Stop Talking About Trayvon Martin

I wish to associate myself with the remarks of Facebook friend “TaterPie.” It is my official statement about the murder of Trayvon Martin:

“I get why black people are asking ‘Am I next?’ in relation to the Trayvon Martin situation. However, why are we pretending that there hasn’t been an ongoing assault since the womb on us? Our nonstop mistreatment affects us mentally which affects us physically and helps lead to early deaths of ourselves and of our relationships with each other. Racism isn’t an event. It’s a system. We need to be honest about that.”

This is not/ a picture of the crime scene of Travon’s murder. It’s a picture of white enforcement officials corralling a white guy, Andrew Joseph Dennehy in Oklahoma, who actually fired a gun at them. A lot of guns. But, they didn’t kill him.

White male had gun. Trayvon had none.

White male shot at enforcement official with a badge and two others. Trayvon shot at or assaulted no one.

Said white male was surrounded, taken into custody and hospitalized. Trayvon was shot dead.

Shooter of Trayvon was taken into custody alright—protective custody in his own house, car, and streets.

(Remember unarmed and black Kenneth Harding in San Francisco? Guns were turned on crowd members attempting to assist him as he bled to death from enforcement official gunfire.)

This is every day. Every year. Every century since this system has been in place. Why— why— are we still talking to white folks about it?

If you are still laying in bed with one after he/she expressed his/her oh-so-sincere sorrow for such “senseless” acts, I plead with you to get your clothes on and get to work.

Jason, Jared, and Tom—I’m talking to you.


36 Responses to “Stop Talking About Trayvon Martin”

  1. Kushite Prince Says:

    I saw the Asher trailer on Youtube. It looks very interesting. I’m sure they’ll be a lot of controversy when it’s finally released. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  2. To all I am making a correction. The black Male I posted about is named Trevor Dooley not James Dooley. All other info is correct Mr Dooley is still in court for shooting David James a white Guy younger stronger taller who was assaulting him plus the white Guy was a trained killer.

  3. Kushite Prince Says:

    That’s a good point. I never really thought of it that way. I guess I grew up hearing people say Jewish alot. So it’s a hard habit to break. I see your point though.

  4. Kushite Prince Says:

    I know a few brothers and sistas that are Hebrew Israelites. They have gave me some great information. I never thought much about the original Jews as being black. I knew of civilizations in Ethiopia,Kenya and Kemet. That’s what I mostly studied when I was younger. But I read a book called “From Babylon to Timbuktu”. And it gave me a whole new perspective on the “Jews”. There’s some pretty good evidence that it could very well be true.
    I haven’t heard of the film Asher. is there a trailer for it? I’ll have to look it up. Why would they be considered dangerous? Simply put,if the REAL Israelites were of African descent that would mean the so-called Jews of tday are frauds!lol A bunch of Johnny come This is nothing new. They have been stealing and land grabbing from other nations for years. That’s what these beasts do best. They criminalize black people(tv,film)so no one will notice they’re the real criminals on the planet. They commit war,famine,slavery and mass genocide everywhere they go. Yet they want everyone to see them as the “civilized”
    Also maybe the “Jews” feel as though they would have no claim to the land of Israel. Also Africans had already mastered science,astrology,chemistry and mathematics before even seeing a white person. They were still living in caves eating raw meat and wearing bear And they want everyone to see them as “God’s chosen” Give me a break! If African people are not the true living Gods—who is??

  5. In addition, stop using the word “Jewish” and instead use the word Jew.

    Adding the suffix “ish” to a word is often used to dilute the meaning of a word in order to confuse people and keep them from focusing on a clear CONCRETE definition of the word being used; and by progression, what they are looking at.

    If a person is a Jew, CALL THEM A JEW.

    Don’t say they are “Jew-ISH”; cause thats the equivalent of saying they are sorta-maybe-sometimes… a Jew; but not really…

  6. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    That is a correct understanding. Isaraelites are the bloodline of Jacob, a descendant of Shem and the ones to whom the authority of The Law was given. There is a film coming out called “Asher” that describes Black and “Latino” people who identify themselves as the true Israelites as “militant” and dangerous. Ask yourself, “why?”

