The Voltron Rules for Black Entertainers

Guest Post by Mack Payne

Host Note: A voltron is animated a team of individuals with different functions/abilities that join together to form the giant super robot. The term is used here to illustrate a concept. The term is not meant to imply, in any way, that the system of white supremacy is child’s play. The first illustration, the wagon circle, may illustrate the concept better for those unfamiliar with this animated series.

It seems that the only way for a black person to to make it BIG in the entertainment field is to meet one or more of these 7 requirements:

1. Engage in homosexual acts
2. Be a victim of pedophilia (hetero or homo)
3. Have a sexual arrangement with a white “person” or person who could, at some point, be classified as white (such as some “Latinos,” “Arabs,” etc).
4. Stay single so that upon death, the money goes back to where it came–white folks.
5. Produce or adopt white kids so that upon death, the money goes back to where it came–white folks.
6. Have a drug habit so that white folk can control you and then, if they decide to, they can always kill you and make it look like a overdose
7. If dating or married to another person who is clearly not white, do not mention anything about race/ racism. Be hush-hush about it and non- confrontational. [Be a genius at the art of seeming to talk about serious things while never doing so].

I have come to the conclusion that a black person cannot counter racism in the entertainment industry. Maybe, we should sacrifice our talent. That is, don’t give it to white folk until the system of white domination (supremacy) has been toppled. It seems that if you break any the rules above, white folks will “voltron” you—That is, they will join forces to: charge you with tax crimes or plant evidence for other false criminal charges; plant lawyers to steal your money; send in one or more agents to start a fight, and/or; make a false rape charge.

As the economy gets worse, white folks are probably going to enforce those 7 rules for black people in 9 to 5 jobs, too.
CREE says: Good lookin’ out Mr. Mack Payne. Let’s replace white supremacy with justice—at warp speed. Stop whatever else we’re doing that we have not engineered with that intent.


20 Responses to “The Voltron Rules for Black Entertainers”

  1. ???? Majority of Black male athletes are married to Black Women! Your top black male actors, directors and producers have black wives. Samuel L Jackson, Antoinne Fuqua, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, LL Cool J, the list goes on!

  2. rbrownes Says:

    I agree LBM. I do have diabetes and I do, and have done lots of reading on it and know I can handle it myself. It’s a matter of motivation. Being black you tend to be down all the time and don’t feel like doing much. At least, that’s how I feel. I think a lot of black people are depressed but manifest it in different ways. Anyway, my A1C average is usually around the low 200’s. That is not good but my doctor is really pushing me taking insulin. He has tried a couple of different pills and now suggests insulin. I think there are like 9 different diabetic pills. I’m wondering why he hasn’t said, why don’t we try this drug or why don’t we try that drug. No, he just immediately wants to put me on insulin. I’ve refused and I know if I can motivate myself to exercise regularly I can get it down. I’m saying all this to say I don’t know why he’s pushing me taking insulin. People that I know who have went on insulin have a much higher glucose level than I do.

    I use to take several different herbal pills for my diabetes and was doing well with them. But I got so tired of taking so many pills everyday but they were working. I was taking bitter melon, fenugreek, cinnamon. I don’t know what you mean by high grade of cinnamon. I know this guy at work was trying to tell me once that there were two types of cinnamon and one that did not work as well for diabetics. Another thing, has anyone heard about a certain type of honey called tupelo honey. I have read it is relatively safe for diabetics. Something about it won’t raise your glucose level as fast as regular honey. I know it’s much more expensive than regular honey. I do like it in my tea. I’m beginning to think all these artificial sweetners aren’t all that good for you either.

  3. rbrownes Says:

    Thank you Cree for the meditation.

  4. Great post by Mack Payne, thank you for sharing on your blog.

  5. Great analogy, and once again CREE, you deserve credit for all of the hard work in reasearch that you provide in this particular area. Most important is the fact that we are becoming more knowledgeable about this persisitent SOR (system of racism) and its effects upon us while conducting a functioning life. However, blaming the “system” after becoming educated about the parameters set for us will not make our lives better.

    If these debilitating characteristics are a prerequisite for “success” in entertainment for Black/People of Color actresses and actors, my opinion is this: it breaks down to individual choices. (They hopefully are not putting guns to these individuals’ heads yet!)

    In other words, make a conscious, life-changing decision.

    Stop “going” for the status quo and making excuses to avoid personal responsibility for (1) your own self-esteem and (2) the resulting negative dispersement of Black/People of Color worldwide, which only helps to validate the pseudo-supremacy aspect of white-dominated employers, businesses and professions.

    With the amount of economic influence Blacks consumers, businesses, educators, entertainers, sport athletes and youth possess, reaching nearly $1 trillion, we each should make an individual choice to make a paradigm shift in the ways in which we are protrayed to the rest of the world.

    Again, this is a choice we make individually, now that we know what “choices” we are left with if we chose to working in the white-dominated field of entertainment and other fields of profession endeavor. the post is a perfect example of “knowledge is power”.

    The knowledge and the power is there. Now: what are each of us going to about it??!!

  6. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    I second LBM’s statement. Make sure you stick around mzchocosensualhedbob, you will not regret the education.

    so called “brothas” who think “asian” women are the best are victims who have given up and are people I would not want to know.

