Reverend Jesse Peterson–Red, Black & Gingrich?

Reverend Jesse Peterson

2012 Candidate for Republican selection, Newt Gingrich

“A conservative black preacher has backed Newt Gringrich after the Republican presidential candidate came under fire for saying poor black children should work as janitors.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who founded a Tea Party organization in South Central L.A, says that Gingrich was 100 per cent correct that blacks lack work ethic and that his own solution was to ‘send them back to the plantation’.

‘One of the things that I would do is take all black people back to the South and put them on the plantation so they would understand the ethic of working,’ Peterson told The Huffington Post’s Black Voices.

I suspect that Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has a kind of mental/emotional disability that I may have seen before— back when I was in college. The part of the city where most of the black people resided was called “the west side.” The school had a top-ranked Division 1 basketball program and there was a black player recruited from some other state who clearly had all kinds of learning disabilities. I don’t just mean that he showed educational deprivation. I mean this fellow was “special.” And, so, he got special privileges with the powerful white folks in the administration and student body. They took him to all of the athletic department’s community relations events. He was always with them in the student plaza at the most social times of the day and was even a frequent guest in the white fraternity houses where few black people had even walked past. Somebody gave him the name “West Side.”

This fellow just loved to talk even though only about 3 in 20 of his words could be understood by anybody else. He was usually loud, happy, and excited— and never had a clue that no one understood what the heck he was saying. When people laughed at him, he thought they were laughing with him. But, when he was serious, his syllables were just as unintelligible. It never crossed his mind that he was not being taken seriously. Whenever he was asked what was his real name, he insisted it was, “West Side.” His white “friends” were always right there to help him defend that title.

The semester before I made the acquaintance of West Side, I had a white history professor. The professor said of the students who had failed an early exam but chose not to drop the class before the deadline, “Fools are to be pitied, not censured.” When I get angry enough at other black people’s reactions to the things that white folks say or do that I want to “put a foot up somebody’s black a%$,” I realize how foolish that is. Yep, pity me and pity Reverend Peterson. But, let’s keep an eye on those most responsible for our problems. Dealing with them is going to require more than a swift, hard kick. White folks have drones and satellites. Better get to work.


14 Responses to “Reverend Jesse Peterson–Red, Black & Gingrich?”

  1. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    No, sir. Schooling and education are two different things. Each can happen without the other.

  2. If what you’re saying is true, that there is no amount of schooling that black people can complete that will get us out of the bottom of the ship, then we are in a hopeless situation.

  3. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Most important, rbrownes, is our agreement that it is black people’s change in behavior, not white folk’s, that is going to bring about justice. We disagree, it seems, on what behavior will need to be changed. That you are concerned about black people’s low value for school achievement and resultant greater rates of robbing and stealing is understandable. There are pages and pages of google results with articles and videos founded upon those assertions. However, the assertions/beliefs are not true.

    The belief that “Academic excellence is also not stressed in the black home” is a result of vicious and relentless propaganda by white folks who know it isn’t true. This belief, held even by most black people, is just as false as the beliefs that that black males have less involvement with their offspring; that black people sell and use more alcohol and other drugs; that black females are fatter, and that black people are less responsible in sexual behavior; that black peeople steal and rob more than white people. Not true, not true, not true….SIGH. How could I ever compete with the repetitions of white folks whose hands control the console? Black parents are less involved in PTA meetings for many reasons that I’m confident you can figure out. However, we are more involved than white parents, not less involved, in academic activities in the home. Furthermore, parental involvement has nothing to do with why folks that are higher on the racial caste system of white/light supremacy have higher school achievement. To confirm these facts, I refer you to a study done at Duke University by Nancy Hill, et al. I shed tears every week for black people. We are viciously slandered all day, every day from sea to shining sea.

    As for black people’s poor standard of existence? Come on. You and I both know that as long as the system of global white domination exists, there is no amount of schooling that black people can complete that will get us out of the bottom of the ship. That’s the whole purpose of the ship. It isn’t the amount of schooling, necessarily, that’s going to get this system replaced with a system of justice by us. What needs to change is the amount of education we get about everything leading to that One Idea that ensures as our “common defense” against tyrants. We know who the tyrants are. Don’t we, rbrownes? Okay, then. I blame them.

    My advice about schooling? I say, get that paper if it helps you to stay viable to work for that common defense.