  7. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree Yes I know what you mean sis. For the most part Jewish and Hebrew are not really interchangeable but people do it alot.
    When people say “Jewish” they usually are referring to the religion. Hebrew is a language and is also used to refer to people who speak that language. An Israeli is a resident of Israel (All Israeli’s are not Jewish however) and Semitic refers to a race of people. Traditionally, the Semites are people who are descendants of Shem (book of Genesis) and this includes the Hebrews, Arameans, Phoenicians, Arabs and Assyrians.
    At least this is how I come to understand it.

  8. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, that’s my email Kushite Prince. BTW, keep in mind that “Jew” and “Hebrew” are two different things. AND, that Jews themselves will admit, if you can get them to answer without buckets of words, that the place called “Israel” today is not the place described in what they say is their holy book.

  9. Kushite Prince Says:

    Israel always comes up because the news is mostly controlled by Zioinst Jews. Although Jewish people I talk too try to deny it. That’s why there are so many negative images of us in the media. They put whatever degrading and stereotypical image they want of us on the big screen. We don’t control our own image. Our images are shaped by our open enemy. This is not a good position to be in at all. Jews own most cable shows,newspapers and radio stations. It’s a total monopoly! It’s what I call an “open secret”. But if you express this fact out loud you’re called an anti-semite. Which I am not. In a world of CONFUSION and LIES telling the TRUTH is a revolutionary act.

    Is that your email? Maybe I’ll drop you a message sis. Keep up the good work.

  10. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    rbrownes, I am astounded at how on point this comment is. There is so much to say as I nod my head and smile with my heart. But, rather than say it all here, I will just say that you are being guided and I will ask that you listen to one of my radio broadcasts. There is a reason that the name “Israel” came up in your discourse. Here is a link to the program: CREE w/ Quentin & Sid. If after the program, you want to get in touch with Quentin, email me at

  11. Kushite Prince Says:

    @M1 No doubt brother. I will surely spread the word!

  12. rbrownes Says:

    You are absolutely correct sustah. I know I was watching one of those cop shows and this cop had stopped this white man. The white man attempted to drive off and the white policeman was holding on the the driver side door. This white man was trying to shoot this cop and this cop pulled his gun but would not fire on this man. It was unbelieveable. He was able to restrain himself from killing this white man. Every case I know of when a black man tries to drive off with a white cop holding on the the driver side door, the black man was shot and killed…every time. We have the meth lab capital here in Missouri and yet whenever they but a meth lab, it’s never a shot fired…never. They will wait them out or whatever it takes because in most cases children are present. They care for white life and will restrain themselves from just firing into a house where we have seen that they will go into black suspected drug houses with guns a blazing.

    A show was on CNN about the Trayvon Martin shooting and I was wondering why are these black folks in there? Everytime a white person is caught being racist they want to have a town hall meeting. Black folks need to stop attending these meetings because it should be obvious by now that they don’t care about these black youths being murdered. I think I saw somewhere that we maybe should not go to disneyland or disney world in orlando which is a good idea. I just don’t think retaliation is a viable option being they so love to kill us and if we start killing them it may turn into for every white life killed, 20 black lives will be killed and we lose. We do need to socially segregate from them. Stop going out to their clubs, leave their men and women alone. We need to start some kind of social segregation from them and if we work among them, just do your job. You don’t have to go in telling them all kinds of private and personal things which I see black people do over and over and over again. Just do your job. Be cordial if they’re being cordial with you and be respectful if they are being respectful to you. But that is it. No laughing and joking with them. Stop clowning for them. Stop being an entertainer for them.

    With this media they have, they can shape public opinion. I had a heated debate with a white guy at work yesterday when he said that Trayvon was beating the hell out of Zimmerman and I told him that was not the case at all. I went on to tell him since black males are thought of as dangerous, gun totting thugs, they made up this story of Trayvon beating this Zimmerman because they know you would not question it because we are all violent people. They are telling lie after lie in hopes of finding something that will stick. Now they are showing this video of Zimmerman and it appears nothing is wrong with him so did the police lie in their report about him having a bloody nose and busted head?

