Continued Learning—Highly Discouraged By Racist Female

I did not know. Did you?

That Whitney Houston had produced or executive produced 10 films before her death.

That the last film, a remake of 70’s film Sparkle, was a cautionary tale about the kind of targeting and snares to which she, herself had been subjected? Ms. Houston died before it’s wrap and release. Before she could do the standard promotional tour in which she would, of course, talk about its meaning.

I did not know. Did you? That Houston had been attempting to complete this project for more than ten years—after the major “setback” of Aliyah, cast in the starring role, being killed in a 2001 plane crash before the filming could start as planned that year.

I’m still learning.

I wish I had never consented to my daughter sitting in a classroom managed by a white female— or male.

That’s all for today.


12 Responses to “Continued Learning—Highly Discouraged By Racist Female”

  1. Amilkar Says:

    @LBM: Just the fact that you are “cognizant” of this educational dilemma involving your sons, especially at the fourth-grade level, automatically puts you ahead in this game. The lives of young Black boys can only be improved by consistent involvement is every aspect of their lives, as much as possible. It is so refreshing to hear a Black parent make such a statement, instead of the usually-helpless commentary and hopeless confusion involving the learning development of young Black boys.

    I am certain that you’ve come across and have also read the series of books published by Dr. Jawanza Kunfuju. He attacks this very issue head-on, providing highly-practical alternatives to the challenges faced by Black parents and their educational challenges.

    I’d like to wish you and your sons ultimate success in your endeavors of learning. The best thing that we can do, in the fight against the system of racism, is prevent the same thing from happening to another generation.

  2. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    sure thing. might take a day or two, sir.

  3. EmissaryOfWar Says:

    Cree, for those that do not have a counter-racist female in their immediate circle, when you have a moment could you point out a few of the things that a woman would catch and a man may not. If you have the time. Thanks for the information!

  4. @Cmptrwhiz

    Not only does it shed light on secrets that are normally withheld in that industry, it also sheds light on Racist Man and Racist Woman swinging their “two headed” sword by taking credit away from Non-White People for something they have accomplished so they can claim the credit for themselves.

  5. JULIUS TENNON. YAY Julius Tennon.

    I still have no intention of seeing The Help but BIG UPs to Black Man Julius Tennon for encouraging his wife, Viola Davis, to wear her natural hair to the Oscars. Black Love is a Revolutionary Act!!!

  6. @Cmptrwhiz—All points well considered and well taken, Cmptrwhiz. I’s say we migh be able to utilize ssome of their tools to win but, definitely not their rules.

  7. @Cree – I was reading a few articles about Whitney and some caucasoid writers were stating that Whitney never produced, wrote or created anything and was merely a singer. This OBVIOUSLY proves them wrong but also sheds a more intense light on the secrets that are withheld in that sickening industry. One of the things I harp on is these talents go make billions and even trillions of dollars for these caucasoids to have jobs, but you never see the MJ dance studio, the Whitney singing school, etc… in our communities. This is no doubt by design and our talents and us need to quit hoeing out our services for a dollar. We cannot win a fight using our enemies tools. We need a whole new approach and a whole new mindset and be willing to make a ton of sacrifices to break free and obtain Uhuru!
    HTP Fam…

  8. This is why I emphasize the anti-human(ness) of those creatures. If we can begin to absorb that understanding we will begin to distance ourselves and most certainly protect our children better – as Whitney should have been against Clive Davis.

    I just today was explaining to an acquaintance how much peril his son is in, particularly at this 4th grade level, with the female anti-human making “recommendations” that will further scar him. Please my people – stop thinking the every-other-weekend parenting is cute. Black children are born needing MAXIMUM support. If we adults are breaking down under the stress of battling with those creatures, why in hell would we put our children in direct contact with them – as authorities, no less? My oldest is in h.s and has never had a white teacher. My youngest has never had and if finances forced us to take him out of independent school, we’d keep him home. Having those creatures in position of influence and authority over young Black minds is simply deadly and counteracts the lack of tv, pale dolls, “jesus” pictures, etc. It’s our job to PROTECT them until they can do so for themselves. Listening to those oxyhomonoid “professors” on the COWS worries me for my oldest. At the same time, she’s already in counter-racist aura upon the environment and protection her parents have painstakenly provided – so we feel sure they will handle the business when having to deal. But again, we MUST be more involved in our children’s environments.

  9. Indeed, vinniepaz. Only with that recognition can we beat them.

  10. Blkpanther, to be clear, I’m suggesting that the deaths of both Aliyah and Ms. Houston as connected to this film were far more than just bad vibes. I’m suggesting that it was orchestrated by Racist Man and Racist Woman in the same way that actions taken by other black celebrities who are clear of mind and purpose about solving the problem of white domination are attacked. And, in this instance, White Woman was out with fangs in rare form me thinks. I suspect that is what you will see when you watch the interview Diane Sawyer did with Whitney Houston. Perhaps, you will need to watch it with a black female to catch it. There are things that are glaring between females that males often don’t see. And, vice versa, I’m sure. Here are the films as listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base):

    Sparkle (executive producer) (post-production) 2012

    2006 The Cheetah Girls 2 (TV movie) (executive producer)

    2004 The Cheetah Girls (TV movie) (executive producer)

    2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (producer)

    2003 The Cheetah Girls (TV movie) (executive producer)

    2001 The Princess Diaries (producer)

    2000 Whitney Houston: Fine (video short) (executive producer)

    1997 Cinderella (TV movie) (executive producer)

    1997 Whitney Houston: Classic Whitney (TV movie) (executive producer)

    1992 Whitney Houston: This is My Life (TV movie) (producer)

  11. Greetings and Peace to Cree 7 and The Counter Racist Family. After reading these last two posts about the Beautiful and Talented Whitney Houston AND having finished watching the DVD documentary based on the book – “The FBI War On Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders” – I realize now more than ever how highly “REFINED” White Domination (Supremacy) is being practiced in our day and age. We are up against a very smart, aggressive and powerful opponent in Racist Man and Racist Woman.

  12. Thanks for the info Cree I did not know about her executive producing 10 films. If you can list those films, it would be greatly appreciated. It was a bad omen when Aliyah died before this film could have been made, them Whitney dying before this remake could be previewed.This movies has some very negatives vibes attached to it and perhaps it was telling that the music/entertainment industry does not want this cautionary tale to ever be re-told for a reason, they know it will awaken the awareness of blacks in this business about the sewer they’re swimming in

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