The White Woman strikes again. She destroys another black man one ‘mo ‘gain. Don Cornelius

Guest Post by “Pam”
(This is a reprint of an email sent by Pam to Cree on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 8:58 AM Pacific. Pam is a member of Umoja, the authors of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act).
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not to beat a dead horse (no pun intended)


A friend sent an email and brought up an interesting point

“Russian mafia”

Don Cornelius’s ex wife was a Russian

the same kind of white Russian that Terrence Howard married, who said she was a violent racist who threatened to have some Russians kill him. in fact, she said her Russian friends would be more than happy to do it

Maybe, the only thing that saved Howard’s butt is he is famous and killing him might bring too much negative attention

Could it be that the Russian mafia uses

Russian females to target rich and/or famous foolish black men, especially older BM for marriage

and then taking their money via divorce or murder?

cause there ain’t no status like having a young white woman on his arm

for the whole world to see

More questions come to mind:

why did Cornelius get so sick during his marriage to that Russian gold-digger?

why would she marry a man as old as him IF not for money?

who actually witnessed the shooting?

and why would she be content to wait on insurance money unless she knew he was going to die?

last of all, whoever heard of putting an insurance policy on your spouse after a divorce?

of course, this is all speculation on my part but I would have loved to be the fly on the wall of that fake-azz marriage
Post-Script by Cree not approved or previewed by Pam: Now there are these reports that Cornelius’s health was failing, that he had Alheimer’s, and/or that he was very depressed. Maybe. But, the odds are just as great that those are cover stories. We are in a system of white domination.
Post-Post-Script: Terrance Howard’s wife, who he says threatened to have him harmed by Russians, was of so-called Asian descent. (I know, I know. Russia is on the continent called Eurasia).


35 Responses to “The White Woman strikes again. She destroys another black man one ‘mo ‘gain. Don Cornelius”

  1. It gets on my damn nerves that when a subject comes up about white women and the scandalous things these gold diggers do for money how somebody ALWAYS comes along to slander black women…. Let me get the record straight there are very few black men who would let black women destroy them period or to this magnitude and very few black women who even marry wealthy black men because soon as black men get any wealth the first thing they step out with are gold digging white women they will let theses women manipulate them into marriage and soon after will make sure they have kids to extort money out of them other than just the homes,land,businesses.and money they may have accumulated etc after the black man has married them …. Some white women will wait 10 years to divorce some will divorce sooner but black men forget the white court system will ALWAYS be on the white woman’s side because of her white privilege period….. What should be said is NOBODY CAN MANAGE TO SAVAGELY DESTROY OUR BLACK MEN LIKE WHITE WOMEN CAN…. But there are few black women who tried to destroy white men but due to their white privilege it never worked….

  2. Will BLACK MEN EVER LEARN! Don’s ex-wife is seeking more than attention! She’s a GOLD DIGGER just like the rest of these white women with wealthy black men they are there for ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY ”MONEY”! AND IGNORANT BLACK MEN FALLS FOR IT EVERY TIME! But he will publicly call his own black women whores, sluts,ghetto,ugly,fat gold diggers etc And what the first thing black men get is white women that are whores, sluts,ghetto,ugly,fat gold diggers etc! Before BLACK MEN COULD TALK ABOUT THEIR OWN WOMEN THEY NEED TO TAKE A LONG HARD LOOK AT THEMSELVES AND THE UNDRER COVER RACIST WHITE WOMEN REALY ARE THAT THEIR PICKING TO MARRY AND RAISE CHILDREN WITH!!!!!! WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT ALL BLACK MEN THINK THEY ARE! (FOOD FOR THOUGHT)

  3. @kensays: TRUE! It hurst sometime but it’s the TRUTH.

  4. Thats why his black ass is dead.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Did you know that in Claifornia, Alimony is paid for half the length of the marriage no matter how long the marriage lasted? Did you know that this is a blog about racism (white supremacy) and not about “wealthy men” getting fleeced by younger women? No black male is a man. No black male is wealthy. All black males are poor victims of the global system of racism (white supremacy).

  6. Getting married in California is a liability for men with money, regardless of color. There is more than one case where older gentlemen who marry younger women have to deal with attempted murders. Happens more often in States where the laws are biased toward women in family court and divorce court. Did you know in California, after 10 years of marriage, the spouse ( usually the man) who earns more has to pay alimony for LIFE if a divorce occurs! Even if the other spouse ( usually woman) cheats, or initiates the divorce for no reason!

