Jason Russell: Sex Offender as War Hero?

Jason Russell, co-founder of non-profit Invisible Children and director of "Kony 2012" viral video campaign.--- Prolific sexual predator, Jerry Sandusky, was once young, too. Invisible Children, Second Mile. How many of these sex predator nets are there?

Jason Russell was filmed nude and masturbating on the streets of San Diego yesterday.

Jason Russell surrounded by his victims. He's in the candy store, I suspect.

Jason Russell. Some black people might mistake him for that guy, Jesus. He looks a lot like him. Acts like him, too, I think: white women are his important supporting allies but he prefers the company of young men and little children; he gets a lot of buzz for performing miracles and helping the “poor”; he exhorts all to shun black deeds and to help usher in the age of light amongst “humanity”; he disarms black people with his charm and “love.”

In case you just woke up from a coma, Jason Russell–if that is even his real name— is the white guy who just happened to find out about the black face of evil itself on this planet, rebel “leader” Joseph Kony, while on an ordinary walk with his friends through the tourist hot-spot of Uganda ten years ago. While there, his heart–and other vital organs I presume—swelled for those pitiful, vulnerable black boys who needed his help to be rescued from the evil clutches of the smart, ever-clever— and very black Joseph Kony. Kony is said to have been abducting thousands of Ugandan boys and forcing them to kill other black people with guns. White people have never tolerated that—now have they?

Russell is a likely pedophile rapist and racist. And, if he isn’t, I have every reasonable cause to believe he is. That’s a typical trait of oxyhominoids (white “people”) and his presence in Uganda is, by itself, a fingerprint.

Yesterday, this likely prolific child molester was captured on video—in “my” fine city of San Diego, vandalizing cars and committing lewd public acts. Instead of being arrested and charged, he is being treated as an injured war hero. “During the evaluation we learned that we probably needed to take care of him,’ a police spokesman said.”

I suspect that Russell was part of a massive psyop (psychological operation) to set black people up for some easy, large scale slaughter (population tailoring) all over the world.

That psychological operation probably looked like it wasn’t going to be successful and was backfiring. A lot of black folks just weren’t buying that this black man kept all his negro troops armed and couldn’t be found in the forest even with the advanced satellites and drones, etc., of white folks. Neither were we buying the story that Russell just happened to find out about Kony’s devil deeds on a Sunday hike with his friends. So, the really powerful and smart white folks Russell works with prolly slipped him some MK-ultra type mind-altering substance to get him to rip off his sheep suit on the streets of San Diego. Russell became became the safety valve. But, he’s still one of their own. Yes, Russell is one of their war heroes. Which war? Come on. Are you reading this blog for the first time?

Jason Russell had to take one for the team but they (the white hive) are, indeed, taking care of him.

That mission goes on, however.

The photos from the UK Daily Mail news story make that abundantly clear. Both black people and white folk can be thugs. But, white folks (oxyhominoids) are predators that control all of the thugs. The white editors at that paper did a masterful job of arranging the order and size of the photos to create an impression that reverses the order of threat potential of Kony and Russell. A smart predator is the worst. That’s what we’re dealing with.


9 Responses to “Jason Russell: Sex Offender as War Hero?”

  1. […] *And, never forget the phony Kony video by that white sex offender Jason Russell […]

  2. Kony is irrelevant. He’s a scapegoat. The Ugandan army does more damage than Kony. And they like it that way? Why ’cause it’s job security. The army intentionally does not set up a proper parameter. The Army leaders get lavish houses as compensation, so if Kony disappears so do their salaries.

  3. He is nor will ever be the last white person used. there will be many more after him….i always question white peoples verison of a hero what could this white person have to done to make him such a hero…….

  4. I guess hes just but one example of a white sacrifice. the smart white people used this crazy weak white person as a tool to get the job done.

  5. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Amilkar, it’s certainly not just you. Except I don; think we’re seeing white folks regress in their practices with their genitals. The curtain is just being pulled open on what they have always done. And, that’s only because there are too many of us looking over their shoulders at switchboards, as body guards, soldiers, couriers, security guards, detectives. That’s the double-edged sword of the refinement stage of white domination that works against oxyhominoids.

  6. It seems the more research done about Racist Man and Racist Woman, the more we can see clearly how misconstrued, mentally corrupted and banal these people are, within the context of the system of racism. Is it just me, or is there a noticable regression of sexual traits being displayed by white people, i.e. copulating with dogs (amongst other animals!), pre-teen sex of both genders, supposedly “early” discoveries of preferences for homosexuality, ad infinitum.

    Patterns of behavior can clearly project one’s ulterior motives, and Jason Russell/KONY2012 came off as a clearly bogus scam from the very beginning. I don’t know what made Russell act in the manner in which he did, but I do know of the proliferation of illicit and unlawful drugs that are openly available and used by residents of Pacific Beach, California. This time, however, Russell drew the attention of the local law enforcement after making it obvious what goes on behind closed doors in white people’s homes.

  7. Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for years, unlike all these NGOs in Africa, Haiti and throughout “developing” (????) countries – whose “aid” workers are raping Black children on the regular. I’m so glad Ugandans and others exposed this bullshyt for what it is – racist, imperialist, continued anti-humanism. Castro has told the west to keep their “aid” organizations to themselves. African countries will have to continue – in spite of assassinations and such – to band together and throw off the neo-colonialist oxyhominoids. Just this morning I was listening to a reporter pressing Liberian President Sirleaf about not taking anti-sodomy laws off the Liberian books. President Sirleaf stated that they will keep their traditions, the reporter pressed with anti-homosexual gar-baarge. Children are sodomized. Un-consenting women are sodomized. So why is it always anti-human, anti-sexual , western (poor horses) males griping about sodomy laws in Black countries? I agree with CREE, I have no doubt Russell is a pedophile.

    P.S. To those Black males who think Black females are the problem – do the right thing with Russell and Zimmerman, then let’ s talk.

  8. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree Great post! I was wondering when you would cover this story. I knew my girl Cree wouldn’t let me down!lol This guy is a sick demented pervert! I’m so glad he’s been exposed. I gues the powers that be got what they wanted from him—and figured it was time to discard the trash. No wonder they treat us so bad,look how they treat their own. Too bad this incident happened in your town. Doesn’t change how I feel about Diego thoug. It’s still a cool spot to visit. 🙂

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