  7. mzchocosensualhedbob – stick around. it’s great to hear from your age group. a pretty enlightened 26 year old called the program last week and it was refreshing.

    CREE, I know this doesn’t respond to the thread but I have something to say to those “brothas” who think “asian” women are the best “non-white” alternative : Jenny Hyun.

  8. I love your blog so much. I’m 21 years old – still learning about the effects of White Supremacy and the subltenss of it in general, and reading through your archives; seeing how observant you are (especially with the similiarities between the King Kong poster & the Lebron James Vogue shoot), has really inspired me. You have such a beautiful mind and you’re really conscious. Hopefully one day, I’ll be as painfully aware of everything that is going on. Peace & Love xx

  9. Me thinks instead of form like Voltron, let’s say white people will continue to be white people.

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    I see. A picture is worth a thousand words and, perhaps I chose the wrong picture. Thanks for the alternative viewpoint, Blacka.

  11. rudeboi/BLACKA!! Says:

    I would love to be down with this Voltron nonsense, but after talking with a close friend who is very familiar with the ins and outs of counter racist code, this will not work for me.

    One reason is, I have not one clue who or what Voltron is, so the point will be missed with me and could put my life in danger. For instants: I’m walking into a store and a Black person is walking out and he tell’s me, beware because them crackas are gonna form like Voltron when they see you. I look at him like who the hell is Voltron and what does that mean?

    Second reason, for me, on it’s face, it does not look serious. I always outside the workplace treat white people with deadly seriousness. To form like Voltron sound like something some children would say when playing games outside.

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket on this rather–I assume–clever little play on words/cartoon characters/superheros, but it’s just not for me and maybe I shouldn’t have commented.

    I’m sorry again Mrs. CREE for bringing rain to the parade and I suspect I’ll be banded soon. Just wanted to come from a different perspective.

    Peace Black People.

  12. Sam Williams Says:

    RBrown I drive as well.They are doing the same thing with high blood pressure.Now I’m on unpaid leave because my pressure was a lil high.I have since brought it down and am waiting to take another test.But it seems the D.O.T. all of the suddenj have gotten tighter on the diseases that affect blackfolk

  13. They also want to force us into using their killer drugs. Definitely check out Dr. Afrika or others as it suits your comfort level. You may want to include a high grade of cinnamon into your daily diet. I know some bus and truck drivers who suffer various things from not being able to be properly hydrated – because they can’t use the bathroom when necessary.
    Do what you have to do to be healthy, period. At the same time, as CREE has advised in the past -let’s not make it EASY for them to practice their racism. You may have to let them know that you know the policy is racist…just so they will think a little less comfortably about firing or penalizing based on it.

  14. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    rbrownes, of course it is racially motivated —racist. There are NO policies that are not. Some just have a faster effect than others. And, of course, I want to help. I know lots of people who attest to the effectiveness of Dr. Laila Afrika’s knowledge in curing and managing type 2 diabetes. I have sent a very intense meditation your way before clicking this for post. May the Most High keep you close and make a miracle routine on this matter.

  15. You have a good point here. On my job I drive a lot. I also am a diabetic. I am now 53 years of age. They have come up with a policy now that your A1C, which is a test to see how well you are managing your diabetes, has to be 8 or lower. That’s pretty strict for a diabetic. Most people who have type 2 diabetes are black. I really think this is why this policy was implemented. It appears to be a means of getting black out of higher paying jobs by saying if you can’t keep your A1C below 8, you have to find another job in the company and for me that would be a lower paying job. I do have trouble keeping my A1C below 8 and don’t know exactly what is going to happen now that it is over 8 but I’m going to try to fight it as hard as I can. But I really believe this policy is racially motivated.

  16. I agree with Dr. Welsing – the footloose sex were having that’s producing children we don’t want is deadly. If we REALLY loved our children, we wouldn’t want them dealing with this mess of white domination. And it’s so true, as economics get tighter all around, they WILL become that much more vicious. We betta recognize.

  17. I DON'T STOP Says:

    Before integration we had businesses and a system that worked for the most part for us. Ffwd to today we have more money and influence but the insurmountable obstacle to demolishing the white power structure is…us. We have to get over our fear (and for some of us our love affair) with yt, but most of all we have to be dedicated to our collective success, be willing to pool our resources and talents and whatever our internal conflicts don’t let it interfere with the mission.

  18. Its sacrifice when you truly believe in something you will sacrifice yourself,we under a system so anytime we do something its goes to them, its saying “You want to see my magnificent talent let me out this cage first”(sorws)..You have to make them have consequences for their wrong doing or they never learn, thats why its good not to talk to them, be friends ,or sleep with them etc, aslong racist whites dont have to pay no price they’ll keep this system going..

  19. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Agreed, Bones. No ultimatums. Let’s just do the dayum thing. Or rather, don’t do it

  20. I loved your post. The only thing I must question is this statement, “Maybe we should sacrifice our talent. That is, don’t give it to white folk until the system of white domination (supremacy) has been toppled.” Don’t give it “until”? You don’t give these pale savages an ultimatum at all. All black talent should be reclaimed, reinvented, codified and nurtured as a REAL culture that we can pass down to our descendants for the next thousand years. Hide it if need be. It must not include whites at any given point. NO ULTIMATUMS WITH WHITES PERIOD!! (Not yelling in caps-I just don’t have a way bold or highlight this sentence.)

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