  7. ‘if white women can manage to destroy our black men.
    a black woman can also destroy a white man.’—OH, YES

  8. I know exactly what she did.
    she killed him….

    I’m also going to go ahead an say that white women use all types of tricks,games, whatever it will take to destroy a black man,

    I think most black women must be aware of all those tatics
    so that there will be a chance to save the black man,
    even if you may not be related too,married too, or even half way know that black man he must be saved. even if you must die to save him then do it.

    if white women can manage to destroy our black men.
    a black woman can also destroy a white man.

  9. I love it!

  10. I’m jumping in late but I have a question : When will Black men realize that only Black women accept ya’ll broke down and broke up? White and non-Black females are not interested in taking care of sick(ly) Black males. Richer or poorer, sickness or health only applies when you hook up with Black women. It ain’t right but….if anyone can dispute what I’ve said, come on wit it.

    We need to grow the hell up. White females ain’t making no sacrifices for Black males and white males have ALWAYS had sexual access to Black females, no marriage necessary. So both of us need to stop lying to ourselves that anti-humans can ever have true loving regard for us.

  11. JW Frogen Says:

    He has wonderful boobs, worth dying for.

  12. negroes just can’t get enough of these females. uugghhhh, even after all this time i still ask…wtf?

  13. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Indeed, M1. Here’s an article with at least some help in answering the questions you posed.
    Don Cornelius Ex-Wife Scores Huge Life Insurance Payout

  14. To T And Cree with this loss of Mr Cornelius we as black people need to know as many state laws as possible. I never knew that CA paid life ins even in cases of suicide. Did Don know that? Did his ex oxyhominoid wife know that? No need to call anyone or yourself a conspiracy theorist. We’re all just asking questions that we hope will prevent another black male from this type of action.

  15. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    T, that is certainly correct. All the more suspicious that this policy was one of the rare ones that did….and very close to its required 2-yrs after it was put in force in order to pay-out on suicide.

  16. I agree with Ken. It seems that so many professional black men aquait success on having a white women on their arm.. and most of them have sufferd the same fate.. but it does raise a question.. Are they being spicificall target by white women being controlled by Russian Mafias or white supremacy groups as a way of bringing some prominent black men down..targeting their obvious weeknesses.. I remember a good while back their was ant article written about the demize of prominent black men coming in the future.. well this is the furture..

  17. I hate to be such a conspiracy theory spoiler, but most life policies don’t payoff on suicides.

  18. Vincent E. Summerlin Sr. Says:

    Yall deep wit it. That brother did what he want to do. He wanted a white lady, he married a white lady, he want to host a show, he hosted a show. Its all about what he want. He want to kill hisself, he killed hisself. The world he lived in ran out of answers. At the end of it all not even a white women could solve his problems. Once again the world he lived in ran out of answers. The end. Love,peace and soul.

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, Ruth, I think they are mentally ill. I don’t think anybody black can have true mental health existing in this global cage that is white domination (supremacy).

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Cnucmecnu, as I said about the depression thing. Maybe. As you’ve said, no details were given about the nature of the son’s concern after talking with his father. Why not? ?? That the son phoned the enforcement officials (police) because he was concerned about something Don Cornelius said on the phone could indicate other things besides a suicide threat. Perhaps Tony heard something that led him to believe someone else was in the house threatening harm to his dad. Given all the other known facts, that seems far more logical to me.

  21. Cnucmecnu Says:

    Don is the victim of depression … he committed suicide … Tony Cornelius stated on the CBS This Morning program that his Dad called him the day of his death and made statements causing him concern (he didn’t give details of the conversation) and that he went to Don’s home but that it was too late by the time he got there … Is Tony lying? … Is he in on the murder? … I think that this is the rant of a person disapproving of interracial marriages looking for someone to blame for the loss of one of this countries great black icons …

  22. What is WRONG with these brothers! Are they CRAZY? They would take being called names, pepper sprayed, and killed over some white p&##y?

  23. In Fact, the policy stated that the suicide would only be payable after a two year period, which was completed just before his death.

  24. ^^^^Agreed!

  25. i’ll be the 1st to say he shouldn’t have married the russkie. however she knew that she could travel 1000’s of miles to get a rich black male in the Usa because as a white femme she benefits from the global system of white supremacy.if reports are true,mr cornelius killed himself so she couldn’t benefit from his death. Unfortunately for him as a rich black male even in death he’s victimized . Because when he married this white femme he didnt realize that he lived in the only state in the Usa that allows for life insurance money to be paid to the beneficiary(white wife) even if the policy holder(Mr.Cornelius) commits suicide. More proof that she was more aware of how the system of white supremacy works,even if she was several decades younger than Mr. Cornelius. So even if he thought “i’ll fix her by killing myself she wont get anything”,who still comes out on top. the white femme.

