Whitney Houston in a Round Room: 1963-2012

We cannot even grieve without white folks cutting in line. As Spike Lee’s associate said, “Nothing happens unless white folks say so.”

Clive Davis DISCOVERED Whitney Houston??? NOT.

But, unless white folks make it happen for ya. It ain’t happening.

Whitney Houston started a film production company called BrownHouse Productions to provide opportunities and a production vehicle for black people in that industry. You never heard of it, huh? Yeah, that’s cuz no one white made it go. They did not like that idea. Or, rather, they didn’t like what Ms. Houston wanted to do with it.

That’s White Domination. The global system of white supremacy (domination) is often metaphorically referred to a s a round room because, if you are not classified as white, there is no corner of activity; no corner of real estate on the planet in which you can take effective cover from mistreatment. Ironically, the house owned by Ms. Houston—the same one that was featured on the “reality” television show “Being Bobby Brown“— was entirely round. Perhaps it was not ironic. It just might be that it was representative of her internalization of exactly where she was no matter where she went while she was still breathing in this system. Is it really true that Whitney Houston is “free at last?”

And, if it is, what are the rest of us waiting on?


4 Responses to “Whitney Houston in a Round Room: 1963-2012”

  1. its time for serious action.

    its time to change

    its time….for the system of white supremacy to end.

    Clive Davis is a name on the list of jews in hollywood/entertainment industry that need to be dealt with.

    poor whitney she was just a modern day slave.
    😦 black people only make music for white people 😦

  2. The anti-human oxyhomonoids known as jews have always been expert at making money on others work, life and death. They are a grade above their other anti-human brethren.

    As for “free”…free-dome(head) – the freedom to think about how we get from under this white domination – if any of us feel this can’t be achieved in this life, in this body, then yeah, join Whitney. We don’t need nobody ACCEPTING this, waiting on the bye and bye for better.

    Note: How many of the songs she made famous does she have writing credits for?….What a gift that voice was.

  3. Kushite Prince Says:

    Whitney was the greatest! All Clive Davis did was exploit her talent and of course he’ll get all the credit for “discovering” her.lol He made billions from her talent. What a joke!

  4. @Cree, The report meant to state that Davis exposed, addicted and helped assassinate Whitney… It’s just a small typo. SMH!

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