  4. This guy embodies the mental illness that black people suffer from. I have to say his mental illness is to a much higher degree. And if this guy has a church, he won’t lose one person. Let’s even say that black people don’t have that work ethic that whites like to say but why is that? What would make us this way? Could it be that we have given up on being treated as an equal by whites? Could it be that we know that whites don’t like us and will never treat us fairly? Could it be that we know we are an unwanted people? Whites always let you know they think nothing of you, overtly and subliminally and blacks are sensitive to it. Some of us can’t deal with it and I can understand that. I have a good job but I have to psyche myself up every morning to go to work because I know what they think of me and black people. But it’s a paycheck. I can understand a black person just not being able to deal with being around them. But black people need to suck that up! Don’t say I can’t deal with being around them then break in my house, break in my car, rob me. That ain’t right either but I read that excuse for blacks doing that. You don’t have to go to work and clown and grin in their faces to survive. You can just come in and do your work and understand the dynamics of what’s happening.

    I think it’s horrible for this man to come out and say he supports Newt. Even if he felt that way he should have never done it. Whites never side with black folks when we say something negative about whites and the whites know the black person is right. This stuff about putting black children to work and us going back to the plantation is racist. But there is some truth to this work ethic thing. You can all jump on me but it’s true. I have seen black people get fired from good paying jobs for the silliest of reasons. I have seen a lot of black people that have this “get over” attitude on their jobs where they try to do as little work as possible. I have seen black people not put their best foot forward. We’re going to have to be a more responsible people. Don’t try to act like there is nothing wrong with us. There is. It’s a combination of a lot of things though. For one, black children aren’t challenged academically during grades 1-12. I don’t know if it’s a dumbing down or classes are made easy so as not to make the school system look too bad. But it’s there. Academic excellence is also not stressed in the black home. So we are usually in the low paying jobs which is a lose lose situation. You can’t buy a house, car, raise kids on a minimum wage job. Yet we continue to produce more and more children and the cycle continues. The problem I have is the reason why we are the way we are is never discussed. Just blaming white people is old news. We are going to have to change. They aren’t.

  5. He IS a disgrace but not to black people. It’s a disgrace what white domination produces. If anything, as a black person and a female, I feel sadness that one of our men is so reduced.

  6. That dude is a bigger fool than the one up there.

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    Jesse is the biggest Uncle Tom in the entire world! This guy is a disgrace to black people worldwide.

  8. I can’t even tell you the absolute torture I have been threw on this planet. The really disgusting part about being made into a monster is the real person hardly ever comes out. The real persons we are never get shown to the world. The sweetness and brilliance and humaneness is some kinda of anomaly instead of the norm. We become trapped in made up Blackness.

  9. Indeed Lovely Sista,

    I’m gonna go out on a limb, take a giant leap, hang myself out to dry and say that 99% of all Black people on this part of the planet (Merika) is suffering from some kinda mental illness. Myself especially. I learned how not to effect those around me with my own mental illness. I figured if I kept my mouth closed than nobody would know I was suffering and it worked. It wasn’t good for me but it work none the less.

    The person, the Rev. has an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome and we must act accordingly. The really sad thing is Stockholm Syndrome is not terminal, no matter the severity. This person has gotten under my skin for a long time, he has not yet learn how not to effect other with his mental illness. Him and Rev. Manning come from the same sick and twisted side of the street.

    LBM, you must keep your charges from getting wrapped up in mental illness and teach them that Black is indeed gorgeous and flawless and hue-man and warm and them.

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Gruesome, rudeboi. as LBM, points out, it’s a wonder that people like you exist.

  11. I remember when I was in college, there was this dude that hated me from first sight. I don’t know why he hated me because we had never meet and I surly didn’t do anything to him. I would try to talk to him and understand what the hell was going on. It didn’t work, all I got was hatred and venom. So one day I was sitting on the library steps just enjoying and nice warm day in the North Carolina foothills–beautiful country that is–and it damned on me. The hate I was getting was not me but it was what I looked like. I was same hue as the hater and the same build and the same age and so on. He hated himself and I was the him he hated and from that point forward I just felt really sorry for him and let him go on hating him if that’s what it took for him to make it in this cold, cold world.


  12. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I also have great regard for those afflicted with biological mental retardation and mental illness. …. Matter of fact, I put your entire comment in my book of quotations, LBM. Thanks. Incisive and poetic, as usual.

  13. This system is enough to make most Black folk mentally ill, and most of us indeed are. Some of us handle the abuse with a modicum of spine as we hopefully work toward change. Some of us simply are not equipped to handle it, even if we wanted to. I personally have much regard for mental retardation as well as emotional breakdowns. It’s a Wonder of the World that ANY Black folk whose history include any of the trans-atlantic slave trades are not totally insane. Every so often Peterson pops up. Let’s leave him at that and stay on THE job, which for me is making sure my children don’t have to navigate in this current system.

  14. Karla Holland Says:

    If you can be black and confederate, then this combination is not a stretch..<:-D I wish I was kidding about the former.

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