  26. Bobby Johnson Says:

    Thank you so much for your article regarding Don Cornelius death. My friends/family and I were discussing his unfortunate sudden passing. We said we are not buying the “suicide” line. Mr. Cornelius was making preparations for the Soul Train movie. Therefore, why would he suddenly be depressed. Soul Train is his legacy! Even if the medical examiners found gunshot powder burns on his hands, that does not mean that someone did not force him to pull the trigger. I didn’t know his Russian ex-wife had an insurance policy on him AFTER THEIR DIVORCE. SHE SHOULD BE SUSPECT #1. I hope and pray the police authorities will do their job and continue to investigate his death.

    Terrance Howard’s wife was given a Retraining Order on him merely because she claimed he “threaten her.”

    Why are there so many Russians, Hispanic and other races in America? It amazes me how our country allows any race in America as long as they are non-black. When I watch the citizenship swearing in on July 4th, I can count on one hand how many people of “dark” skin are allowed citizenship.

    It would be wonderful to live in a world where the color of your skin didn’t matter. Unfortunately, IT DOES.

    Keep Up the excellent TRUTH! MANY PEOPLE FEEL AS YOU DO!!!

    Be Blessed

  27. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “Black people and any non-Black person should be banned from relationships because if you leave it up to the confused, they will do confusing s*&t”.

    Thank you, rude boi. Thank you. Thank you.

  28. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “Talk to someone you can even talk to me ( and we can get you pointed in the right direction. AND NEVER BE ASHAMED OF HAVING BEEN OR CURRENTLY BEING DEPRESSED!! As Black folk we should automatically assume we are depressed because of the shit we have to walk through each and every single 24 hours of each and every single day of every single month of each and every single year since our inception on this land called Merika.”

    Thank you, rudeboi. Thank you. Thank you.

  29. Hey Ms. ENC,

    Haven’t heard from you inna while, hope all is well with you and yours.

    Let’s not split bone straight hairs here, Black folk can ill afford to go separating demon seed from other demon seed. Though I did get your point.

  30. BABY JESUS H. CHRISTMAS you are confused.

    If you think for one second that blaming the victim IN CASE is correct, then you better cut your heart out right now and pluck your eyes out. You have no clue what that demon seed did to get that man. and you have clue what she did to keep. In fact, you sound like you may be a white woman lover yourself. I DON’T GIVE AND WHAT HAPPENS, YOU NEVER DEFEND WHITE WHITE WOMEN EVEN IF THEY HAVE VIDEO TAPE EVIDENCE TO WHATEVER CONTRARY.

    As far as the effing blame game goes, you place blame where it is squarely do. And the next time you step outta the house and some cop cracks open your skull, just think….damn!! I made this bed by leaving the house now I guess I need to get comfortable in it.

    Then you got the nerve to defend a demon seed on a Black woman’s blog you need to be…………….

  31. of course I meant Black men and white women or Black people and any non-Black person should be banned from relationships.

  32. First, I ask that the Most High receives this Brotha and keep him close.

    Second, Black men and Black women should be banned from every having any kind of relationships, because if you leave it up to the confused, they will do confusing s*&t.

    Third, in a sick kinda way I hope she did have him killed, because him killing himself would open up a floodgate of Black folk who feel suicide is a viable option when things get tough. Which takes me to the depression side of this which I feel is my duty to inform the uninformed about. If Mr. Cornelius was depressed and tried of suffering then it needs to be talked about in depth. I once attempted the same thing…..sort of, but the Most High would not let me bail out on my lesson that way.

    Black people if you or someone you know is depressed and or considering ending there existent on this plain, then get help. Talk to someone you can even talk to me ( and we can get you pointed in the right direction. AND NEVER BE ASHAMED OF HAVING BEEN OR CURRENTLY BEING DEPRESSED!! As Black folk we should automatically assume we are depressed because of the shit we have to walk through each and every single 24 hours of each and every single day of every single month of each and every single year since our inception on this land called Merika.

  33. I don’t believe that Terrence Howard’s terroristic partner is a White female..I believe she has a so-called “Asian” parent. The threat of calling Russians does not necessarily mean that she IS a Russian.

  34. Great Post! Don’s ex-wife looks just like a whore who is seeking attention.

  35. Here we go again. He married her correct. Who fault is that. His….No one else. He left a black woman for her. No one twisted his arm. Don’t hate the player hate the game, especially in this case. Instead of the article being titled “Woman White Strikes Again”, it should say “Black Brother Screws Up Again”. Us blacks need to stop the blame game for our own screw ups. I loved this man, but he made his bed, wanted what he wanted and got what he got.

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