    I’m not one of those blacks that say don’t march. I know whites are allowing this for blacks to let off steam. I know this. But what else can black people do to express their hurt from this incident besides retaliation at this time. The older black people use to tell us, don’t worry about these racists whites. When they get old and die, the new generation whites will be better. It’s obvious that will never happen and this system will go on and on. We are in the same position as israel in bondage to egypt (which never happened). We need to come “out of her”. Out of her ways. Socially, we need to begin separating from white people. We are too tied to her for food and economics but we can socially “come out of her”.

  13. No I’m not. But like yourself I enjoyed several Dead Perez songs. Tell as many people about Mr Dooley. Point out the blatant racism of both cases.

  14. Kushite Prince Says:

    I agree 100%! You’re dead right about that. I forgot about that James Dooley case. Hey brother,you wouldn’t happened to be the M1 from the rap group Dead Prez would you? If so,I’m a big fan I got a lot of your cd’s. Peace

  15. To Cree, Kushite Prince and everybody andrew dennehy is a good example since we’re in a global white supremacist system. I personally prefer to use examples in the same area . In 2010 in the state of Florida James Dooley a 69 yr old black male with physical disabilities got into an argument with a white male named David James at a playground over a skateborder in the park. James (white male) approved Dooley (black male) disapproved. Dooley followed James to continue the argument. A physical fight happened.James Dooley (black male) fighting David James a white male 30 yrs younger,6 in taller 70 ibs. heavier and just finished a 20 yr stint in the military. Dooley(black male) took out his licensed gun and shot the unarmed James.(white male).Dooley (black male )told the 911 operator and cops that James(white male) was the agressor and was using self defense. Dooley(black male) cited stand your ground law as his reason for killing James(white male). Within 48 hrs Dooley(black male) was arrested and eventually charged with manslaughter. A charge that Mr Dooley is in court right now defending himself before a judge and jury. STAND YOUR GROUND DIDNT ALLOW JAMES DOOLEY(BLACK MALE) TO ESCAPE THE ACTIVITY OF CRIMINAL LAW. END RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY.

  16. surrealsol Says:

    I’ve got to say that is not a strategy and killing people indiscriminately is just plain wrong. We can get angry, but losing our minds is not the answer. Besides that has already been done in the past. Remember the L.A. riots after the Rodney King incident? What did that do fo Black people? Not a damn thing. It’s self-desctructive.

  17. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree “Get off the crack pipe”.lol I like that analogy! You’re on point,as usual.

  18. comparing trayvon martin to kenneth harding is an insult to trayvon and all victims of racist violence. let’s be clear on a couple of things here.

    1. the autopsy on mr. harding had him dying of a self inflicted gunshot wound to his neck/head. as far as i know, no one has challenged the results of that autopsy.

    2. mr. allegedly was the first one to fire his weapon while fleeing. again, i don’t think that’s been refuted.

    3. from all the mainly unrefuted facts here, mr. harding is a terrible martyr for police brutality. he did not deserve to die for fare evasion but when you shoot at the cops (not very well i may add) and are a parollee wanted for questioning in another killing then you aren’t exactly someone worth comparing a murder of a 17 year old young man by a racist vigilante.

  19. comparing the murder of trayvon martin to kenneth harding (SF) is an insult to trayvon and all victims of police brutality. lets get some things straight.

    1. the autopsy on mr. harding had him dying of a self inflicted gunshot wound to his neck/head. as far as i know, no one has challenged the results of that autopsy.

    2. mr. allegedly was the first one to fire his weapon while fleeing. again, i don’t think that’s been refuted.

    3. from all the mainly unrefuted facts here, mr. harding is a terrible martyr for police brutality. he did not deserve to die for fare evasion but when you shoot at the cops (not very well i may add) and are a parollee wanted for questioning in another killing then you aren’t exactly someone worth comparing to a young man murdered by a racist vigilante.

  20. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Yes, Kushite Prince. Some FB folks made me aware. Here was my response:

    “When we are mature enough to engage in this fight against our dominators, what they say about us will be unimportant. It will be impossible for white folks to malign us. The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. We must become indifferent to what white folks say about us except as it telegraphs what they are about to do. It’s difficult I suppose, but we must get off that crack pipe—the television with all that white dust.”

