White Women’s Tears Are Offensive

Guest Post by “Pam”
(This is a reprint of an email sent by Pam to Cree on Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 5:49 PM Pacific. Pam is a member of Umoja, the authors of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act).
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for all those naive folks (sorry, got to call it like I see it)

who think white people (especially white politicians) don’t know that Obama has no real power

try to imagine this white female pointing her finger in Clinton or Geo Bush Jr or Senior’s face

or someone standing up in a congressional meeting and telling those white men, “You lie!”

I have NEVER seen that behavior with a white president that I’ve seen with Obama (and you know I’m no fan of his)

which to me makes it obvious that THEY know what Obama is (a puppet) and what they see him as (a nigger)

white people — even the white janitor in a nearby school — knows black people do NOT tell white people what to do

the only people who don’t seem to know it are black people

who keep pretending that Obama is telling the most powerful jews and whites (who selected him, which makes THEM his boss) what to do

and why do we do this?

denial and escapism from reality

but white people know better

which is why they keep on disrespecting Obama

even to the point of making him apologize to a lowly white civil servant cop who arrested another “prominent” black man, Harvard Professor Gates, in his own home

and guess who had to apologize for calling that white man stupid?


and guess who never apologized for arresting a black man (nigger) in his own home

the white cop

I think it is well past time for black people to stop “celebrating” and pretending that things are not what they are

and start working on solutions that are REALISTIC, SANE, and SENSIBLE to overcome our oppression

of course, u are free to draw your own conclusions.

Governor Jan Brewer said she felt “THREATENED” by President Obama yesterday when she stuck her finger in his face.
Cree’s addendum: (not co-written or previewed by Pam)
Tears of white women are a remote venom used as offense against black people; male and female. Doesn’t matter the age, position, or even disability. White women are the most cunning predator in our known universe. Remember, the title of the national anthem of white folks who call themselves “English:” God Save the Queen.


13 Responses to “White Women’s Tears Are Offensive”

  1. Well these days you’ve got the race card to counter it and bring the PC brigade to your aid, so buck up old chums

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That’s a term I’ll make mine, Steph, “WWT.” Outstanding. I agree with you about his choice of spouse. When I saw him holding the hand of his mother-in-law on election night, I sensed that he felt closer to her than he ever did his biological mother or white grandmother.

  3. I am a Black woman familiar with the WWT phenomenon since I grew up in a mostly-white area of the Midwest. I didn’t have the frame of reference to understand how WWT made my life difficult until I grew older. I noticed in high school, in college, and now on-the-job. WWT, on-the-job, remains a constant headache. Bad behavior, bad language, bad performance on projects by White women gets an automatic pass when the tears arrive. I’ve seen straight-out aggression, passive-aggression, manipulation, harassment, you name it. Right now, WWT in the workplace comes from my boss, the owner of the business. She uses WWT to persuade me to work late, work weekends, cover for the mistakes she makes, and make sacrifices for her need to self-medicate her strange personality. Even her pet dog prefers me and won’t come to her when she calls it. I suspect that she may be mentally-ill and so I try not to engage her manipulative game-playing. I’m sending out applications and I hope I find a position elsewhere soon. Jan Brewer attempted to manipulate President Obama. But, like me, he is somewhat familiar with that behavior since he had a white mother and grandmother. But it’s clear to me that he married Michelle for a reason. He needed a woman at home he could trust, not someone who would stab him in the back with manipulative, passive-aggressive appeals for protection from the “angry black man.”

  4. If we – down here on the ground – we’re as protective of each other as many of us have been of Obama, we’d be well on our way to getting rid of this wretched domination. As for anti-human females…what the phuck can I say as a Black woman? They are running a very cunning game and winning so far. When my brothas truly get wind that those fake ass tears are poison darts – we’ll have some progress. Until then…

  5. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    The truth often causes pain in more ways than one. Great synopsis Cree.

  6. Move along folks, nothing to see here, just business as usual.


  7. This guy and Rev. Manning are extremely mentally ill. I try to ignore them as much as I can and sometimes I can’t. I just have to think about their families and how they would feel about this self hatred. Their grandparents and other relatives that may suffered at the hands of cave people. Do they even care that they are nothing more than tools? I just cram to understand how is it that a Black person can sink this low. Like I have always said, it’s a damn shame that Stockholm Syndrome is not terminal.

  8. what you saw was sad to say the equivalent of a parent disciplining a child. it’s a sad thing to say about a President of the USA. you are now hearing reports trying to make this all Pres Obama’s fault. He’s always ranting on the airport tarmac. i.e Gov Bobby Jindal (who incidentally was forced to show his birth certifcate to prove he was born in the USA due to a article by a white person commiting an act of racism),The article tells of him being upset and scolding Jindal about a letter he wrote. I said on the COWS that Pres Obama like most black people is only allowed to verbally attack or physically attack other Black or Non white people. These 2 examples are proof of this. As LBM always asks where is the examle of patriarchy of white females by black males? Its obviuosly not here. 2012 more focus on white racism we must keep pointing these examples out .

  9. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, li’l sista. In every sense of the word. P.S.—great handle

  10. li'l sista Says:

    white women PERIOD are offensive.

  11. I agree. And all non-Whites who don’t yet comprehend these facts, are doomed.

  12. Cree you are definitely on point!

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