Masai & Massuh: It Ain’t Love. It’s Rape.

There’s a recent trend that’s old, borrowed and blue. Nothing new.



The black guys in the shirts and pants are in essentially the same position as the Massai “warrior.”


Her power.

His naivete.

Her knowledge of her power and of his naivete.

Her knowledge that he does not know that he is clueless.

Sex? “Dating?” “Marriage”? —–Under a global system of white domination?


When the “marriage” ceremony is over, when the bed has been made, when the baby has been born, she STILL ain’t tellin him what white people do and say when no black people are around. Wherever they go, she’s the one in power and he’s the victim. He’s a victim ALL of the time and she sure ain’t fighting his victimization all of the time–not even the sum total of time she spends buying lingerie.

White folks’ knowledge that we have no idea how damaging this is to 98+ % of black people who witness it?— That we think it’s about “LOVE?”– Keeping us dazed and confused???





14 Responses to “Masai & Massuh: It Ain’t Love. It’s Rape.”

  1. A rainbow nation
    Here you go

    Bi racial children Can not receive organ transplants. Dead within hours. All of them. Nature is cruel.
    But the bible is clear.
    Tobit 4:12

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    After I posted that pic, i was told she was was a negress. But, needing prior knwoledge of the fact to identify her as such, speaks to the precariousness of that identification.

  3. Isn’t the woman with Kanye a Negro?

  4. Kushite Prince Says:

    @CREE-EIGHT I totally agree with you. We have the power and means to defeat this oppression. If we could only get over our cowardice. I also believe that interracial marriage is cultural genocide. We have to free our minds of this so called “multiculturalism” nonsense. It’s destroying the minds of our children. This silly belief that by mixing and merging with our enemies,this will somehow make racism disappear! Totally laughable!lol

  5. Kushite Prince Says:

    That was a great post by Amilkar! he summed it up best! There’s nothing I can add to that!

  6. “A Black person with anything other than a Black person as a partner is truly confused.”

    Rudeboi, is part of that “confusion” embarrassment? Are we embarrassed when we are not what we think we should be for one another? If so, how do we toss the facade and put in the work that’s necessary to crush the source of the embarrassment?

  7. “…individual responsibility vs stubborn cowardice…”

    If we never get to making the self-evaluation of what cowards we’ve become – particularly our men in the case of this thread – is there any other way oxyhomonoid anti-human domination will come to an end?

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Indeed that is the task, Amilkar. That task has within in it all of the other benchmarks necessary to overcome this planetary oppression. As for the individual responsibility vs stubborn cowardice, like most things, I think the cause of submitting to these arrangements is on a continuum of causes. Rather like a toddler who does not believe that fire burns.

  9. Although your commentary sheds nothing but the truth, at the same time, I think that there comes a time when it becomes an individual’s responsibility to educate themself about their particular culture as well as the countering effects working against your culture. I’ll explain further.

    If you are indeed a Black man or Black woman, having a lived through in the United States and are knowledgable about its unique history, especially with reference to Black people, you “should” know by now the game that’s being played against you as far as interracial marriages/dating/relationships are concerned. We can keep agonizing about the fact that some of us, both men and women, are (1) forgetful of our particular history and (2) take on the highly-risky chance of commiting cultural genocide by forming a “supposedly” intimate relationship with people who innatedly hate you. Again, it breaks down to a personal choice and whatever consequences you suffer resulting from these relationships should be set upon “your” shoulder, not all of us.

    Of course, anyone with common sense knows what white people say and think of us as people of color. It’s a biological thing. Black DNA is the Krytonite of the genetically-deficient albino mutant, whose survival depends upon utilizing intimidating and manipulative social, political and economic tactics to ensure their survival. Simply put, the more serious-minded white people are decimated in numbers of populations here and around the world, the greater their chances of becoming biologically wiped out by People of Color. Of course they hate us for this exact reason, considering the history of suppressing, monitoring and restraining heterosexual, productive Black male/Black female intimate relationships, from the advent of slavery up to today’s dilemma expressed in this blog.

    The greatest and most potent weapon a Black man and Black woman has are two-fold:

    (1) re-enforcing our commitment to loving ourselves and understanding the beauty we possess as unique and wonderful creatures of The Creator. Once you can love yourself, it’s not hard to love another individual.

    (2) re-enforcing this powerful self-love theory to our children through thorough education. If our children are not raised in an supportive environment of love, culture and history, especially when exposed to these unfortunate fact-of-life experiences (i.e. interracial intimates), what do think they will absorb when fighting such attacks to their self-esteem, self-worth, especially Black girls?

    There’s no truer statement that applys to this topic when we say among ourselves that “Black love is a revolutionary act.” It is not just the sensationalization of the staement that matters most by the far-reaching, multi-generational implications and ramifications it possesses. It serious work but should be enjoyable as well as strengthening.You have to anticipate such ugly, relentless opposing forces against your best interests when you become serious about ensuring the survivability of your person, children culture and the right to exist as a human being.

    Images are strong communicators of how we allow ourselves to be projected to the world. The mainstream (white-owned) media’s overall agenda is that of continuously projecting Black people in a neagtive light “by any means necessary”. Since we know that, one option we can chose is to resist putting unnecessary emphasis upon these types of issues such as interracial intimacies. Putting a concentrated focus on healthy, successful Black heterosexual relationships negates the significance of the former, as well as strengthens the potential to build more successful relationships of this nature and unquestionably positive influences for our children.

    That’s the task before us.

  10. thats just….i mean….eewwwwwww

  11. Is that Kanye West in that 2nd photo?

    I thought that woman was black? One of those light skinned “high yaallah” sistas? I don’t follow the hollywood scene and the picture I saw of her was in a black magazine I thumbed through at the check out. I just kinda assumed she was black; especially from the rear.

    With what she was wearing It looked like she was trying to smuggle some basketballs into a club. Im not making this up.

  12. Kushite Prince Says:

    This pics are very hard to look at. Interracial marraiges will never eliminate racism. The Hollyweird media loves to promote it in films and television shows as if it will solve all race relations. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all propaganda. Just like that silly film Red Tails.

  13. This is a cut and paste of my Don Cornelius response. Seems like it may apply to all of the live threads. LOL….

    I’m jumping in late but I have a question : When will Black men realize that only Black women accept ya’ll broke down and broke up? White and non-Black females are not interested in taking care of sick(ly) Black males. Richer or poorer, sickness or health only applies when you hook up with Black women. It ain’t right but….if anyone can dispute what I’ve said, come on wit it.

    We need to grow the hell up. White females ain’t making no sacrifices for Black males and white males have ALWAYS had sexual access to Black females, no marriage necessary. So both of us need to stop lying to ourselves that anti-humans can ever have true loving regard for us.

  14. As the world turns and people come and go, one thing is a constant. Racism/white supremacy and if you don’t understand racism/white supremacy then everything else you think you know will only confuse you.

    A Black person with anything other than a Black person as a partner is truly confused. But they say love has no eyes and the heart wants what the heart wants….right? BS. We are being told what to love, like and dislike. You can bet your sweet ass that if this interracial mess was not promoted as much as it is then you wouldn’t see this as much as you do. Let me quote from The Interracial Con Game, “Sexual intercourse between whites and Blacks ALWAYS creates MORE oppression, degradation, self-hatred, and mass confusion among Blacks”.

    And as I write this here at my desk I have the Today show playing in the back and here we go. Al Roker the Black weather man and tv personality and Tamron Hall the beautiful Black anchor woman from MSNBC are actually going back and forth at one another. We need to get serious about getting serious.

    May the Most High keep you all close.

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