the aggressiveness of white men and that they should be aware and on guard of their aggressions.

  4. Well, and not saying he should have done that, Halle played in that movie where this white man “ravished” her. That was what that was about with Adrian Brody. Whites understood it. He was “speaking” for all white men who’s pants caught on fire seeing that done to a beautiful black woman in that movie. Was it Monster’s Ball? That’s why he did that. I think he just completely caught her off guard though. She probably didn’t know how to react at the time. But it was for that one part in that movie that he felt as a white man he could do that.

  5. Also Adrian did that sex crime to Halle in front of her husband Eric Benet who was humiliated and emasculated and powerless before the whole world. This was broadcasted live internationally. In 2012 and beyond let’s have less tolerance for racism.

  6. You are right RBrownes, many have not been taught, thus, many will not be taught. It’s a crime in and of itself that we have not taught our youth the reality of racism. Lebron should have been so schooled on the implications of that imagery. Somehow we think if we don’t teach our children they will not be effected. We’re highly victimized and retarded in our thinking. So much so that when those of us who are teaching our children what to be aware of, what to look out for – we’re accused of BEING racist. So those who know must continue to verbalize and hope that eventually a number of us will get to that point of not being unwittingly manipulated. The anti-humans are on their job 24/7, we must be as well.

    P.S. Was it Jagger that pulled Tina Turner’s skirt off during a show? And remember when Adrian Brody (?) molested Halle Berry right on stage during an awards show, saying he just wanted to do it or always wanted to do it. Pleeeze. He would have gotten round-housed. Beat into the stage, on national tv. Heels off all upside his head. He would have been black alright. Black and blue.

  7. This whole thing just shows me that black people still don’t know white people or the situation we’re in today. Why do we agree to do these things with white people. White people aren’t forcing Janet Jackson or Terrell Owens to do these things. Why do we allow ourselves to be maneuvered into these situations. I saw Janet say that she was surprised/disappointed with Justin. Why was she? I really don’t get mad at white folks when they made a big stink over this white man uncovering Janet’s breast when if he had done this to a white woman, probably would have been some small fcc fine and nothing else would have been said. My question is why do we allow white folks to manipulate us like this? The picture with lebron james looking like some kind of beast with his mouth wide open and a blonde on his arms. Why did he allow this? These people are not being taught ANYTHING about white people/white racism. This is because most of us want to hide from the reality of racism by pretending it does not exist. So these kinds of things will happen over and over again. I don’t see anything that can be done about it. This is white folks stuff and they do what they want to. I watch that show 2 and a half men. There is so much subliminal x-rated stuff said on that show that it’s bordering on being criminal. So, I don’t get mad when they do these things to black people. Black people need to stop allowing themselves to be put in these positions.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Blond or curly. M1, Oxyhominoids are no joke.

  9. hello kudos to your recent shows. you’re correct on steve tyler.i’m not on facebook,however i do remember the whole 04 super bowl fiasco. i remember when justin was asked he stated “it was her idea”. never mind he grab her clothing and exposed her,it was his song they were performing yet due to racism the focus became on her. also in 04 we had a 2nd act of sexual aggression . remember the monday night football pre opening skit with white fem actress nicolette sheridan and nfl black athlete terell owens. even though this was a supposed skit. the white fem is the aggressor/sex assaulter. the black male is the victim. however its terell owens having to apologize for this controversy not nicole. plus you had a white blonde fem named nicole in the arms of a black nfl player(does this ring a bell). in 2012 more emphasis on the true aggresor(whites) and see the victims(black) as victims.

  10. Karla Holland Says:

    Excellent thoughts.

    This made me think a little more: Remember when the Osmonds came out to rival the Jacksons? Or when Vanilla Ice was made to dress like MC Hammer? I’ve always suspected that people like Britney and JT were promoted in efforts to replace MJ and JJ with White dopplegangers. This goes back to the 1950s when Music was stolen from black singers and “covered” by white artists to play on white stations. It’ll never end.

  11. Kushite Prince Says:

    Great article. I agree with you. Justin is never mentioned. He always gets a pass. I remember when the Super Bowl incident happened he said in an interview that he was just as surprised as everyone else. Are you kidding me?lol This guy is a joke! Of course they lay the blame on the black woman. I remember when Justin used to wear cornrows in his hair. They lave to imitate black culture,slang and music. But when the sh*t hits the fan—they go back to being white again!lol

  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Ooops. Thanks for the correction, MinnieB. Better fix that.

  13. Excellent.
    I looked it up, and it is a common misunderstanding;Randy Jackson of American Idol is NOT related to Janet. Janet does have a brother named Randy.

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