  21. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree Have you seen the latest? Now they say Trayvon had weed in his pocket. And some whites are saying he may have been a drug dealer. Can you believe the levels they will stoop? They’re going to paint Trayvon has a drug dealing thug to justify his murder. White supremacy at it’s finest.

  22. Kushite Prince Says:

    Can you imagine a 28 year old black man(felon) shooting a 17 year old white kid(no criminal record). Then telling the police it was self defense—and the cops letting him go home??? that could not happen in Amerikkka. This is a wake up call for all black people in this country. Amerikkka has spoken—-Black life is meaningless.

  23. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Asia, defending oneself is certainly called for. We have no weapons, yet, that are capable of engaging in a physical war with these very smart savages as a collective. In this age of the National Defense Authorization Act that further insulates them from any pressure to stop brutalizing, black people can be put into greater confinement (jail/prison) indefinitely without anyone knowing the person has been taken. Therefore, now, more than ever, it is extremely important to be careful about the use of words whether on blogs, in emails, or any other method. I say study everything we can so that we can defend ourselves in more than just an immediate-almost-too-late–manner. See my post Betting on Black: Science, Justice, or Extermination

  24. cyber world is not save for black people to come together because white people are on the internet always checking to see what black people are doing. listening to everything…… watching everything hunching over black peoples damn shoulders getting an earful. black people have to come up with a way to get away from white people….and i have a very great idea

  25. You may not even need to kill them with physical guns. as what white people did to the american indians using disease to wipe out whole populations of their people….black people can get ahold of the same tool an use it the same exact way.

  26. Honestly how much more are black people going to take…..Its time to bring out guns. there was this black professor that said if it came down to it start killing alot of white people. kill the old. kill the sick. kill the fagots. kill the gays kill all of em. white people dont just need to fear saying…the n word strike fear into the hearts of white people..strike them so hard they wouldnt even have a second thought.

  27. surrealsol Says:

    This is about power. Not the power of an individual, but the power of groups. It will continue for generations to come until Black people as a whole in the U.S. stop looking down on themselves and each other. Start out thinking the best of the people in your community until they behave otherwise as individuals. In school look out for each other. At work network with each other and help each other climb up the ladder. Stop talking each other down and talk each other up. Black men and women treat each other with respect. Give each other the benefit of the doubt until proved otherwise. Mothers and fathers have to be there for their children. Teach them not only love but respect of self and others. This has to be the norm, not the exception. Even the lowest of the low from a group that is powerful does not have to accept the routine disrespect of those in low level group. Without power there is no justice.

  28. how do you feel about the sanford police dept. accepting him as white. where is this hit the new black panther party(correct name) announced.

  29. Tinker must be hispanic. “ugly black men” huh @ tinker belle. Well well well. GREAT ARTICLE CREE…some ppl just dont see that its npt just about Trayvon Martin. OPEN ur eyes …fool

  30. Even discussing Trayvon Martin some race hating folks just Can NOT leave their hate alone—Must carry it with them No matter What—SAD

  31. @ Thinker Belle:
    A requirement for what?

  32. No, why? Is it a requirement?

  33. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    “Thinker Belle, are you black?”

  34. Zimmerman is Hispanic…can’t ya tell? If it makes you feel better, the Black Panthers have publically announced a hit on the guy and the reward will be 10 grand.

    The only thing I hate worse than a bunch of fat, greasy white dudes with pot bellies on Harleys would be a bunch of fat, ugly black men making the same amount of noise.

    ’nuff said

  35. CREE-EIGHT Says:

    Well, yes, that’s standard. I’ve seen such sniveling tripe so many times, I can read and digest all of most most newspapers and in about 2 minutes.

  36. Kushite Prince Says:

    @Cree Great article sis! It shows the hypocrisy of the system! We need justice instead of JUST-US! My prayers go out to Trayvon’s family. Have you heard the news about George Zimmerman? Now they’re trying to say he say black friends!LOL!! Are you kidding me?? They say he’s NOT really racist. Sorry,I’m not buying it.

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